Top 10 Most Popular Biggest Youtube Stars in The World

Everyone dreams of going rags to riches in a short time and if you think it could happen to anyone and especially you, you could be just right. Youtube is one such platform that could give you a life of your dreams especially when you have the ability to create good content for masses to stop and take a look. Nowadays, youtube is not simply a video watching website but a legitimate platform to generate good income and it has come a long way.

From educational to music to games, Youtube has everything for everyone and that is the reason it generates an amazing 4 billion views in a day. People involved in creating the content rakes money at astounding rates. So, here is the list of top ten most successful biggest youtube stars in the world 2017.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular, biggest Youtube stars in 2017

10. Hank Green:

Hank Green

Net Worth – $2 Million

This 36-year-old is responsible for creating the very first You-tuber convention VidCon with his brother in California. He has an extensive list of channels such as SciShow, Games with Hank, Vlog brothers, Animal Wonders and The Brain Scoop. He is involved in creating a wide variety of content from classroom use to educational videos across the USA to entertainment based Lets Play. He also invented 2D glasses that gives the 3D video in 2 Dimensions.

9. Rosanna Pansino:

Rosanna Pansino

Net Worth $2.5 Million

Channel: NummiesRosanna loves to bake and this love has helped her receive notable fame and significant salary. Her channel features videos of her baking them based cakes, cupcakes and goodies. She has more than 6.1 million subscribers with an average view of 75 million in a month. She also released her own cookbook named “Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for Geek in all of the US. She has also used had in branching into music with the first single “Perfect Together last year. Now you can see where does all the money come from.

8. Lily Singh:

Lily Singh

Net Worth – $2.8 Million

Channel: IISuperwomanII and SuperwomanVlogs One of the energetic 27-year-old Indo-Canadian is one of the favourite YouTuber. Her excitement and energy are infectious and it’s impossible to not laugh while watching her funny videos. She started creating videos to combat her depressive mood but ironically it turned out to be the greatest stress buster. She has over 9.1 million subscribers and her insightful and funny videos have nearly raked over a billion views. She maker millions not only through the storytelling videos on youtube but also as a rapper and motivational speaker. Lily is a very grounded person and recently completed her tour of total 25 cities.

7. Jenna Marbles:

Jenna Marbles most Biggest Youtube Stars in the world 2018

Net Worth $2.9 Million

Channel: JennaMarblesJenna Marbles have over 15 million subscribers and nearly 2-3 billion total views. She has a perfect story of rags to riches on YouTube. Till 2010, she uses to live in a small apartment and worked odd jobs. Now, she has a PA, a manager and she rakes millions. She further expanded her YouTube business by creating stuffed toy, a Radio show about pop music.

6. Roman Atwood –

Roman Atwood Top most popular Biggest Youtube Stars in the world 2019

Net Worth $4.5 Million

Channel: Sketch EmpireRoman Atwood has over 9.1 million subscribers and he is very famous for making videos showing sadistic pranks on himself. Earlier he uses to work at his family’s rope factory but the interest in creating videos was there since school. His public hidden camera prank videos have made many people shocked and surprise but people love to see them.

5. Grace Helbig:

Grace Helbig Top most Biggest Youtube Stars in the world 2017

Net Worth $5 Million

Channel: Its GraceShe is an American You-tuber, comedian, author and producer. She has gathered a wealth of over $5 million from her Millennial’s handbook, a talk show on E! “The Grace Helbig Show” and YouTube Channel. She has also appeared in many commercials.

4. Markiplier:

Markiplier Top popular Biggest Youtube Stars in the world 2018

Net Worth $5.1 Million

Channel: MarkiplierThis 26-year old recently celebrated 13 million subscribers on his channel and gain billions of total views on Lets Play Channel. Ge started making videos in 2012 and now he takes home $5.1 million with daily videos of playing games. He is also involved in charity and distinguishes himself well with his signature voice. She supports various charities like Animal Society and Bipolar Support Alliance. The second one is very close to him as took a hiatus from his show to mourn the suicide of his close friends.

3. Smosh:

Smosh Top 10 Biggest Youtube Stars in the world 2017

Net Worth – $11.8 Million

Smosh is an American comedy duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew. The channel started in 2003 when Padilla began flashing animated video and later he was joined by Ian Hecox. This twosome has come really long way 3 million subscribers in 2011 to 22million subscribers in 2016. The rakes in mullahs with their comedy, gaming channels and real life movies and albums.

2. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg:

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Net Worth- $18 Million

Channel: PewdiepieFelix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, with an online alias PewDiePie, is a famous Swedish web comedian and video production host, well known for his comedy and blogs. He started his channel in the year 2010 and started funding his videos by working in hot dog stand when his parents refused to support him after the college. Kjellberg was also named one of the most influential people by time magazine and his wealth has been increasing day by day. With 46 million subscribers and more than 15 billion views, web series “Scare PewDiePie” and the own app he is among the highest paid You-tubers.

1. Michelle Phan:

Michelle Phan

Net Worth – $50 million

Channel: Michelle Phan29-year-old sweet looking girl is the richest You-Tuber with a net worth over 50 million.She started her channel in 2006 with makeup tutorials and supported her by working in a restaurant as a waitress. her videos teacher everything from make styles to resembles celebrities. She claimed ladder from her partnership with Lancome and her subscriptions service for makeup, IPSY.

All the above-mentioned names have one thing in common: dedication, hard work and creativity and above talent. Youtube not only demands good quality content but you should have skills to get it seen by as many people. You need to be shocking, interesting, funny and even go viral all across the world.

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