Top 10 Most Popular Best Tollywood Music Directors

Tollywood music is a great musical form that is well known inside of India. People around the world also know about this music form as well. Keep in mind that Bollywood music directors direct “filmi” songs as a part of the films. Here is a list of the major Tollywood music directors who are very influential within this industry.

Most Indian films are musicals, and their music directors are among the best known musicians in India. Music directors are typically both composers and arrangers. Some are famed playback singers as well. A survey has been done to find out the top 10 music directors in Tollywood recently and here is the list of them.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Tollywood Music Directors in 2017

10. Devi Sri Prasad

devi sri prasad, Top 10 Most Popular Best Tollywood Music Directors 2017

Devi Sri Prasad is a highly-rated playback singer in Telugu cinema. This director made some of the hottest soundtracks to date for the Tamil theater. He is so good that his music is now starting to be heard in other cinemas around the world. His music resonates with audiences and it helps to set the mood and tone of the films where its featured. Prasad’s music is considered great music that many people are willing to listen to even if they have to pay to do it.

9. Ilayaraja

Ilayaraja, Top 10 Most Popular Best Tollywood Music Directors 2018

Ilaiyaraaja is an Indian music director who is also composer. His sound is mostly heard in South India theater. He has been operating within this field since the 70s. He has directed some of the best musical material within India. He is a conductor, singer and even a songwriting genius. Believe it or not he has created a whopping 5,000 songs. He has produced over 1000 film scores which is phenomenal. He is really known for his background music which helps to shape the way many people experience a film.

8. M.M.Keeravani


M M Keeravani is the Tollywood name for Koduri Keeravaani. Keeravani is a top-rated Tollywood music director that has won many awards. Many of his films that he provides with a musical score usually do well at the box office. He knows how to blend his own unique sounds and style into the films that he supports with his music. He is a considered a high rated music talent within Tollywood cinema. People who listen to his compositions really enjoys M M Keeravani and all of the work that he does.

7. Mani Sharma


Melody Brahma was the signature musical piece of Mani Sharma who is considered a very outstanding Tollywood music director. Many people in Tollywood seek out Sharma because they want his music to help make them successful. Sharma is a great director that knows his craft he has been involved within this business for many years. He knows the right music that fits with the genres of films. This is one reason why he is such a good director. He has composed music for over 175 films.

6. Anoop Rubens


Anoop Rubens is Tollywood director who got his fame through the song Ishq. He also made “Poolarangadu” and “Lovely”. Rubens is a great director and he is still finding his way in the business. He is doing a good job and continues to make more hits. Rubens is excelling at his craft. The music that he is now making is starting to become more profound.

5. S.V. Krishna Reddy


S.V. Krishna Reddy is an Indian director who has many other talents as well. He at least 38 films to his credit as an actor. He enjoys directing comedy pieces and he even makes music for them as well. Reddy has made romantic comedy’s that many young Indian ladies love. He also created musical scores for them as well. Reddy just enjoys providing audiences with his brand of music. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Best Tollywood Music Directors 2017.

4. Thaman


Thaman is known as SST and he is an Indian film composer. Ravi Teja was his first major music piece was Ravi Teja. He also appeared in the film Boys. He likes to make music that entertain the masses. He knows that a good Bollywood movie needs music to make it stand out. He has become a great music director that is making waves in the industry. He is performing at a top level and his music is good to listen to on a MP3 player or on the radio where some playback tunes appear.

3. Mickey J Meyer


Mickey J Meyer is a great music director who produced many slow types of music. His music was simple and they used easy chord progressions. Audiences did not know what to think about this musical style at first. However, it caught on. Keep in mind that playback music is supposed to be fast and not slow. So, Meyer was truly testing audience patience with the sounds he was generating. He eventually came up with a sound that many people enjoy listening to.

2. Sekhar Chandra


Sekhar Chandra focuses his music talents on Ravi Babu’s films. He has made many great films such as Nuvvila, 3G Love and Manjeera. Chandra makes really good music that fan enjoy hearing. His musical songs are very well received and they are catchy. Chandra has been performing for many years and has learned how to use his music to move people’s emotions. Chandra’s music is great and he continues to amaze people with his sound.

1. M.M.Srilekha


As a playback singer M. M. Srilekha is a playback singer who knows what she needs to have a good song. Since she has sung playback music in films he knows how it should be made. So, she uses his experience to create a wide variety of musical scores. She is the only female music director in the Telugu industry. She is a ground-breaking figure who is truly inspiring the next generation of playback singers. Some of her best songs includes Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain and Aaghaaz. Be on the lookout for more of this lady in the future.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Tollywood Music Directors 2017. Tollywood music directors are important to the performers and their songs within cinema. Indian audiences come to appreciate their music in cinema and expect more great songs to keep coming.

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