Top 10 Most Popular Best Tamil Telugu Comedians

Tamil and Telugu are two very important and popular dialects spoken within the nation of India. These languages are a part of India’s rich tradition and heritage. Keep in mind that both of these languages are classical and proper forms of Indian dialect. However, they can also be used for entertainment purposes. Yes, there are even comedians who come from the Tamil and Telugu culture that are funny and entertaining. Here is a list of the top ten best Tamil Telugu Comedians in 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Tamil Telugu Comedians in 2017

10. Jayaprakash Reddy

Jayaprakash Reddy Top Most Popular Tamil Telugu Comedians 2018

Jayaprakash Reddy is a great comedian who is very versatile in his craft. He can play a goofball on film and then play as a serious role as a villain. This is how Reddy is able to stay competitive in Tollywood entertainment. Many people love his shows and find his work to be outstanding. Reddy is just a great all around comedian that loves to keep people laughing. You can see this once you check out his films. He is a laugh a minute guy when he is on a roll.

9. Goundamani

Goundamani Top Most Famous Tamil Telugu Comedians 2018

Goundamani has been making people laugh for some time now. He has been around for many years and has played in many comedic movies during his time as an entertainer. As a comic, he has exceptional timing a good sense of what is funny and what works to entertain people. Goundamani also knows how to work with other comedians. He usually teams up with them to form some great comedy routines. Goundamani is truly one of the best in his field.

8. Ali

Ali Top 10 Best Tamil Telugu Comedians 2017

Ali comedy is a part of who he is and it does not define him. He also has a serious side he has received an honorary doctorate by the Academy of Global Peace. Ali’s contribution to the Telugu entertainment industry cannot be denied. He has appeared in many movies that has made people laugh so hard that they cried. Ali is a great comedian and will be recognized as such for a very long time.

7. Karunas


Karunas is a comedian who appears in many Southern India movies. He often teams up with other comics from India to create some very funny scenes. Karunas is also such as huge draw because he can play the role of the leading man. He also sings and dances which is another big plus in Telugu entertainment. Karunas is definitely one of the biggest comedy stars in all of India.

6. Raghu Babu


Raghu Babu gets his comedic ability from his talented father Giri Babu. He grew up in a family of comedians so it would be natural for him to follow suit. He is also a film director who has helped to create some good Tollywood films. Babu is a comedy that enjoys performing for crowds.

He entertains them with his comedy that is enduring and fun to watch. Many people will go to Babu’s movies because they know they are going to get a good show and their money’s worth. People like to laugh and Babu is just the guy to make them do it. Babu has staying power as a comic.

5. Vivekh


Vivekh is a comedian that has won awards for his work. He has performed on television as well as the cinema. He received the Filmfare Best Comedian Award during his career. He also received a Padma Shri for his work in India cinema. He is a very strong comedic actor who can make people laugh and have a good time when they see him. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Best Tamil Telugu Comedians 2017.

Vivekh knows that being funny is more than just saying simple one-liners or doing goofy things on film. Being funny is the way he communicates and interacts with his audience. A true film comedian knows how to do this. He is a natural entertainer that just knows his craft.

4. MS Narayan


MS Narayan is a comedic actor who died doing what he loved – making people laughed. His last few films were released after his passing. He is considered a great comedian because he did so much to make audiences happy when they were in the theater.

MS Narayan was anything but boring while on film. He can mix up his comedy routine when he is on screen by using various styles to make people laugh. One minute he can be saying something silly while in another scene he can be doing something funny. He performed at his best and did everything to keep people laughing and in stitches.

3. Santhanam


Santhanam stared out in television and then transitioned to the big screen. He appeared on Tamil sitcoms before moving into comedy films. He is a very popular figure in Tamil cinema. People liked to see him on TV and they love him more in movies. He is a great guy who that takes laughter seriously. Santhanam has perfected his craft and many people cannot help but to watch his films when they are released.

2. Brahmanandam


Brahmanadam has received many film credits over any other actor on the planet. He has played in many films. Brahmandam is the probably the most decorated comedian in Tamil entertainment. People who see him perform can see why he is so funny and important to this genre. His comedic skills cannot be denied. He is guaranteed to at least get a smirk from the hardest and grouchiest person.

1. Vadivelu


He is the king of Tamil comedy which is a great honor for any comedic actor. He has been honored by the Tamil Nadu State Film Award and he has received many other accolades as well. He is just a highly rated comedic performer and is considered the best in Tollywood.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Tamil Telugu Comedians 2017. Many of these comedians on this list are among the best comedians in the history of the nation. They have helped to make people happy and to keep them laughing with good memories.

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