Top 10 Most Popular Best Persian People of The 21st Century

The modern day Iranian people were referred to as Persians. Keep in mind that the Persians were a cultural group within the greater Iranian race. While this is the case, many people often refer the Iranian people as Persians. The following list below will describe the best Persian people today and keep in mind that these individuals can be described as modern day Iranians. Here is a list of who they are.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Persian People in 2017

10. Ali Akbar Salehi

Ali Akbar Salehi Top Most Popular Persian People of The 21st Century 2018

Ali Akbar Salehi heads Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. He was a foreign affairs minister and he was an integral part of Iran’s atomic energy program. He helped to bring Iran into the future in terms of nuclear energy and development. He might not agreed with Ahmadinejad but he understood why atomic energy is very important to the nation. Salehi still works with the atomic energy program within his nation to ensure that the program is heading in the right direction and that this energy is being used wisely.

9. Ali Shamkhani

Ali Shamkhani Top Popular Persian People of The 21st Century 2019

Ali Shamkhani is the Iranian Rear Admiral Upper Half. He is an important Iranian military figure and he is also the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran. His extensive military experience is outstanding and he is a great commander that is highly regarded for his position and work within the Persian navy. Shamkhani is also the a top advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran. He is truly one of the most decorated and well known military commanders in the history of this nation.

8. Eshaq Jahangiri

Eshaq Jahangiri Top 10 Best Persian People of The 21st Century

Eshaq Jahangiri Kouhshahi is a Persian politician. Jahangiri is a great political and social figure within his nation. He was the vice president to Hassan Rouhani when he was in office. Jahangiri is a great politician and he is a well-respected political figure. He was even a governor and served on the parliament. People generally like Jahangiri and his time in office was well received. Jahangiri also served under Ahmadinejad and took on important agricultural and mining positions.

7. Sadeq Ardeshir Larijani


Sadeq Ardeshir Larijani is also known as Amoli Larijani and he is a famous Iranian cleric. This man is the head of the nation’s judicial system. He is the Chief Justice of Iran. He also served as a member of the Gaurdian Council of the Islamic Reublic of Iran. Larijnai is a cleric as well and a very important figure to the nation’s legal system. He has close ties with the military and intelligence agencies and he is a very devout man to his religious beliefs.

6. Abdolhossein Teymūrtāsh


Abdolhossein Teymurtash has been added to this list because his influence is enduring. He helped to establish the modern nation and to make it into what it is today. He was the first politician to have brought the Iranian nation into the modern era.

He was trained in Russia and his legacy for nation building still continues today. Teymurtash realized that the Iranian people needed to move away from their classical form of existence and have a modernized government that was capable of dealing with modern society. Teymurtash governmental plans are in still in effect today.

5. Abdolali Bazargan


Abdololi Bazargan is a liberal Iranian politician. This Persian man is also an influential writer and a highly respected politician. He is one of the main people that led the Freedom Movement within the nation. He was a strong opponent of Ahmadinejad. Bazargan is well received by the Iranian people and is very influential member within politics. He was also a part of the Green Movement. Bazargan’s importance as a modern 21st century Persian is very strong and his contribution to the Iranian people cannot be denied. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Best Persian People 2017.

4. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani


Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is one of Persian’s most influential modern politicians and writers. He was the 4th president of the nation. He was a popular president and many people enjoyed his views. He also headed the Assembly of Experts and he is currently of the Expediency Discernment Council of Iran.

Rafsanjani worked hard to help keep the nation a vibrant territory. Many young people and middle-age Persians really enjoyed his time in office. Rafsanjani is a great political figure that is an important Persian figure within his culture.

3. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the 6th president of Iran and he is a very polarizing figure. This man created a lot of controversy within his country and within the international community. Ahmadinejad started a nuclear program that many people in the world protested. However, he did not care. A lot of his views were hard and very liberal. They upset many people within the nation. Ahmadinejad is known throughout all political circles and he has a large following even though he is not very popular.

2. Hassan Rouhani


Hassan Rouhani is another popular figure in Persian culture. He is the 7th president of Iran. He has been in office since 2013 and is well liked by his people. Rouhani has a lot of experience with foreign policy matters and is well received within the international community. Rouhani has served as an ambassador, on the Expediency council and is a member of the Supreme Nation Security Council. He is one of Iran’s most notable figures of the 21st century.

1. Ali Khamenei The Supreme Leader of Iran


Iran is a modern country that has its own unique governmental system. The Supreme Leader of Iran is the ultimate authority of the nation and he is the important person within this nation. The Supreme Leader is even more important than the nation’s presidential figure. He ultimately makes the biggest decisions that effects the country on a domestic and national level. Many Iranian people respect this man and the course that he taking the country.

Keep in mind that the idea of a Supreme Leader is something that is foreign to many American people. However, many people outside of the western world believe in this type of leadership. This is one reason why Ali Khamenei is so important to the Persian people. He represents their way of life and doing things.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Persian People 2017. These Persian people are important figures within their society. They brought about the greatest changes for their people. A few of them might not be well received among their people but their contribution to the Iranian way of life is very important.

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    Who made this stupid, biased article?
    Most likely a Persian nationalist.
    Ali Khamenei is a war criminal. So is Ahmadinejad.
    These people persecuted minorities (Balochis, Mazanderanis, Kurds).
    They publicly talk about exterminating Israel and denying the Holocaust.
    I hope that there are more people who read this pathetic, highly-opinionated propaganda and laugh at just how stupid it is.

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