Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Female Soccer Players in The World

If there is a game with so many fans and so many players at the same time is none other than this prestigious game called soccer. This is because it is beast to understand the game and as a result, even children at a very tender age are beginning to know how to play soccer. It is also not gender biased and so any gender can play. Women who normally play football are normally thought that they do not have good looks or even sexy bodies. For that reason, am going to prove to you that there are even more sexy footballers than you can ever imagine. Below is a list of the most beautiful and sexiest soccer players in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Female Soccer Players in The World in 2017

10. Jonelle Filigno, Canada

jonelle filigno canada, Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Female Soccer Players in The World 2018

This hot and sexy figure is one of a kind. Her green eyes, sweet smile and black spells it all for her beauty. Besides that, she has another sexy body that can make you even go crazy when you see it. This girl has also very crazy skills that can greatly impress you and that spirit of hard work and determination reflects in that beautiful face of hers. She plays for team sky blue football club in Canada in NWSL.

9. Kaylyn Kyle, Canada


You may not expect much from her just by looking at her but trust me when I tell you this beautiful girl is in the Canada national team and has even won quite a number of awards. She represented her country in the FIFA –U cup for women back in the year 2006 and 2008 and has become among the best women players at that time. She is plating as a midfield player in the Houston Dash football club. Back in 2010 and 2011 she won quite a number of titles like being named Saskatchewan soccer youth association player of the year.

8. Lauren Sesselmann, Canada


Despite the fact that she is a Canadian, Lauren is an American born who plays for Canada. She is currently a player of the Houston dash national team for women. She acquired citizenship in Canada through her father back in the year 2010 and she got a call in the Kenyan team back in the year 2011.

7. Selina Wagner, Germany


At number 7 of our list is the one and only hottest cheek of all times Selina. She is a midfielder in the German club, Wolfsburg and the German under 20 national team. Besides being a footballer, she is also a model who loves gaining the attention of her fans by posting nude photos. She even became more popular when she posted nudes for the magazine in Germany called the playboy.

6. Nayeli Rangel, Mexico


At the 6th position of the list is the Mexican who not only proved herself worthy of playing football but also proved herself to be very skillful besides her beauty and her very sexy body. The Mexican beauty, Natalie is a midfielder who plays for the national team in the Mexican team for women and she even became more popular when she took part in the women’s football world cup to represent Mexico. That was where she outshined many players when she participated in the first three games.

5. Laure Boulleau, France


Would you possibly think that this lady be part of the prestigious Paris saint-Germaine team? Well here is the truth. You cannot say that she is very talented or very skill in football until you see her in the field with the ball. She plays defence and if she is there then be sure that no striker can pass through the defence line on her watch. So this beauty let us say is a bit more of a silent killer whom by looking at her you can only say that she is hot and sexy. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Female Soccer Players in The World 2017.

4. Hope Solo, USA


She is the goalkeeper of the United States national soccer team. She got the call of being a goalkeeper because of her speed and agility. Her great skill in goal keeping as well as hard work in the field of football is the in thing that has made her to win gold medal twice. Through her hard work, she is regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world. She has represented her country 150 times nationally and because of that, she has won many honours that include Algarve cups that she was awarded five of them and two Olympic gold medals.

3. Anouk Hoogendijk, Netherlands


She is a lady who plays for the Dutch and is a midfielder as well as a defender in the national team of Netherlands. The beauty also plays for the arsenal women’s team. Besides that, she has also played for Bristol academy for women. She has represented her country 94 times and for all those times, we have seen the hard work and determination of the lady who has the spirit of never giving up no matter the situation.

2. Alex Morgan, USA


This is a young and a very talented as well as very beautiful lady who has gone against all odds to become the best football player as well as a beautiful cheek of the year. She is a gold medallist for the female of the year athlete and back in 2012. In the same year she got the title of being the player of the year finalist.

1. Milene Domingues, Brazil


The one who tops the list of these angels is this sexy and hot Milene from Brazil. She is a midfielder who holds the record for the one who has made the highest number of non-stop disguises of a soccer ball.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Female Soccer Players in The World 2017. The above players have gone through all odds to reach where they are and to this point they have made not only as hot and sexy footballers but also as one of the toughest women footballers in their respective countries as well as the globe.

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