Top 10 Most Inspiring Transgender People in The World

There are some transgender people that are really making a difference. They are working to increase the awareness of the number of transgender people out there and the type of discrimination that they face. There are even some transgender people that had the courage to follow their dreams and have achieved fame. These transgender people are working for their causing and helping to find acceptance for their follow people. These are the top 10 most inspiring transgender people that are really making a difference.

List of Top 10 Most Inspiring Transgender People in The World in 2017

10. Laverne Cox


Laverne has rose to fame on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. She has become a leader for the rights of transgender people. She speaks at schools and other people all over the country to help inspire transgender people and to help make sure they get equal treatment and are not discriminated against. Laverne was born a man but felt more comfortable in the body and living the life as a woman.

9. Kye Allums

kye allums, Top 10 Most Inspiring Transgender People in The World 2017

Kye was the first athlete to be openly transgender to compete in the NCAA Division 1 sports. He is a great athlete and can hold his own with his teammates. He has the skills that are needed to be on a great team. He was able to reach the top level of college athletics. Kye played on the women’s team at George Washington University in 2010. Kye is now living his life as a man after transforming from a woman.

8. Caitlyn Jenner


Ms. Jenner has been getting a lot of attention to his/her famous daughters and step daughters. She is a member of the Kardashian clan and is an ex of Chris Jenner. Jenner was an Olympic gold medal winner in 1976 and since then has been a reality show star. He was not comfortable in his male body so he decided to make a change. Caitlyn has been speaking out for the rights of transgender people. She has now appeared on a number of magazine covers talking about her transformation and her treatment as a woman.

7. Brandon Teena


Brandon was born female but felt more comfortable as a male. Brandon has changed the lives of many people after facing tragedy in his own. Brandon was raped and murdered back in 1993 in Nebraska. Since that time he has become a big help to transgender people all over the country. There are a number of lobbying efforts and crimes and death among transgender people is now considered to be a hate crime. His life and death were also the subject of several movies. This includes the popular movie Boys Don’t Cry.

6. Wendy Carlos


Wendy is one of the first transgender people in the public eye. She did not let this stop her dreams. She was born male but decided that she wanted to live comfortably as a female. She is an electronics musicians and her released in 1968 went on to win three Grammy awards. She also went on to sell 500,000 records which is a record for classic musical. She composed music and scores for many popular movies including The Shining and Tron.

5. Carmen Carrera


Carmen is an actress as well as a model. She is very attractive but she was not always this way. She was born a man but felt that she would function better a woman. She built up her confidence and appeared on the reality television show RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has went on to model from some big name companies including Victoria Secret. There is an online petition going around asking this famous lingerie company to make Carmen their first transgender angles. She sure is attractive enough and over the years have developed self confidence. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Inspiring Transgender People in The World 2017.

4. Billy Tipton


Billy was one of the most famous jazz musicians. His music can make a person get up and dance. At birth he was born a female and no one knew it. When he died in 1989 the public was finally made aware that he really had the body of a woman. With the changing of times the public has become more accepting. Billy is still regarding in a positive manner for his contribution to the music world and being one of the first people to live a public life as the opposite gender.

3. Bono


Bono grew up as Chastity and was the daughter of the famous singing couple Sonny and Chef. She grew up in the public but she did not feel comfortable. In the early 1990’s she decided to come out as a lesbian. It was not until 2009 that Bono started to take steps to become transgender and to live life as a man. He has been an active member of many organizations supporting the rights of LGBT people in the United States. He is now making films and using his fame for equal rights. Bono has appeared on shows such as Dancing with the Stars to bring awareness to transgender people. His mother Cher also has his full support.

2. Caroline Cossey


Caroline is a famous British actress. She was born and man and made the transition to a woman. She is famous for her good looks. She is so hot that she was able to be one of the Bond Girls in the movie For Your Eyes Only. She has been an inspiration that a transgender person can be attractive and accepted by millions.

1. Geena Rocero


Geena was a successful model and came out as transgender. She publically came out in 2014 as being a transgender person. At this time she had a large following. She wants people to become more accepting of transgender people. She is also encouraging others to have the courage to live life as they were meant to live it. She is an advocate for Gender Proud and helps increase the acceptance of transgender people using her fame.

These are some famous transgender people 2017 that are making a difference for the lives of other transgender people. They are using their fame to speak out so that all people that are transgender will have the courage to come out. They want to show that a transgender person should be accepted and can make a difference to help others.


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  1. This whole article is ruined by the author’s confusing Bono for Chaz Bono. For starters that would mean Cher and Sonny had Chaz when she was 15. For another, Chaz’s last name is Bono, not his first. Furthermore, Bono is a stage name; his real name is, Paul David Hewson. All of this is very easily researched. This egregious, and nearly laughable, error makes me question everything about the people listed that I’m not familiar with.

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