Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest Men in India

The quality of a man being sexy has been defined in several different ways. Some say that a sexy man has different outstanding characters and traits. Others say that a sexy man is completely considered in terms of physical appearance accompanied by several virtues. Others have a lot of different vies in categorizing a sexy man such as intelligence and dependability. In India, we have a lot of these men who can be considered sexy; some of these men are listed below in the top ten sexiest men in India as of 2017;

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest Men in India in 2017



Born in India and currently 30 years old, he was born on 27th November 1986. The Indian sexy man is involved in cricket at international and national levels. Listed among the handsome men in India, he is believed to be very hard working and aggressive which is a very attractive trait. Nicknamed ‘SONU’ he is charming young man who is married to Priyanka Chaudhary. He has very sharp and attractive eyes that are seen to be seductive to many ladies. These traits are also boosted by the excellent and god voice that he possesses which led to it being used in the sound track of a film (MEERUTHIYA GANGSTER). Being a sportsman, you can definitely expect a perfect body and fit muscles.


MOHIT SEHGAL Top Most Popular Sexiest Men In India 2018

Born Mohit Sehgal in india on the 3rd December 1985, the Indian man is of a perfect height of 5’. He is a profession television actor who is believed to be among the most amazing Indian actors. Married to Sanaya Irani, he is said to be a very loyal lover. He is a sexy man I terms of his amazing and beautiful smile, a very humble and down to earth amazing character. The good looking Indian actor is said to be an amazing cook something which add up the marks when it comes to ladies. He is also an amazing singer, asks any lady and you will feel the impact.



Regarded to a natural charmer, Virat was born on 5 Nov 1988 Delhi India, such a young age of 29 years. The professional Cricketer in Indian team. He is said to be very successful at a very young age with his enthusiasm and energy. He is believed to be a versatile character that is straight and very decisive. A fitness freak who loves to work out and keep fit, he has an amazing body and enough muscles. He is a good dresser, so stylish and perfect grooming.


AAMIR KHAN Top 10 Sexiest Men In India 2017

Born Mohammed Aamir Khan, the 51 years old was born on the 14th march 1965 in Maharashtra Mumbai India. The Indian actor is said to be among the most accomplished in the region and very successful. Regarded as a natural emotional man, he is good looking, seductive, affectionate and fun loving. He likes kissing and a very good dancer, this definitely goes well with ladies. He kills the sexy trait with a well built body of fitness and muscles.


ASHISH SHARMA Top Most Sexiest Men In India 2017

Aged 32 years, Ashish Sharma was born on 30th august 1984 in Jaipur Rajasthan India. The film and television actor is married to Archana Taide and he is regarded to very loving. The brilliant and active actor is simply good looking and warm. He is also known to have a captivating and tantalizing personality. The focused man is handsome and charming and very appealing to most ladies.



Born on 16th January 1985 in Delhi India, the 31 years old man is another sexy image in India. The actor and model is a focused image and very much disciplined. With a very pretty face, he is regarded to be among the most handsome men in India. The hardworking model has a very flexible and attractive personality. He adds up with a wonderful body that is well built and enhances it with good grooming. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest Men in India 2017.



An Indian actor born on 21st august 1984 in Delhi India, the 32 years old is a television and film actor. One of the most outstanding actors in India, he is regarded as one of the most natural prince charming. He is said to have looks that can steal any lady at any given time and day. He is said to have attraction and chemistry with any lady he associates with. It is seen that most ladies would die to have him as their man, making him so loveable.



Also known by the name Shahid Khattar, he is an Indian actor born on 25th February 1981 in Delhi. The 35 years old is married to Mira Rajput who is a great family man. With an amazing personality and character, Shahid is an optimist and self made actor. He is very generous and inspiring person who is loving, charming and appreciated by most ladies. He is also very romantic and affectionate plus a well groomed dressing.



Quite an old face in the Indian film industry, born Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan was born on 27th December 1965 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh India. With 50 years, the professional actor and producer is among the top charming and sexy men India has ever produced. Being a singer, he has won many ladies hearts and definitely he attracts a lot of females around him. The beautiful face and smile also adds to the table. The reception he gets around the females will definitely tell you all about his sexy side. Couple with a great body, he qualifies among the fine men in India.



Born Ranveer Singh Bhavnani, the 31 years old was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra India on 6th July 1985. The Bollywood actor is amongst the top hottest gentleman actor in indie. His amazing personality is attractive and unique. He is regarded as one different man fro the rest with his dare devil attitude; he simply can try anything worth trying. He has great charisma which is full of humour and comedy. The hot movie actor is also sporty and fit as his body tells you all about it. He makes ladies scream everywhere he steps and that tells you that he is a favorite among them.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest Men in India 2017. Yes, it is not easy becoming the sexiest man around a country full of sexy men like India but these guys have made it anyway. That tells you the kind of effort and determination they have. Many of them work so hard to keep this title running.

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