Top 10 Most Handsome Man in The world in 2016

Checkout the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Man in the world in 2016 and 2017. Many people are extremely crazy and enthusiastic of the glamorous world. There are many of the fashionable man and women who have taken attention of most people around the world. Any person who is interested in fashionable world would definitely like to know about some of the most handsome man in the world in 2016.

Most of these men are model, actor or they come from affluent families. These men are very good looking, attractive and have been very successful in their career. All these man are well-known around the world.

Let us look at some of the Top 10 Most handsome Man in the world in 2016:

10 Prince William

Prince William Most Handsome Man 2016

Prince William was born on 21st June 1982, in United Kingdom. He is the elder son of Prince of Wales, Charles and Princess of Wales, Diana. He is a very handsome guy in the Europe. He looks very good with perfect height and has a real prince like personality.

In April 2011, he got married to Catherine Middleton. He is also involved in various several humanitarian work like helping needy people and work for environmental causes.

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9. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Most Handsome Man 2017

Brad Pitt was born on 18th December 1963, in United States. He is very well known celebrity and actor who has given lots of hit movies with his outstanding acting. He is relatively aged, however he still looks very handsome. He is has a very good body and style which can easily attract a women.

He earlier had married with Jennifer Aniston in year 2000 and got divorced in 2005. Then he married a famous actress Angelina Jolie. He also likes to work for social cause like encouraging students for voting and support charitable organizations.

8. Noah Mills

Noah Mills Most Handsome Man 2016

Noah Mills was born on 26th April 1983, in Canada. He is well known model and actor from Canada. He has done few films till now. He is very good looking person with a good height of about six ft. His hazel color eyes and brownie hair makes his look more handsome.

He is still single and is working on various movies in Canada. He considers modeling as his passion, which he started in college days.

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7. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala Most Handsome Man 2017

Omar Borkan Al Gala was born on 23rd September 1989, in Iraq. He is famous model from Middle East, who has now got good stardom. He has got very sexy eyes and awesome personality that can make girls crazy. He is reported to get a car from one of his female fan.

Omar Borkan Al Gala also tells that he was one deported from one of the festival from some religious people. The main reason was because he was looking very handsome and many women were admiring him by surrounding him.

6. Salman Khan

Salman Khan Most Handsome Man 2017

Salman Khan was born on 27th December 1965, in India. He is a very good actor and producer in Indian film industry. He has got various awards for his acting. Though he is bigger in age, he still looks very young. He has very good sense of fashion and has marvelous well-built body. Many women in Indian subcontinent are crazy for him and his film.

He is still not married. He has got various big brand endorsements. He got various awards for his movies. He is also involved in various social cause activities.

5. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington Most Handsome Man 2018

Denzel Washington was born on 28th December 1954, in United States. He is an American actor and filmmaker. Denzel is one of the handsome American actors. He may be big in age, however ageing seems to make him more handsome. He has very good height and looks very handsome.

In the year 1983, he got married to Pauletta Pearson. He has won various awards for his various movies. He is also involved in some work related to the social cause which in involves in helping the needy people.

4. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Most Handsome Man 2017

Robert Pattinson was born on 13th May 1986, in United Kingdom. He is both model and actor. Pattinson has also composed some of the music. He is having very beautiful look and is mesmerizing man, who had attracted many of the women.

He has not yet married and is still single. In 2008, People Magazine has named Pattinson as the “Sexiest Men Alive”. He has worked in various movies and has also won several awards.

3. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan Most Handsome Man 2018

Hrithik Roshan was born on 10th January 1974, in India. He is very famous and celebrated actor in the Indian movies. This actor deserves to be in top ten lists as he is very good looking, heighted and very charming. There were many girls who had become crazy for this handsome guy.

He had married with Sussanne Khan in the year 2000 and got divorced in the year 2014. His first film was a very big hit on box office which earned in enormous wealth. He is also involved in various charitable works and also a Richest Bollywood Actor.

2. Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao Most Handsome Man 2016

Godfrey Gao was born on 22nd September 1984, in Taiwan. He is a very good model and actor, who has acted in various movies. Godfrey Gao is a very attractive person and has very good styles as he has got some good dressing sense. He looks very handsome and many a woman gets attracted to this guy very easily.

He is still not married and is single. He has a huge fan following in the South East Asian countries. Godfrey is not big glamorous person, however he is really a crowd catching person.

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Most Handsome Man 2018

Tom Cruise was born on 3rd July 1962, in United States. He is a very famous American actor and producer. Tom Cruise is the most handsome guy in the world. For him the age does not matter. His charming look and dashing personality simply makes women crazy. He is very good looking and handsome guy.

He is very well known for his different hairstyles which almost makes the trend in the world. Tom Cruise has won the Golden Globe Awards for three times for fabulous acting. He is Also a Richest Actor in The World.

All the above men are some of the Top 10 Most handsome man in the world in 2016 and 2017. They have maintained themselves very nicely through very hard efforts and are always in limelight.


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  1. Fabio Mancini, italian model and muse of Giorgio Armani is already choosen as sexiest man by portal and most beautiful man in Italy. I absolutely agree with this since his natural beauty is like a masterpiece of art. Insanely beautiful and absolutely deserve attribute of the most beautiful man in the world.

    Dear Sir/Madam, wish you all the best in new year and further projects and best regards

  2. Tom Cruise doesn’t seem like getting older, but he looks young year by year. He has maintained fitness and his charm in the face with a gentle smile is very attractive. He is a great actor and has been having a great recognition for his works.

  3. Omar borkhen Al Gala has a sexy looking beards. He writes really well, some great poems are in his name. He has attractive eyes and nice face shape.

  4. The famous young poet Omar borkhen Al Gala is very good looking. He is as impressive as his poems. His beards, eyes and chin are attractive.

  5. Brad pitt’s iconic hairstyle gives him a sexy look
    He has maintained that right from the beginning of his career. He has given great movies and has shown greater versatility.

  6. David Beckham is most sexy, good looking, desired man. He has some perfect styles sporting giving him some serious handsome looks. His hairstyles set a trend. His dressing sense is always talk of the town. He stays very very fit. His eyes are so attractive. His tattoos are beautiful toom

  7. Tom Cruise is as good looking as his acting skills. I’m a big fan of his MI series. He has given the fashion world great trends to follow
    His suiting style is very impressive.

  8. The list should have been much longer with celebrities like Zayn malik, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, Henry Caville who are handsome and carry good style statements everywhere.

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