Top 10 Most Handsome Hottest Celebrity Men

To be a celeb means to be famous and attaining public attention greatly, according to media, individuals or group of people. Celebs could be; actors, footballers, singers or even business oriented people. Hottest celebrity men around the world, having been giving women Goosebumps and making them weak in the knees, whenever they see them. Due to their huge driveling worthy body with a combination of boyish charm, great height and prowess character makes them to be most followed by their fans. Bellow is the lists of the hottest celebrity men that will make women hearts skip a beat.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Hottest Celebrity Men in 2017

10. Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling, Top 10 Most Handsome Hottest Celebrity Men 2017

Ryan Thomas Gosling is a Canadian actor and musician, born in November 12, 1980. After the release of film “Noah” he started attaining fame. Ryan is very handsome, very mature but a serious guy. Interacts with people warmly, an organized person and respects his traditions so much. His confidence and attractiveness blows people’s mind and wish for him to continue gracing our screens.

9. Paul Newman


Defining handsomeness, Newman is all it entails. Paul Leonard Newman was born in 1925 and died September 26, 2008. He was an American actor having won numerous awards. He was known through his charitable works and as a driver winning championship in Sports Car Club of America. Newman had bluest eyes in Hollywood, very handsome with capital H, talented and a heart breaker on your screen. Paul was diagnosed with cancer at a later stage and was given few weeks to live; he died at the age of 83 at his home.

8. Pharrell Williams


William is dark in color, tall, charming with a smooth faced and handsome American singer, songwriter and a rapper. Born back in 1973, William has earned ten Grammy Awards and gaining popularity by collaborating with great and famous artists like the late Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many more. Besides his fabulous look with a hot body, William is talented with a great voice anyone to die for. Most of his songs are a based on his life or about his family, like Rockets Theme-in honor of his son.

7. Steve McQueen


Steve McQueen is a legendary who will always be named as the hottest, sexiest and handsome man. He is in dreams of many women and highly valued by other men. Terence Steve McQueen, known as the King of Cool was born 1930 is an American actor. His legacy still remains popular, inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performance in 2007. He was strong, intelligent, handsome and hardworking in his career but died at 50.

6. Liam Hemsworth


Liam is one of the popular and hottest celebrity men at all time. With a height of 6 feet, blues eyes and a drool worthy body gives Liam all the credibility of a handsome man. Liam is an Australian actor being born back in 1990, in a family of actors. After filming Neighbors, his fame in acting industry started and his only wish is to be a good role model to the children he is ambassador- Australian Childhood Foundation. Hemsworth loves to eat a lot but never fails to keep fit, thus named the sexiest vegetarian celebrity by PETA. Liam has also dominated and gracing Australian Soaps. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Handsome Hottest Celebrity Men 2017.

5. Robert Redford


Robert is one of the icons of hottest celebrities men in the world 2017, but despite all this very humble a down to earth millionaire. Charles Robert Redford Jr. was born 1936 as an American actor, director, businessman, environmentalist and a philanthropist. He is well known by Sundance Film Festival, as he is the founder. Age is nothing but a number and Robert has proved that, he is emulated and admired by many around the world. He interacts with people warmly, respects and offers a helping to many with a non-judgmental approach.

4. Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born on 23rd October 1976, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a producer and an actor from Canada. On ABC two guys and a girl, he potrays Michael Bergen. In the year 2008, Reynolds was ranked in People’s Magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive also the most beautiful. Ryan is six feet, well bodied very handsome to catch every woman eye even at the screen, he is going to grace people with his voice at the oncoming animated movie.

3. Daniel Craig


His proposal body, piercing blue eyes and moderate height, will knock any woman down coming across with Daniel Craig. Daniel Wroughton Craig was born 2 March 1968, is an English actor and lives at Primrose Hill, London. Now you will know where he got his charming body, Daniel was a former rugby player. Craig is famous worldwide due to his multiple charitable organizations including; S.A.F.E. Kenya, that helps street theatre to address their social issues, Opportunity Network that provides access to education for low-income students in New York. Thanks to his good-looking body, he played the role of Ian Flemming’s-James Bond.

2. George Clooney


George is not only handsome and charming; he is a gentleman portraying it in his career life. Amal Alamuddin is a very lucky woman to have George as her husband, keeping in mind he is very principled and respected actor. George Timothy Clooney is an American actor, screenwriter, producer and director, being born in the year 1961. From a very humble background, George is a devoted Roman Catholic and after failing to graduate, he started selling women shoes, insurance door-to-door, working in constructions and cutting tobacco to make money.

1. Shemar Moore


To top the list of the hottest celebrity men in 2017 is none other than Shemar Moore. Many women around the globe wished to win the love of Moore, as it is known he loves his mum so much, a green light he will take care of a lady with much respect. His fame is reflected in the film of Young and the Restless and Criminal Minds. Born in Oakland US in 1970, is an American actor and expected to grace us soon.

These aove are the Top 10 Most Handsome Hottest Celebrity Men 2017. Not only are they well know, they are relatively hot and every lady would not mind being married to one of them. What is more is that they are successful in their career.

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