Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest British Actors

Every individual in the world cherries beauty, glamour and any awesome aesthetics. The world appreciates films, but deep within the consumer’s heart, they have their preferred actors because of innumerable reasons. Hollywood has captured the hearts of many, but then, Britain has some of the most glamorous and hot actors. The actors are not only cute in this aspect, but moreover, they are too artistic as well. Some of these actors may have ladies falling for them over their own movies they act. Indeed, these are the ten hottest British actors that charm any lady in any part of the world with their hot looks:

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest British Actors in 2017

10. Aidan Turner

aidan turner, Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest British Actors 2017

Aidan Turner is an Irish born actor. The 33 year old actor is a Gaiety college graduate. He has featured in various productions featured within the Irish National Theatre. As a charming actor, he does very high levels of productions that have seen plays like Romeo and Juliet get fantastic productions. The ladies boy has won several awards including the BBC 2014 cast he did known as “Turner” that saw him win the best actor award. He is still working on several productions, so ladies should expect more from this chum.

9. Jim Sturgess


Jim Sturgess is another hot guy. The London based actor first approached limelight when he joined a Manchester based band away from London in 19999. Through his music he made several appearances, and you know what, he charmed. Later through this short career, glitches emanated. Indeed, this is when he commenced in his acting roles. Among the noble work he has been featured include in Jude where he assumed the male role. His popularity has henceforth bloomed but his looks are stunning.

8. Idris Elba


Idris Elba has the awesome looks. He is a hot guy not only within the British films he has featured, but even across over to Hollywood. He is rated as one of the top ranking hot black actors. He has done a lot of TV roles and he has stared in several casts and movies including Thor, Pacific rim, Takers and other movies. This handsome actor is not only popular at what he does best, but he is a stunning man with the looks.

7. Christian Bale

, Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest British Actors 2017

Christian Bale ranks among the world’s fieriest actor. The Welshman who was from an ordinary background has lived in various countries like America, England and Portugal. His strength gets derived from the variations of experience he has accumulated in these foreign stays. Despite all that background, Bale ranks high in terms of looks, and it is because of this that he features among the top ten most handsome actors in Britain.

6. Tom Hiddleston


At position six sits Tom Hiddleston. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest British Actors 2017. The flamboyant actors star shone way back in Cambridge where he later graduated. A game changer of his star role commenced at his first debut in the Nicholas Nickbely life and adventures television role. He has seen done several roles in his acting careers including in Thor and he has done some good work in them too. His blue eyes will leave you in awe because despite his blond hair as well, his polite looks are stunning.

5. Charlie Hunnam


Charley Hunnam keeps his beards, has blue eyeballs with his broad smiles and twitching lips. The actor received glamour after his character in the various television roles. This blonde bearded actor shone in fame after he started getting global attention ever since 2003. Hunnam is not only famous within the British borders but in Europe, he ranks among the most handsome actors in Europe and the world. Maybe this is the reason why he is the dream guy of several beauties too.

4. Colin Farrell


Born in Dublin, the Irish actor Colin Farell is one uprising star in the international arena. He is flourishing in Hollywood movies and you guess might just be right. Indeed his stunning looks have added into his creativity. As one of the hottest cream of hottest British actors, he has soared beyond the sky. In Miami vice, he was astounding hence it is here that he stumbled on jewels. He has rode on golden chariot besides his stunning looks and yes, he is hot.

3. Aaron Taylor


A flourishing career, good looks and good pay is any man’s dreams. One person who is living this dream is Aaron Taylor. He originates from a mixed Jewish and English background. He has an oval faced, trims his hair but this is not all, Aaron’s got blue eyeballs. Besides his career, he should give modelling a chance. His hot looks will reward him accordingly just as lads and ladies who get glued to the movies where he gets featured.

2. Michael Fassbender


Michael Fassbender is famously known ever since he starred in Sex Addict that was a hit in 2011. What stunned many was not only his roles here, but his stunning looks. The hot actor hails from London where he is fully based. To be honest, producers are often after stunning looks hence Fassbender has often landed roles in several top ranking films like X-Men, 12 Years as a slave and many other more. You now have a hint why he is almost at the top of the top ten most handsome British actors 2017.

1. Henry Cavill


Henry Cavil is the hottest actor in Britain. The smooth looking and blue eyed actor has starred in several comic films. He is a professional at what he does, and this hot guy is the first non-American to get a role in Superman. He has all it takes to rank him up here, but the most astonishing thing about him is his looks. This is his strength, and I can dare him to attempt modelling because he is worth it. He probably is the hottest actor in the world too.

So, These above are the Top 10 Most Handsome Sexiest British Actors 2017. Actors from Britain have ever since been very stunning. Over generations, they have delivered in their roles in the films they do at both domestic and international level. Their stunning looks add an ice on top of their cake and this is why the whole world adores them. Wow, this is why this article provides the list of the top ten hottest British actors 2017.

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  1. Colin Farrell and Aiden Turner are not British! They are from Ireland and Ireland is not in Britain.

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