Top 10 Most Fittest Models on Instagram

Being a public figure is one of the most challenging tasks one can ever wish for. In this case, being a celebrity is one such thing that needs extra bit of effort and hard work in terms of dressing, grooming, talking interaction and so on. One of the major concerns of both female and male celebrities is the fact that they should posses a fit body. The demand of every celebrity having a nice looking and shaped body that is way fit has risen in the recent past and every one of them has embraced this culture. These are some of the top ten celebrities who have taken this issue of having a fit body seriously;

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Fittest Models on Instagram in 2017



Born on the 11th august 1983, the 33 years old actor from Australia is well known for his roles in different movies worldwide. His amazing work includes movies and series such as the home and away television series and THOR movie that were embraced by many movie lovers. He has a well built physical structure of the body that is masculine and heavy in nature. With big and enormous arms, this guy comes out on top of fitness that involves numerous visits to the gym for weight lifting, other major sports activities that include boxing, surfing and running.



American born Scott Leo Diggs better known as Taye is a film and movie actor born on January 2nd 1971. He is well known for his role in the movie the best man and has been around the scenes for a good number of years. He is among the fit guys around America currently. He is known for his work out session in the gym and other sporty activities that has left this guy so masculine and decent in body shape than ever. He is also believed to be keen with his nutrition and diet in terms of keeping his fit body health and fine.



The television personality, singer, actor and songwriter is one of the many female celebrities believed to be fit on her body. She is believed to be a body lover and admirer of a good body shape. She is said to have workouts every day and has an everyday work out on her abs and that makes her astonishing body to come top. She is believed to engage a lot in dancing and that means that be it on stage or a home, Kelly dances a lot to keep fit. She also loves jogging and walking as a body exercise.



The renowned American trainer is one hell of a workout addict. She has been in the work out arena for so long that her body seems to have adjusted to the fact that it should be fit and stable all day. Majoring in very tough manly work outs and complex physical exercise, you definitely expect the body to follow suit. She is a celeb who loves her body and admires her abs to a great extension. To an extent of having a magical confidence, she is one of the toughest celebs around the masculine and energetic body.



Born Eric Morlon Bishop on December 13th in 1967 better known as Jamie Foxx is an American actor who couples up with being a songwriter and comedian. He is known for his epic movie Django that hit the airwaves sometime back. He is known to posses big biceps and a very fit body that is attributed to the roles he plays in various movies which is a bit physical and energy consuming.



Born Hugh Michael Jackman on 12th October 1968 is an Australian actor who couples it up with singing and film production. He is famed with his movie wolverine that won hearts of many on the international scene. He is so masculine that you cannot deny him the title of the fit body human. He is said to keep fit through vigorous work outs and body building exercises that has kept him as a friend to the gym for a very long time. He has many abs and enough body muscles good enough to qualify him be listed on this list.



Born Alecia Beth Moore on September 8, 1979 better known for her stage and fame name as Pink is another American singer who couples it up with songwriting, dancing and acting. She has an amazing body that is attributed to the fact that she has been working out for some good hours. After having a baby sometime back, she came back to the world scene with amazing cardio body work outs and routine yoga sessions that she combined with several body warm ups everyday.


BAR REFAELI Top Most Fittest Models on Instagram 2017

Born Bar Refaeli on 4th June 1985 is from Israel and she is known for her modeling that she combines with being an actress, a television host and a successful business woman. She is a swim suit model who has to make sure she stays fit and keeps fit to really be able to fit in her suits of swimming. With a trainer, she has been able to train martial arts in terms of kicking that has been able to keep her abs and legs fully fit and working. Swimming is a very energy consuming sport that needs a lot of fitness plus the modeling.



Born Ryan Steven Lochte was born on August 3th 1984 is an American swimmer who has won many accolades in that field. She has won many Olympic gold and medals which only leaves him in the top swimming leagues. He has been able to put a lot of effort in his body fitness completely pushed by the fact that the sport boosts it. It is through hitting the gyms another factor which has ensured the swimmer to acquire an amazing body and structure in terms of muscles and fitness.


CHANNING TATUM Top Famous Fittest Models on Instagram 2018

Born Channing Matthew Tatum on April 26th 1980, is an American actor who couple u with dancing and sometimes back regarded as a stripper. With a well built body, he has been able to attract many roles in movies and has been able to maintain and keep his masculine body in good shape. He is known to love working out and hitting the gym at his own free time.

Keeping fit and having a good body is not only good for you but also health. A person leave alone the celebrities with a good body, is believed to attract a lot of attention and land many deals through a fit body. Celebrities with good and fit bodies are believed to have a plus in their careers.

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