Top 10 Most Famous Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World

Celebrity chefs are best known for displaying their talents and cooking skills. Below is a list containing famous and richest celebrity chefs in 2017 review.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World in 2017

10. Anthony Bourdain

antony bourdain, Top 10 Most Famous Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World 2017

On tenth position of our list, we have Anthony contributing to our article. His full name is Anthony Michael Bourdain and popular among many people for holding many great titles. Apart from being just a chef, this man is also a television personality and an author. He was born on 25th June, 1956, in New York City, New York, United States of America. Some of television shows where Michaels has broadly occurred include Parts unknown and Anthony Bourdain. He also wrote a book by name Kitchen Confidential and released it in 2002. This book got a lot of world attentions.

9. Ana Quincoces


Ana Quincoces is a great woman from America having successfully ventured in Business and law firms. Apart from all that, Quincoces is regarded as a successful author and cook. She wrote her first book known as Cuban Chicks Can cook and sols so many copies during that particular time and gained a lot of success and fame. You might even wonder how Ana was able to bring up her two daughters and play career roles as well. All we know that hard work and patience pays. Today, you cannot miss her name in most articles featuring food industry.

8. Paula Deen


Paula Deen is another amazing woman that cannot be omitted whatsoever in articles like this one for having great features and responsibilities in cooking industry. She gained her cooking skills and perfections from her own grandmother. Her first food to make was a tasty Sandwich in her Kitchen after losing a job in one of most famous banks. She used to work here as a teller and some of her sons did delivery in that same premise. Selling food in local offices, Paula successfully opened a big restaurant.

7. Mario Batali


Mario Francesco Batali is an American Chef, restaurateur, writer and personality in media. Apart from all those titles, Batali can be broadly described as an expert in history and culture among Italians. Mario was born on 19th September, 1960, Seattle, Washington, United States of America. He attended in Rutgers University for Business Management and Spanish Theatre. His Career in cooking began after him joining Stromboli restaurant to work as a waiter. Batali gained more skill and food preservation techniques having served at four seasons Hotel in San Francisco. He will live to be celebrated.

6. Ina Garten


Ina is a woman of her class. She was born 2nd February, 1948 and her full name is Ina Rosenberg Garten. Apart from being a mere chef, Garten is also an author and host of a food network program Barefoot Condenser. Having worked in White House as budget and management officer, this amazing woman is famous for playing her role and responsibilities in both family and career roles. After being featured in popular television show, Rosenberg grew successful and famous among many people. Her reputation is built on skills and has won her best service show in Emmy awards.

5. Emeril Lagasse


He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Famous Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World 2017. Emeril Lagasse or simply John is another celebrity chef, Restaurateur, cookbook author and television personality who is popular among many people who discovered his great talents in cooking. Several copies of his Cookbooks are being sold to many people and families with interest of improving their cooking skills. Emeril came to discover or know her talent when working with Portuguese Bakery Company at a very young age. Several television shows have featured him and hence turned to be very successful. Emeril can be best described from his own cooking recipe called New Orleans.

4. Rachael Ray


Rachael ray Domenica is a name that is highly is a name that is highly recognized in international level. She is ranked as richest female chef globally. Apart from cooking techniques, Ray is also a well known television personality, cookbook author and host of numerous shows concerning food. Rachael is highly respected having taken part in helping families that are in need by cooking food and taking to them. In other areas, her cookbooks have helped many people for they provide recipes and procedures of cooking different kinds of foods. These foods are best known for improving health looks.

3. Wolfgang Puck


When we talk of Puck, what comes in my mind is a successful Austrian Restaurateur, American celebrity chef and occasional actor. In most cases where he is seen acting, Wolfgang is featured I cooking areas. Numerous television stations have highly featured him in shows like MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen and crime scene investigation. Through these shows, puck received a high reputation and success in everything that he attempted to do. He is being ranked 3rd in this article and owns own like $75 million of all his riches.

2. Gordon Ramsay


This article would have been totally boring without featuring some celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey. This great man from Britain is also a television personality, chef and Restaurateur. In most restaurants where he has worked, they have gained fame and a lot of success for his cooking talents. Gordon Ramsey is highly regarded as being hard working, successful and best in hosting cooking shows like F world. Ramsey is focused in building restaurant business where he can proof what he has in mind to the world.

1. Jamie Oliver


On top of our list we also have this amazing and talented Chef from Britain. Many people know her for having solved their health issues. He is also famous among many people for launching a campaign that had aims of minimizing Junk meals and improving health by introducing specific kind of foods. Jamie Oliver is an owner of Fifteen Charity restaurant which is responsible in training young stars on how to make fantastic meals.

These above are the Top 10 Most Famous Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World 2017. This article is so important in improving cooking skills and techniques among many people. I have made a lot of research and gone through their cookbooks to add you with more information and am sure it will be of great help.

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