Top 10 Most Famous People in South India

Just like in the most parts of the world the dream and desire for fame, success and recognition is more alive than ever in India. No place though has the power been felt than the northern part of the republic. Emerging from a period of high economic recession that dated 40 years ago, the 20% portion of the wider state whose major economic contribution is tapped from the film industry, business and politics has with time become a haven of famous individuals who has imparted many across the globe.

Over the years there has been a sharp increase in the number of famous personalities but the today the following are hailed as the 10 most famous people in South India:

List of Top 10 Most Famous People in South India in 2017

10. Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao Jr (Jr NTR)


Straight from Hyderabad, Nandamuri is a multitalented musician, dancer and actor whose fame and success is attributed to his exceptional acting skills. Upon the start of his career in 1996, the 33 years old who started acting at only the age of 13 has already featured in a number of movies winning four CineMAA Awards and state award as the best Telugu actor only but to mention a few. In 2012 he was placed in position 66 by Forbes India magazine of famous celebrities in India which simply confirms his earnings which are speculated to hit US$ 3 Million per annum. Besides acting, Nandamuri is an established politician in the Telugu Desam Party and sponsor to number of philanthropic organizations in South India.

9. Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun Top Most Famous People in South India 2017

A Chennai based actor with a major interest in Tollywood. Arjun acting skills are mostly attributed to decent from breed of high quality actors. As one of most revered actors, Arjun cemented a place in the acting industry after performing Arya as a comedian. Since then the actor has featured in a number of movies winning both local and international awards and Forbes approval as one of the best actors in India when he was placed among the best 50 celebrities in India in 2015. Despite showing major interest in acting, Arjun is mostly remembered in South India as the owner of the 800 Jubilee Night club.

8. Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair

Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair Top 10 Famous People in South India

Mohanlal is one of the few prominent actors who had to wait in order to taste success in the acting industry. As a major setback to his career, Mohanlal had to wait painfully for 25 years for his first movie to be censored. He also had to contend with the 7- year – award dry spell that existed between Bharathanm and Vanaprastham. However, despite all this challenges, Mohanlal perseverance and determination has seen him feature in more than 300 movies which have earned him countless awards, nominations, fame and recognition. For instance his exceptional talent earned him a doctorate honorary from the University of Sankaracharya.

7. Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad

Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad Top Most People in South India 2019

Mostly known by the stage name Chiranjeevi, Prasad is a multi-talented actor and a politician who will be remembered for serving in ministry of tourism. As an actor, Prasad mainstay in the acting industry is solely attributed to his first movie Gharana Mogudu. In this movie Prasad is estimated to have raked such an amount that necessitated a Samman Award as the Highest Income Tax Payer at that time. Positive acceptance and reviews of Chiranjeevi movies from many quotas has put Chiranjeevi in the spotlight over the years seeing CNN-IBN report terming him as the people’s choice actor in 2006. Outside acting, Chiranjeevi is an open hearted who has opened many philanthropic organizations such as the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust (CCT) aimed to serve poor Indians to get best medical care.

6. Kamal Hassan


Hassan can be loosely termed as one of those lucky kids who knew their place in life early. At only the age of four he had already won the President award on his role in the movie Kalanthur Kannapama. By 2014 he had already accumulated a total 19 Film fare awards and 3 national awards. Kamal movies have gained global attention over the years with some of his works earning him the National Film Award for Best Feature.

5. Ajith Kumar


Kumar can be simply described as a mischievous kid who took into racing and acting after education failed to annex him. Born and raised in Secunderabad, India, Kumar had to feature in many movies as a supporting actor before his breakthrough in 1995 from the thriller Aasai. The thriller paved way to other important movies which finally solidified his acting career in 2000. A point which was proven 14 years later when he appeared India’s Forbes list of top 100 celebrities in 2014. With the earnings from his career, Ajit has set up a philanthropic organization which serves to protect poor Indians from hygiene problems. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Famous People in South India 2017.

4. Mahesh Ghattamaneni


Mahesh is one of the most notable Indian actors whose acting success is compounded by his attractive looks as illustrated by the Indian Times. Though at the age of 4 he had already featured in 8 movies as a child artist, Mahesh success had to wait until 2001 when he featured in Murari: a film which catapulted his success leading to an outburst of other successful films. In his career he has won both the CineMAA, Filmfare, Nandi and the famous International Film Academy awards placing him in the list of famous Indian actors.

3. Shivaji Rao Gaekwad


Commonly known as Rajinikanth, he is one of the most famous actors arising from troubled childhood. Though he started acting in Tamil as underground actor, it was until 2007 that his role Sivaji earned him a global recognition. The earnings from the movie are estimated to have been $ 8.2 million placing him in the list of highest paid actors in Asia. Screenplay writing and movie production also serves to augment his income. It may not be clear though how he spends but sources has it that he donates half of his earnings to the poor.

2. Konidela Kalyan Babu


Babu is both a successful politician and renowned actor with a stint of writing skills. His acting career – which is mostly featured in Telugu cinema – began in 1996 in Akkada Ammayi Ikkadi Abbayi. However his presence was not felt until two years later when he featured in award winning Tholi Prema. The set of movies that followed saw him being placed in the 26th position of the Forbes India 100 best celebrities for 2013 with Attarantiki Daredi becoming the best selling Telugu film. He is estimated to be worth US$ 2.7 Million though most of his earnings go to the poor and philanthropic organizations.

1. Vijaya Gurunatha Sethupathi (Vijay)


It is only very few Indian movie lovers that will claim they don’t Know Vijay. Though initially he was involved in minor acting roles, most of the approvals that Vijay is enjoying today are specifically in relationship to the year 2012-2013 works. The movies especially Pizza fared well in the market with positive reviews from accredited sources such as The Times of India and the IndiaGlitz turning Vijay into the most celebrated “indie-film star” that we see today. Vijay deserves this slot since he is the only actor known to have won two awards from the same movie list.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Famous People in South India 2017. There are number of ways to gain success but since time immemorial acting has always been sought as the easiest and best way for recognition and fame. It is no wonder that the current ratings present only actors as the most famous persons India. Though there exists other successful person whose details may not be clear, above still remains as the appropriate guide for 10 famous people in south India 2017.

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