Top 10 Most Educated Bollywood Stars

Most people tend to think that actors and actresses are not learned people and choose to engage themselves in film industry due to lack of opportunity. This is not the case. Successful and famous celebrities have history behind what you see in films and local drama shows. To discuss about Bollywood, there are many educated champions from this area. Education has always been part of their self-discipline. Let us study them in list below.

List of Top 10 Most Educated Bollywood Stars in 2017

10. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan Top Most Educated Bollywood Stars 2017

Amitabh Bachchan is a famous Bollywood actor. He is very talented, determined and passionate about his career. This great Indian man gained popularity in late 70’s after playing fantastic roles in successful film such as Deewar and Zanjeer. All his life, this man dreamt of becoming a great scientist when full grown. He therefore worked very hard in school and was selected to be among best student to join Sherwood College in a place known as Nainital. Amitabh owns a doctorate degree from University of Queensland in Australia.

9. Vidya Balan


Vidya Balan is a popular actress from India who hails from a family that takes education seriously. This great woman of Bollywood is learned and has more than one degree. Good thing about her is that she pursued her university education before engaging in acting career. Vidya got a Bachelor degree in Sociology from an academic college known as St. Xavier. She later joined University of Mumbai to pursue same degree but in masters’ level. Balan own several winning and nomination awards.

8. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta Top Most Popular Educated Bollywood Stars 2018

Preity Zinta is among beautiful and educated Bollywood actresses. Most of her fans admire Zinta’s beautiful smile and outstanding character. She is another learned person in Bollywood film industry. Preity performed excellently in high school education and that gained him a chance to continue with University education. Zinta owns a degree with first class honors in Bachelors of English. She is also an owner of criminal psychology masters degree. I always admire courage in this great woman. With her outstanding character, you will definitely love films played by this girl. Zinta is just amazing.

7. John Abraham


Most of John Abraham’s fans are ladies. They are always overheard confessing of his handsome looks and masculine body. Some people may think otherwise upon just looking at him. However, that is not how things are. Abraham has great passion of education. He holds a degree in Economics from one of most top University worldwide. This great Bollywood actor continued in earning MBA from Narsee Monjee institute of management studies. John Abraham used to be a fantastic model and media planner. Handsome and great looks of this Bollywood star goes hand in hand with his higher levels of learning.

6. Siddharth


Siddharth is a well known Bollywood celebrity whom is best known for producing high quality films and enjoys doing playback singing. This man was an impressive student before joining acting industry. His parents used to feel proud due to his outstanding character in school. His own teachers that also felt good having him around always confirmed this. That good character earned him a chance to continue with University Education. Currently, Siddharth owns a bachelors degree of commerce from University of Delhi. Apart from academic figure, this great Bollywood star engaged mostly in debating and was crowned best in that sector.

5. Ameesha Patel


Ameesha Patel is one best and famous Bollywood model and actress. This girl has accomplished so much in her acting career. She is among best star studied in this list. Before this, Patel was an amazing star in academics. She owns more than two degrees in from different institutions. Her degree of economics was earned from one of top universities in United States of America known as Tufts University. She later joined Boston University to study Biogenetic Engineering. By engaging in Bollywood acting career, it became part of her education and took time to gain it.

4. Soha Ali Khan


Soha Ali Khan is ranked in position four of this list and among most learned Bollywood stars. Her fans admire her character so much and always leave positive reviews in at her social media page. Unlike other stars that we have studied in this list, Khan took many years in pursuing education before joining acting and modeling activities. Several copies of films acted by her are sold to many people in entire Indian fraternity. Her first school to attend was British School in a place known as New Dehli. Oxford University is part of his academic. She pursued and political science in this amazing school.

3. Randeep Hooda


This is another amazing star in entire Bollywood film industry. He cannot be left out in this list as one of most learned people. Randeep is well educated than all mentioned above in this list. Hooda has a bachelor degree in Human resource and Business managements. However, this is not what his parents wanted him to do. They insisted that he should pursue Bachelor of medicine from any top University worldwide. Randeep’s dream was to succeed and flourish in acting.

2. Sonu Sood


Soon is among most educated Bollywood successful people. Ever since he was a child, Sonu used to admire successful actors in most Films and television shows. He discovered his passion in acting at a very tender age and thought of following it someday. His best roles are observed in a film known as Shootout at Wadala. This is not end of everything. He soon scored higher-class honor in degree of Electronics from a college called Yeshwantrao Chavan School of engineering.

1. R. Madhavan


This is the most educated Bollywood Star hence ranked in first position of this article. This great man is well known in film industry of India. He has appeared in several films and local television shows. Apart from his acting career, Madhavan hold a degree of economics from and several other titles that make him featured in this article.

People listed and studied above are Top 10 Most Educated Bollywood Stars 2017. They are educated and pursued most of their degrees from top Universities worldwide. Unlike what people think, successful stars of India have a high personality in academics and acting is just exercising their talents.

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