Ten Most Bizarre Habits Of The Super Rich And Famous Peoples

Money gives people chances to live the way they want. With money you can buy what you want, live where you want, eat what you can, dress the way you can, raise your kids well and take them to the school you want. With money almost everything is possible. The rich people tend to develop habits probably out of boredom or others do it to get noticed. The list is for the super rich and famous bizarre habits and probably you can judge if it is for notice or out of boredom

10. Bath in red wine- Teri Hatcher

Bath in red wine- Teri Hatcher

She is a beautiful actress in the desperate housewives that takes bath in red wine. She claims that since red wine contains antioxidants, they help keep her skin smooth and young. There may be some truth in this and as much as it sounds weird, we have seen celebrities do even more crazier stuff. Red wine is known to have some benefits and people are advised to drink it once in a while and so if there is a person somewhere affording to buy red wine for bathing, there is no problem with that.

9. Leech Bath – Demi Moore

Leech Bath – Demi Moore

The famous actress uses leeches to suck her blood and remove impurities and toxins. She is a model, film maker and formerly was a songwriter. She is also famous for shaving her hair during the roe she played for G.I Jane. She is well known in Hollywood especially for asking for outrageous payments for her performances.

8. Works with a blind fold – Jonathan Franzen

Works with a blind fold – Jonathan Franzen

This famous author likes working while on blindfold as he claims that it helps him concentrate. Before that, Franzen used to sit at his office with earplugs which he claimed to try to place his attention and concentration to the work he was doing. The method did not materialize and he opt to try the blindfold. This is the time he wrote the novel Freedom that and became the cover of time magazines for is great work. President Obama read his novel on his vacation and seems the blindfold really worked on Jonathan.

7. Chewing of Nicotine Gum – Jessica Simpson

Chewing of Nicotine Gum – Jessica Simpson

Jessica was a musician before she moved to the fashion industry and became a fashion designer. She designed shoes, dresses, purses etc. Jessica has a crazy habit of chewing nicotine gum. Many people chew these gums to keep them off smoking but she has never been a smoker before and that is why the habit seems so weird. It is assumed that it helps her keep calm while carrying out the fashion and design activities. Who knows!

6. Climbs a tree everyday- Simon Cowell

Climbs a tree everyday- Simon Cowell

This man is quite successful and known as the creator of x factor and also Britain’s got talent and pop idol. He has a very strange way of remembering his childhood. Simon makes sure he climbs a tree daily so as to feel like a kid again. He is also quite a ladies’ man and it is said that he treats his ex girlfriends well after their breakup. This man is one of the top most very influential people in the world.

5. Sandra Bullock who uses Hemorrhoid cream on her face

Sandra Bullock who uses Hemorrhoid cream on her face

Sandra has maintained her young look out of a bizarre habit of applying hemorrhoid cream on her face. This cream is designed to reduce swelling and she applies the cream to remove redness and puffiness that occurs during the day or night so this makes sense in a way. This habit of hers must be working as she always looks stunning especially in the movie she starred in, The Blind Side. And known for other movies such as congeniality and the George Lopez and she is also a host of other movies.

4. Cameron Diaz – Open doors with elbows

Cameron Diaz – Open doors with elbows

This woman suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and she gets afraid that she might get germs if she uses her hands to open the door. So she prefers doing it with her elbows. It is said that Cameron uses marijuana to help her keep calm and not to be anxious. This anxiety comes about due to her disorder and the herb helps her deal with it. She used to be so addicted to the herb while in college and Snoop Dog was her supplier. This lady is known for her roles in Charlie angels, bad teacher, gangs of the New York and there is something about Mary.

3. Drinks poop water – Bill Gates

Drinks poop water – Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has a bizarre habit f drinking poop water. Sounds crazy right? He does not drink it directly from the toilet but from a project that turns waste water into safe drinking water. He provided this project of his to the countries that do not have enough clean water supplies. This is made possible by a product known as Janicki Omnipressor. This product was named after a Engineer known as Peter Janicki who tried the poop water before Bill drank it. This project with no doubt will improve the poor water conditions in the developing countries and it is said that one cannot tell the difference between “poop” water sand regular water.

2. Angelina Jolie eats Bugs

Angelina Jolie eats Bugs Top Most Bizarre Habits of The Super Rich and Famous 2017

The famous actress Angelina Jolie together with her entire family eats bugs and crickets! She describes the crickets having a taste similar to that of potatoes chips. In the Cambodia shoot for Louis Vuitton, she admitted that her kids enjoy eating the insects just like how they enjoy Doritos. Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem to see a big deal in eating these insects she was seen enjoying them during her tour to Asia. She also said that she hasn’t tried a spider on a stick yet, because she is not sure of how she could go around the fur. She wants her children to have uninhibited appetite just like hers.

1. Unconventional Habits – Lady Gaga

Unconventional Habits – Lady Gaga Top Famous Bizarre Habits of The Super Rich and Famous 2018

Lady Gaga’s outfit tells that she has habits that are unconventional. She once came out of a giant egg while performing and it is said that she kept that egg for use as her meditation studio. She also showed up on red carpet event with an outfit that was entirely made of real meat. Her hits ‘Bad Romance” and ‘Poker face’ are still on and kicking but nowadays she switched and is performing with Tony Bennett – the legendary crooner.

Most of these people are celebs and superrich business men. Some of the habits seem to have a real purpose while others seem to be just for fun, fame and so. Some of these habits are hilarious! And we can see the power of money and the extent it can take people to.

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