Top 10 Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

UAAP volleyball session is full of scores, shots and most of all have beautiful players. The game brings out a lot of energy in both indoor and outdoor games. In this article, we will share the names of some of the amazing players who perform equally beautiful to overcome hurdles during the matches.

The game is loved by many and can be played throughout the year. Therefore, here is the list of top 10 most beautiful UAAP volleyball players in the year 2018.

List of top 10 most beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players in 2018.

10. Jessey De Leon, University of Santo Tomas (UST)

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Jessey is a middle hitter for UST Golden Tigress volleyball team and this 21-year-old player is also a freelance model who finished her degree in Architecture in UST. With the perfect cheekbone and piercing eyes and those long legs, one cannot deny that she makes a perfect combination of sexy and beautiful and deserve a spot in this list.

9. Kim Dy, De La Salle University (DLSU)

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Kim day is a middle hitter for De La Salle University volleyball team. This 20-year-old 5 feet 10 inches athlete was also the member of Philippines women’s national volleyball team that participated in 2015 Asian Volleyball Championship where the team placed 12th out of 14 countries. A young, pretty fit and perfectly athletic. She is still to unleash herself to her full potential on the court, but her beautiful long legs and arms along with super glowing skin have made her favorite among many.

8. Jema Galanza, Adamson University

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

She plays as an outside hitter for Adamson University. She is blessed with a cherubic face that also matches with her flawless skin. She surprised everyone with the last minute contribution points in the last season and swagger all the appreciated in smiles.

7. Princess Gaiser, University of the Philippines (UP)

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Princess Gaiser plays as the Libero for UP Lady Maroon team. This 20-year-old player stands 5 feet and 1 inch and is currently studying Sports Science at the University. She is one of the cutest defensive aces in the country. With her chirpy personality and growing game, she is here to stay for long.

6. Maddie Madayag, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Maddie plays for Ateneo de Manila University and was a middle hitter of Lady Blue Spikers. She is 6’1 and known for her aggressiveness on the net. The breathtaking tall girl is a complete package with a perfect body of an athlete and the doll-like face with flawless beauty.

5. Therese Gaston, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

She is an open skipper of Ateneo de Manila University Lady eagles. This 5 foot 10 good looker has been part of the University of Auto Tomas Girls volleyball team. She has that picture ever-ready smile and soft flow hair that one cannot stop mesmerizing about. She is one of the most soft-spoken and well-behaved girls with the lethal combination of smart and grace.

4. Myla Pablo, National University (NU)

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Myla Pablo plays for National University college team as an outsider hitter. Five feet eleven inches player is a 21-year-old and was announced the Most Valuable Player in the recent Shakey’s League volleyball tournament. Myla is not only MVP but among the topmost beautiful girls in the volleyball tournament.

3. Amanda Villanueva, Adamson University

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

One of the striking features of Amanda is her glowing porcelain skin. She is simply just radiant. During the game, she effortlessly looks intriguing and cameraman always focuses on her to find her big and bright smile. Currently, she plays for Adamson University volleyball team.

2. Denden Lazaro, Ateneo de Manila University

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Denden is one of the popular girls in sports and for all good reason. She helped her team read the first UAAP volleyball title, Denden is also among the most beautiful girls in the team. The confident, gorgeous, doe-eyed and feisty player is genuinely one of the best girls from Ateneo de Manila University volleyball team.

1. Mika Reyes, De La Salle University (DLSU)

Most Beautiful UAAP Volleyball Players

Mika Reyes for DLSU is a blocker and middle hitter in collegiate women’s volleyball team. 21 yr old player is a two-time UAAP champion and currently enrolled in AB Psychology. This effortless charmer tops the list of most beautiful UAAP players. She is gifted with freshness and white skin that she is smart both in and out of the court. She always smiles at the audience and reporters that make her all time favorite of all the volleyball fans.

All the above-mentioned names are already too famous for their games and are among the very important players placed with wonderful strategy in their respective teams. They are appreciated by many and these players also have alluring features and great personalities that make many people adore them for being both soft and smart at the same time.

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