Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

A lot of people get tattoos on their bodies everyday. Once you get one though, you will end up wanting more because it is like an addiction. Well to some people it is. Celebrities are no different. Just because they are famous should not mean they can not decorate their bodies as they please, it is their body after all. At least they have some with meanings behind them and they try to make sure the tattoo means more than just some crazy mistake like a drunk college kid on a dare.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities in 2017

10. Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci Top Most Popular Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2018

The body that she has is graced with some lovely tattoos that go from her ankle all the way to her shoulders. She has gotten a total of eight so far but there is no telling if she will be getting anymore or not. Near her belly button she had a small bat placed there but she ended up getting a set of praying hands to cover that one up. Her more recent body art is the blue sparrow that is tattooed on the right boob. That one can be seen in her movie that she has done called “black Snake Moan”.

9. Kat Von D


This beautiful lady has tattoos covering a majority of her body. They are all over her stomach, the arms, hands, shoulders, and a lot more other areas on her body. This woman holds the highest record for the number of tattoos given to people in a twenty four hour period. She had a tattoo of her ex Jessie James’s name on her but apparently she has gotten that one removed from her body, I would not want to guess if that has anything to do with the bad luck the tattoo caused by being permanently inked on her skin.

8. Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2017

She is most known for the character she plays on the hit TV show Charmed. Alyssa has quite the collection of tattoos that she sports on her body. They all have a connection to religion so it is obvious she is deeply devoted to being religious. The one that stands out the most to prove her devotion is the rosary that is on her right shoulder blade. The lady also shows off the one that is on her neck. That one is the Buddhist symbol “Hum”. She made wise decisions with what was inked onto her body for life obviously.

7. Britney Spears


Most people never notice her beautiful body art because of the size being so small but it is quite obvious that she does have tattoos and apparently does not regret getting them. Her very first tattoo ever was a small fairy that is colorful. Afterwards, she got some tattoos of Hebrew letters on her neck because she got inspired by the lovely lady, Madonna. On the right foot of hers she has a flower vine that is very pretty then she has a back neck tattoo that are the letters “WJD”. On her right hip/pelvis area she has a small tattoo that is very hard to make out what it is, unless of course someone just asks her or gets close enough to see it.

6. Jessica Alba


At one point she had a flower tattoo and a ladybug inked on the back of her neck but earlier this year she got that removed for good. She has a wrist tattoo of the Sanskrit word that means lotus which is to connect her spiritual ties to both Buddhism and Christianity. A long time ago she got a tattoo on her lower back of a bow and then her left arm now how a beautiful ink of a rose design.

5. Megan Fox


The tattoos that are on this beautiful woman’s body just make her that more gorgeous. She has one on her side that refers to love and how the girl never knew what it was until her heart became broken by a guy. She use to have a Marilyn Monroe tattoo but she got it removed. She has a little design on her left inside ankle. The one on her back says “we will all laugh at gilded butterflies’ She was in two of the Transformer films. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2017.

4. Dwayne Johnson


The Rock only has two tattoos but they both mean something very important to him. He has a longhorn bull that represents his zodiac sign, Taurus, and the Brahma Bull person from when he was a professional wrestler with the WWF. His whole left shoulder is completely covered up with a more difficult tattoo that turns into a half sleeve down his arm. This one is his most important since it represents the Samoan Heritage, that is what his background is. From the looks of his ink it seems like he has a number of pieces but it is actually pretty cool that there is only two and they both have such wonderful meanings behind them.

3. David Beckham


David has both of his sleeves done and one on his side. His tattoos are said to be an obsession. He has his son’s name tattooed on his lower back written in Gothic script. After getting this one done he waited a year to get the gaurdian angel tattooed on his upper back. He has a few more. One is Hindi letters in the mix. The sleeves of his arm took a little while but it has been done.

2. Nicole Richie


She has nine tattoos. On her ankle she has rosary bead that is her most popular tattoo. A cross is on her lower back. On the back of her neck she has a ribbon that has the name Richie underneath it. Almost in the middle of her back but on her shoulder blades she has a set of wings. They probably mean a lot to her. For someone to be brave enough to get the tattoo on the neck is such a brave move. She has a tattoo on each wrist, one of stars and the other is a word or a name. The ribbon on her neck is colored in with a pink color and the wings have a few different colors in them.

1. Angelina Jolie


The very first tattoo that this beauty got on her body was a Japanese Kanji symbol meaning death. What she would want something so tragic, no one really knows but it is there. Running on her left shoulder blade is a Buddhist prayer and on the back of her neck is the wording “Know your rights”. She does actually have more but in a way it is a little more to name than what we really have time for. Overall, Angelina has done wonderful things as far as what she chose to permanently put on her body.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2017. These are just a few people who have gotten their body marked with ink. They say once you get one you just have to get another. Some of them got them for reasons others just got them to be getting them. Kids names, other famous people, symbols they all have meanings behind them and you may never know why. They are gorgeous works of art and should be shown off to the world. If you change your mind in the long run you better hope you find someone to remove it pretty good so it does not still show up.

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