Top 10 Most Beautiful Swiss Women

Switzerland is a beautiful country with a lot of mountains and gorgeous women. It is found in central part of Europe. This amazing country is always recognized because of famous and wonderful people that originate from it. In our case today, we are going to feature on beautiful Swizz women. You will come to learn that these people are not only beautiful but also hardworking and successful in their careers. Study ten of these ladies in the list below.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Swiss Women in 2017

10. Sonja Kinski


Switzerland is always proud of this beautiful women. Sonja Kinski is rated amongst beautiful women in this amazing country. She is a talented actress and fashion model of beauty. Her efforts in acting and portraying beauty have made her gain a lot of confidence and fame worldwide. Sonja has been featured in several films and local television shows that are viewed by many people in Switzerland and other surrounding countries. Many Fashion brands worldwide have always used her as a role model to represent their wonderful beauty products.

9. Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker Top Most Famous Beautiful Swiss Women 2019

Mitchell Hunziker cannot be omitted in this list. She is amongst beautiful worldwide and has been rated in ninth position of this article. Many fashion beauty brands in Switzerland started noticing her beauty when she was still a young and adorable girl. Some of these Fashion Brands invited Mitchell to take part in modeling. She was only 17 years old by that time. This amazing woman became very famous right from that time. Several beauty magazines have always used her picture in cover pages. Her husband is a well know Television producer and has always been supportive to Mitchell Hunziker.

8. Lauriane Gillieron


Lauriane Gillieron is not only beautiful but also successful and wonderful woman in entire Switzerland. She is a successful Fashion model and was crowned Miss Switzerland amongst many women that participated in this competition in 2005. This is clear evidence that Lauriane is indeed outstanding amongst many beautiful women in this wonderful country. As a talented actress, Lauriane gained a lot of popularity and honor by appearing in many television shows and films. Gilleron has beautiful lips, well maintained long hair and sexy eyes.

7. Kat Graham

Kat Graham Top Most Popular Beautiful Swiss Women 2018

This is another amazing and beautiful woman in Switzerland. She has been rated in seventh position of this article. Kat Graham is a well known Singer, model, Actress and talented dancer amongst many others. Kat started acting when she was 14 years only and has always been successful since that time to date. Graham took part advertising for local brands in 2002. She has also made many appearances in many popular films that are loved by many people in Switzerland. This lady is truly beautiful and has outstanding Physical features such as beautiful body shape with wide curves and cute facial structures.

6. Julie Ordon


Julie Ordon is in sixth position of this article and is amongst cute women of Switzerland. She is loved by many people worldwide because of having a cool and well maintained personality. Ordon is a talented actress and has received reputation and fame through this amazing career. This wonderful and beautiful woman has appeared I may films and local television dramas. Through this, Julie has always been receiving winning and nomination awards to date. Point and shoot is one of Julie’s supporting roles that were produced ad released to market in 2004. It was directed by Shawn Regruto.

5. Sofia Milos


On fifth position of this article is this beautiful and sexy woman popularly known as Sofia Milos. This beautiful woman is a popular and successful television presenter, film artist and actress. Her fashion sense is always outstanding and has always gained her a lot of fame and reputation in Switzerland. Sofia Milos took an important role as Yelina Salas and through this, she won a lot of many people’s hearts. Milos appeared in many television series and local dramas. Some of them are Friends and ER. Sofia is successful and has an amazing personality admired by young ladies worldwide.

4. Irene Jacob


As we continue with this interesting countdown of beautiful women from Switzerland, let us focus on Irene Jacob. She is a beautiful adorable model and actress. It is because of her beautiful and good looking body that she is rated in fourth position of this wonderful article. Irene has appeared in many beauty magazines for both men and women as decorating agent in cover pages. Being a popular actress, most of her films are watched by millions of people in Switzerland and other neighboring countries. Irene Jacob has an amazing smile that leaves many people shocked.

3. Melanie Winiger


Melanie Winiger is rated in third position of this article. She is amongst beautiful women from Switzerland. This cute girl from Switzerland is always recognized because of her hard working nature. Melanie started acting immediately after completing studies. This was after doing a bachelor degree in Television. Winiger holds a record of winning miss world Switzerland in 1996. It did not just stop here; she represented her country in miss world competitions in 1996, in Miami, Florida. This is how many people came to learn about her beauty hence featured in this article.

2. Sandra Hess


Sandra Hess is another beautiful, gorgeous and amazing Swiss lady. This woman is popular because of making many appearances in popular films and local television shows. Mortal Combat is one of her important roles that Sandra acted as Sonya Blade. This single film contributed a lot to Sandra’s fame and success in acting career. She began acting at 15 years of age only.

1. Marem Hassler

Michelle Hunziker Top Most Famous Beautiful Swiss Women 2019

Marem Hassler is the most beautiful woman of Switzerland. Many people and organizations out there rate her in this position because of many beautiful physical features that have been observed. Marem has a long hair that is beautiful and well maintained. Her roles in several films are always outstanding among many others.

These are the most beautiful Swiss women 2017 rated in various positions in this article. They have been positioned differently because of their different looks and career personalities. Beauty of some of these women is always observed on how they present themselves on stage.

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