Top 10 Most Beautiful South American Models

There are many models that hail from United States of America. Most of these women have grown successful and are now featured in many lists and competitions worldwide. We are going to study about some of these beautiful models in this article. We will even venture slightly on their efforts to success. Ten of them are listed below with full information about how they look. You will find out that they are people you know. Let’s check the the list of top 10 most beautiful south American models in 2018.

10. Luli Fernandez

Luli Fernandez

Luli Fernandez hails from Argentina and she amongst beautiful models of United States of America. This amazing model of all time is rated in tenth position of this article because of various physical features and inner personality. Luli loves keeping her hair in style. It is always long and well maintained with high quality oils that are manufactured specifically for hair. to mention a few things about her, Fernandez is tall, light and slim.

9. Monserrat Bustamante

Monserrat Bustamante

It is quite hard to ignore this amazing and beautiful woman from United States. She hails from Chile and is widely known for her beautiful nature and personality in modelling. There is no introduction needed when it comes to Monserrat Bustamante. This woman is not only beautiful and good looking but also successful in all that she does. She has appeared in many beauty magazines where she decorates their cover pages. This is a true evidence that Monserrat is gorgeous.

8. Daniela Freitas

Daniela Freitas

Daniela Freitas hails from Brazil. This country is located in southern parts of United States of America and is widely known for producing talented footballers such as Christiano Ronaldo. In this article however, we are going to study about Daniela Freitas of Brazil. This woman is simply amazing and is rated in this position for various voted from her fans. Daniels has made many appearances in many fashion shows and she has always been successful. In other competitions, she remains to be amongst top models of United States of America. Daniela is blessed with long ad well maintained all time and this is such an honor. She is always respected for her courage and good performance whenever on stage.

7. Paula Garces

Paula Garces

Paula Garces is rated in seventh position of this article. She is from Columbia but grew up in Harlem. She only moved from this town when was relatively young. This beautiful woman from United States of America is not only a successful model but also a popular actress. Paula has appeared in many films and local television shows that are still watched by many people from United States of America. Some of these shows are specially soaps and they are Guiding Light and defying Gravity.

6. Rocio Guiras Diaz

Rocio Guiras Diaz

We all recognise this beautiful woman in sixth position of this important document. Rocio Guiras Diaz hails from Argentina and is amongst beautiful and good looking models from southern parts of USA. She is not only a model but a well performing Dancer of all time. Rocio has worked in many beauty and fashion brands or companies that are studied ad featured worldwide. This amazing woman has a beautiful and charming smile. She captures attention of many people whenever on stage. There is no doubt about this if you happen to be in some of her live performances.

5. Yeruti Garcia

Yeruti Garcia

On fifth position of our countdown is Yeruti Garcia. She is one of the most beautiful women from Paraguay in United States of America. This woman is beautiful, good looking and has grown quite successful in most of her careers. Garcia is not a fanatic of make ups at all. She just loves appearing natural on stage and this has not stopped her from being a member of certain lists like this one. Hair of this beauty star from western countries is log and always well maintained with quality ad natural oils. Her eyes are always unique.

4. Shakira


As we continue with this countdown, let us study about Shakira. She hails from Colombia and part of beautiful women and more models of United States of America. There are many quality features that are widely used to describe this beautiful model of all time. In most cases, shakira does not need any introduction at all. She has many fans from various parts of this world and has always touched hearts of many people with her music. Many of her fans are not even aware that their star is a recognised model and actress. We featured her in this article not because of her careers but due to her beautiful body and good looking features.

3. Danna Garcia

Danna Garcia

Just before we wind up this article, let us focus on Danna Garcia. She is another highly respected and adored beautiful model from southern part of USA. This star hails from Columbia just like some other celebrities ranked in various positions of this article. Danna begun acting in 2006 and has remained amongst top ones from various reasons from that time.

2. Gabriela Barros

Gabriela Barros

On second position of this article is Gabriela Barros. She is from Chile. Barros is appearing in this article because she is actually gorgeous and health. This beautiful star represented her country in Miss Chile worldwide in 2004 and was ranked second amongst many women that had participated in those competitions. These competitions were held in 2004, Australia.

1. Ildi Silva

Ildi Silva

Ildi Silva is the most beautiful of all models from southern parts of United States of America. She is rated in this position because of her outstanding features that have attracted many male fans worldwide. You cannot miss to identify this beautiful soul. In most cases, Silva is natural and loves long and well maintained hair.

These are the most beautiful models from Southern arts of United States of America. They are ranked in various positions of this article but have other features that have greatly contributed to their success in life. Some of them have more than one professional careers.

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