Ten Most Beautiful Slovenian Women

Slovenia is a beautiful country that is found in southern parts of Europe. It has many things to talk about. One of them is beautiful women from this amazing country. They are discussed in this article because of their good looking nature. Slovenian women hail from various careers and have become successful ad famous through them. Study the list below. It contains ten most beautiful women of Slovenia. They are ranked with adequate information for all article readers.

10. Sanja Grohar

Sanja Grohar

Sanja Grohar is in tenth position of this article and she is one of most beautiful women of Slovenia. She was born on 7th February, 1984 in a place popularly known as Kranj in Slovenia. Sanja is a recognized singer ad model of all time. Grahar’s music is loved by many people because of having strong vocals that are appealing to most people from various countries. This amazing lady of Slovenia has been featured in many beauty magazines because of her good looking nature and hard work.

9. Katarina Cas

Katarina Cas

Katrina Cas is not only beautiful but hard working woman from Slovenia. Cas was born on 23rd September, 1976 in Slovenj Gradec. She is a popular and successful actress. This great star made her first appearance in 1998. This happens in Commercial Cockta which simply means carbonated soft drink company. From that particular time, this girl was set aside to bring forward important and most useful television advertisements. She became famous ad successful through this humble background. Beauty companies spotted her. Most of her films and local television dramas are watched worldwide.

8. Maja Cotic

Maja Cotic

This is the true definition of beauty. To speak a little about her, Maja was born on 23rd January, 1989 in Slovenia. She is extremely young but very successful and famous worldwide. This amazing and beautiful woman has many career titles and abilities but the major ones are actress, model and comedian. It is hard to believe that such a beautiful woman is a successful comedian. In fact, this is what has kept this girl famous ad successful in Slovenia ad entire parts of this world at large. Maja is always determined, focused, skilled, hard working and passionate about her careers.

7. Iris Kavka

Iris Kavka Top Most Beautiful Slovenian Women 2017

Iris Kavka is another beautiful woman from Slovenia that cannot be omitted in this list of beautiful and hot women of Slovenia. She is rated in seventh position of this article. Her appearance on stage kills many people in terms of shock to see such an angel. For your information, Iris is a model that is recognized by many people because of being beautiful, charming, bold and confident especially on stage. Kavka was born in 1992 but has surprised many judges and people of Slovenia for her success.

6. Tadeja Ternar

Tadeja Ternar

On sixth position of this article is Tadeja Ternar. She is amongst beautiful women of Slovenia featured in this article. Tadeja was born on 1st January, 1987. Being a responsible model of Slovenia, she represented her country in Miss Slovenia Competitions that were held in a famous ad developed country called China in 2007. She emerged the winner and made her country proud. She was young back then but could not fear anything. Instead, Ternar encouraged herself and believed in Gold for success. Her personality especially in sector of entertainment is highly regarded as victory.

5. Ziva Vadnov

Ziva Vadnov

Ziva Vadnov is a recognized model of all time from Slovenia. She has appeared in many modeling campaigns and competitions in her country. Through these humble beginnings, Ziva has gained a lot of fame and success. She is featured here as one of most beautiful Slovenia woman. However, this is not the only thing to talk about her. Born on 6th November, 1982, this gorgeous lady represented her country in Miss Slovenia competitions that were held in 2004 and became winner. Since that time to date, Ziva is popular and successful altogether.

4. Tina Maze

Tina Maze

On fourth position of this article is Tina Maze. She is amongst beautiful woman of all time and cannot be ignored in this list. Tina was born on second may of 1983 and started acting when she was five years old. This was in 1988. Tina went back to school and did more than two important courses from University before dwelling in her career once more. Tina’s hair is long and well maintained. This is something that she cannot hide. You will definitely like her sexy eyes upon meeting her life or even through watching.

3. Sandra Marinovic

Sandra Marinovic

As we continue with this important article or countdown, let us first focus on Sandra Marinovic. She is recognized worldwide because of her beautiful nature. Sandra is a well known model of Slovenia. She has indeed grown successful through her modeling career. Various beauty magazines have used her photo to cover their cover page. Some of these magazines are from different continents such as Europe, United States of America and Asia. Sandra represented Slovenia in Miss Slovenia Competitions that were held in 2010 and emerged winner among many others. This is a big name in entire Slovenia.

2. Iva Krajnc

Iva Krajnc

Iva Krajc is a famous television anchor, performer, actress and song writer of all time. This beautiful woman of Slovenia was born on 10th November, 1978 in Ljubljana, in Slovenia. Iva became very famous ad successful in taking part in many competitions and article. This is how many people came to know about her.

1. Tanja Ribic

Tanja Ribic Top Famous Beautiful Slovenian Women 2018

This is the most beautiful of all Slovenian woman featured in this list. She is rated in first position of this article. Tanja was born on 28th June, 1968. Tanja is not only beautiful but she is also learned, successful and famous worldwide. We all recognize her hard work in acting and singing.

These are the most beautiful of all women from Slovenia. They hail from different parts of this beautiful country of Europe. Most of them are not only beautiful but also learned, successful, famous and hard working. We credit them for their passion ad good work.

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