Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Women in Pop Music

Most popular and sexy pop singers are very successful what they do. Today we are going to look on some of these outstanding artists with unique physical features. Here is a list consisting of sexy pop music stars.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Women in Pop Music in 2017

10. Demi Lovato

demi lovato, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Women in Pop Music 2019

Her full names are Demetria Devonne but popularly known as Demi. She is an American Singer, actress and songwriter who has successfully released pop music loved by many people. Some of her tracks include store cold (2015), heart attack (2013), let us go (2013) and many more others. So far, more than 25 songs from her are hitting among fans. Demi can be called a star in pop music after becoming a leading singer in pop culture history. Her first debut album called does not forget increased much fame in her. Lovato has a great facial structure and body shape.

9. Shakira

shakira, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Women in Pop Music 2017

At least people from different parts of this world can confidently describe about Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. This woman is best known for her great vocals and creativity at large. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia on 2nd February, 1977, Shakira is a great dancer, songwriter, record producer and singer has worked hard to achieve high reputation from fans. Shakira started dancing and singing when still schools. Isabel was motivated by most of her classmates and that contributed to much of what she has today (achievement). Seeing this great star perform live on stage will explain things better to you about Ripoll.

8. Cheryl Cole


Cole used to be a member of top selling British girl term. However, her career did not begin there. You can confidently call her a singer, television personality and dancer. So far, this great and successful woman has appeared various magazines as cover girl. Some of these magazines include Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and British Vogue. Her success and fame came after being auditioned in reality television shows for female pop stars. Some of her attractive physical features include amazing eyes, beautiful model body, well structured lips and we cannot forget to mention Cheryl’s well maintained hair.

7. Kylie Minogue


Kylie Ann Minogue is another amazing and popular pop star contributing to this list as a sexy pop singer. Manage hails from Australia and studied in United Kingdom. This great woman cannot be forgotten in this generation for no limits in beauty. What surprises me most is her age of almost 44 years but still looking super hot. Kylie can walk with a 20-year-old girl and still match. For many years that Kylie has lived in London, many people from this area love her so much.

6. Carrie Underwood


This article could have been a bit boring without featuring this beautiful and talented American singer called Carrie Underwood. Many young girls from America have struggled so much to be like her. This is due to great looks and personality. Carrie is now holding many successful titles in books of records. Apart from all that, many nomination and winning awards have granted to Underwood for having performed well in most of her tracks. You may not have got a chance to meet face to face but what I know is that you did see Carrie on television shows. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Women in Pop Music 2017.

5. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on 24th July, 1969, in the Bronx, New York, United States of America. She is an American pop singer, author, Fashion designer, dancer, and music producer who has made her way here as a sexy pop singer. Lopez was first a great dancer before deciding to pursue a career in music in 1993. After several performances, Golden Globe awarded her a nomination award for best dancer at that particular time. Jennifer holds a record of becoming first Latin Girl to earn more than US$ 1 million. You will see her attractive model body when dancing.

4. Madonna


Queen Madonna cannot be forgotten in such a list of sexiest pop singer for her fantastic looks like unique and well styled hair, small but nice lips, sexy eyes that will capture your attention whenever watching her live or o television shows and fantastic model body. Madonna’s acting and singing career begun when she was relatively young due to much passion in her. So many nominations and winning awards have been granted to Madonna hence becoming so famous successful in career level. Records reveal that this great star won a world record for best selling female recording artist in Guinness competitions.

3. Britney spears


Britney Spears is indeed an amazing and gorgeous woman in world history of pop music. Her beauty is normally observed when doing live performances. Born on 2nd December, 1982, this great woman and successful pop star is a singer, actress and great dancer from America. Raised in Kentwood, spears has successful made in many video song and television shows as well. Baby one more time (1999) is her first debut album that gave her a lot of fame and success. It was also a through way for many other tracks and albums.

2. Beyonce


Popular Beyonce is another hitting star in my article. At least fans from all over the world can proudly describe her amazing Body shape. Beyonce’s dressing is unique and cannot be compared with any other person in music Industry. Millions of people are now her fans and most of them are men. Jay Z must be a lucky and proud man for having such a sexy wife.

1. Katy Perry


Did you happen to known Katy Perry before featured in this list? This woman is just amazing. Her fine looks have landed her in this list as first position owner. Most of Katy’s fans admire her facial structure features, curvy body shape and mode of dressing. Born on 25th October, America, Catherine started singing gospel music when still a teenager. Some of her best compositions include Roar (2013), Dark house (2013) and Firework (2010).

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Women in Pop Music 2017. I created this article specifically for pop fans and any other interested person who want to know more about the sexy women mentioned above. Studying carefully will give you a clear understanding of what you had desired to know.

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