Ten Most Beautiful & Sexiest Women Of Greece

For a very long time people have viewed Greece to be the land of the most beautiful ladies in the world. This is because of the goddess Aphrodite who is known to be responsible for the great beauty in that country. It is a place filled with ladies who make men go crazy just by having a look at them. As for that reason am going to list the ten most beautiful ladies in Greece.

10. Zeta Makrypoulia

Zeta Makrypoulia

You may think that she is just beautiful but behind her beauty, lies a hardworking lady who is very passionate and very determined in all that she does. The thing that has made her become very famous is the fact that she is a TV presenter and a model. She is also a designer in fashion and the clothes she has come up with are one of a kind. That is why she is said to be one of the best designers in Greece. She was born in 1978 in Athens which is a very popular town in Greece.

9. Irini Karra

Irini Karra

Another lady that is beautiful beyond reasonable doubt. She was born back in 1986 in a pace called Karditsa. She is a model and by the look of how she does things, this lady is surely passionate in what she does. That is the reason why she became very famous. She has represented her country in various modelling contests. Some of these contests include Miss World Pageant back in 2006. She attended the contest after winning the Miss Star Hellas Pageant.

8. Doukissa Nomikou

Doukissa Nomikou

This is a lady that is worth noting. She is a model that beyond reasonable doubt, is good at what she does. It is through her determination and passion in what she did that people took note of her beauty. Men cannot resist to look at her because of her natural beauty and her great shape that leaves everyone very impressed by her. She was also born in 1986.

In Athens. She has also tried other fields like being an actress and a TV presenter and has also emerged to be very good at that.

7. Katia Zygouli

Katia Zygouli

With such a face you will not help but notice that the great beauty that lies within this personality. She is also a very popular singer and a model. These two fields have made her become very famous and rich. That is how her beauty was noted. For all those that think that she is single then you are very wrong. She is married to a pop singer and she has three children.

6. Eleni Menegaki

Eleni Menegaki

Trust me when I tell you that age is just a number. She is 45 years old and at the same time a mother. Despite those two facts she has kept herself well and that is why at her age she is very hot and sex. Besides her beauty, she is an actress who has acted very interesting movies which will take your breath away. She is also a model and a host for talk show. In 2010 she was ranked second when it came to the most powerful celebrities in Greece.

5. Dimitra Matsouka

Dimitra Matsouka

They say that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. This lady has gone against tis saying. To all men she stands out to be very beautiful. That is the reason why she is among the ten most beautiful women in Greece. Dimitra was born back in 1974 in Athens and since then she has proven to be a symbol of sex. This is brought about by her sex body and beautiful face.

4. Marietta Chrousala

Marietta Chrousala

A very talented beauty that has gone against all odds so that she can achieve her success. She is a model a musician and an actress. She has also attended university and has come out with a master’s degree in psychology and a degree in mass communication from the University of Athens. She has left marks in various fields like sports, the field of modelling and many others. You could have seen her in fashion magazines and many other places.

3. Katerina Papoutsaki

Katerina Papoutsaki

This another model who had a humble beginning until the point she grew to be very famous. Her desire to become very famous came to a reality when she was declared Miss Greece back in 2009. She is another sex symbol that every man dreams of having and that is why she is called a sex bomb. To win very many fans she has taken photos which are nude and that is the thing that has made her ranked to be one of the most beautiful ladies in Greece.

2. Diana Igropoulou

Diana Igropoulou Top Most Beautiful Women of Greece 2017

When it comes to all the aspects that a beautiful girl is supposed to have, Diana seems to have them all. She is a model that has a face that will just make you want her just by taking a look at her. By being very hard working, she has become very famous. You must have seen her in cover pages of very many magazines. She has also taken part in various voluntary programmes that have proven that she also have a very big heart. Trust me this is a lady that is worth noting and in everything she does, she stands out to be perfect.

1. Klelia Andriolatou

Klelia Andriolatou Top Popular Beautiful Women of Greece 2018

The one who tops the list of the most beautiful ladies is none other than this model. She has very many fans especially the male fans because of her beauty. She is also very hardworking. This has made very many beautiful girls who want to be like her take her for a role model this is a great privilege to her because not many models have a personality like hers.

These personalities have proven that they are not only beautiful but also they are very hard working and determined. Most of them have figured out what they are good at and have exploited that ability or talent. From them we can draw some very important lessons and that we should apply in our life.

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