Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Ukrainian Women

The Ukraine is well known for its beautiful and sexy women who among a population of over six million people naturally glow with Slavic beauty. Whereas women from the Far East have dewy white skin, the Ukrainian women have a flair one with grey, green or blue eyes.

These Ukrainian women have voluptuous figures and they take time in looking after themselves in order to look admirable always. They wear their make up properly and they dress in utmost style that makes them look super sexy.
The list below depicts the top ten sexiest Ukrainian women in 2017. All of the women are unique in their own feminine way and they have been placed in the list in no particular order.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Ukrainian Women in 2017

10. Vlada Roslyakova

vlada roslyakova, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Ukrainian Women 2017

Vlada Roslyakova became a model at a very young age. She chose to follow her passion. She has participated in advertising campaigns such as Calvin Klein, Hermes and Gucci. She has appeared on the covers of prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Marie Claire.

9. Daria Strokous


Daria Strokous was born in 1990. At 17, she joined a famous modeling agency and she has appeared on a number of magazines like Fashion Week Milan and British Vogue. Her height is 5’11” with blue eyes. Daria is among the most accomplished models in Russia.

8. Polina Kouklina


Polina Kouklina is a 30-year-old blonde with green eyes and 5’8”. She appeared on the covers of Claire and Vogue and she continues working with various agencies. She also does magazine editorials and advertisements. She is 82cm bust, 62cm waist and 87cm hips.

7. Gia Skova


Gia Skova came to the limelight at the age of fifteen years when she won The Beauty of the Volga Contest. She is 5’8” tall with blonde hair and light brown eyes. She lives in the United States and does both acting and modeling.

6. Maria Novoselova


Maria is 31, an attractive blonde-haired woman who has a row of perfect teeth and blue eyes. She is an international fashion model who has worked with Hugo Boss, Benetton and Victoria’s Secret. She loves reading and writing poems. She is married to Dimitrio Rassam and together they have a child. She is the face of Lacoste Sportswear. She is still working with model agencies in London, New York and Paris.

5. Anna Selezneva


When Anna selezneva joined the modeling industry, she immediately became a centre spot for some of the most influential photographers in the world. When she arrived in Paris, she began modeling for magazines from various countries. She also took centre stage in runways donning Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren and Versace. Her eyes are blue green and her hair is blonde. She is the face of Vogue Germany, Harper’s Bazaar Korea and Vogue Thailand. Anna measures 32” bust, 23” waist and 23” hips. She is 5’9.5” tall. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Ukrainian Women 2017.

4. Ruslana Sokolovskaya


Ruslana Sokolovskaya is a singer/song writer who was born in the Ukraine. She speaks French. Besides being an instrumentalist, Ruslana produces her own material musically. She is also a dancer with an .athletic body. She rides horses as a hobby. Ruslana is a renowned best Ukrainian solo pop star with international recognition. She even won the People’s Artist award. According to the Forbes magazine, she was among the top 10 most influential women for 2013. Ruslana is a former member of the Ukrainian government.

3. Dasha Astafieva


Dasha Astafieva is a model and confident band member of Nikita. In the year 2007, she became the playmate of the year. Consequently, in January 2009, she became the playmate of the month in the Ukrainian Playboy Magazine. Dasha was born in the Ukraine in the year 1984. Her horoscope sign is Leo. She is a 34D-23-36 and she weighs 55kgs. She has brunette and sultry liquid eyes. Her height is 5’7” and she happens to be single for those of you who are wondering about her relationship status. Her hobbies include watching movies, reading good books and any other simple things that life has to offer. Her modeling career began back in 2003. She was recently selected as the 55th anniversary playmate. She still sings in her band and she does not intend to leave her homeland. In addition, if she will at least not anytime soon.

2. Ani Lorak


Ani Lorak has been ranked as beautiful and she actually shares the title with some of the most beautiful women in Europe. She is an actress, a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur. She is also the former United Nations Goodwill ambassador. Ani won an honorary title, the People’s Artist of Ukraine award. She also came second runners up in the Eurovision Song competition, which was held in 2008 in Serbia. This became her most outstanding achievement. Ani sang the song ‘Shady Lady’ that was loved by many people so to speak. She got married to a Turkish man by the name Murat and together they have a daughter called Sofia, born in June 2011.

1. Anna Bessonova


Anna Bessonova is celebrated as one of the most rhythmic gymnasts. She has won both the silver and the bronze in the Olympics. Anna was born into a sporting family and therefore she had her family’s full support in her sporting career. She came into the limelight when she became the youngest competitor in the 2001 World Championships in Japan. Since she was a child, she has always had a passion for sports and she is an agile gymnast. She won first place in the 2009 Kiev World Cup in Kiev, an achievement that to date she is very fond of. Anna retired officially in 2010 after the Deriugina Cup in Kiev. She now participates in gala and international shows as she takes masters classes worldwide. She trains young Ukrainian gymnasts when she is not performing. Anna has been acclaimed as one the most graceful women in Ukraine.

Ukrainian women have become on demand in the world as lovers and even wives and they remain an icon in most dating agencies. The above list covers the top 10 sexiest Ukrainian women 2017 comprehensively.

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