Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Asian Female DJs

To be a professional DJ you need to acquire essential guide to mixing and scratching from devoted tutorials. To attain a comprehensive beat matching and harmonic mixing gives music taste and special atmosphere in the dance floor. A modern club DJ is expected to possess certain technical skills to properly present their performance excellently. The trick is that there will be no hard border between the arts, smoothly each track transits into the next one without gaps or changes in tempo, thus the dancers will not stop. Below is the list ten sexiest and hottest Asian females DJs 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Asian Female DJs in 2017

10. DJ Reiko – Singapore

DJ Reiko - Singapore, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Asian Female DJs 2017

Everyone loves a great party and gets better with a talented and beautiful DJ spinning to make the music extra special. DJ Reiko is a professional DJ and arguably Singapore’s hottest DJ, who knows how to hype the crowd through her music. This 21 years DJ have a strong passion in any form of arts and schooling in Lasalle College taking fashion design. She developed the interest of Deejaying when she started clubbing for she loves listening to music.

9. DJ Licca – Japan

DJ Licca – Japan, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Asian Female DJs 2019

Through Deejaying, she has travelled to many Asian countries such as Taiwan and Shanghai performing in many clubs and big artists like Nicki Minaj and Big Bang. She is the hottest and sexiest DJ in Kansai Japan and her main selection of music style is Hip Hop and heavy bass trucks. She discovered her dance and love for music in her school days, and started spinning in talent shows. She has experienced with many DJs both domestic and foreign famous artists.

8. DJ Soda – South Korea


Soda So Hee Hwang is her real name born in the year 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. DJ Soda a young and cute girl that has struck the world with her beauty and amazing skills in mixing recorded music. She has taken control on You Tube with her videos, her song and her hot dance with Thang song using her skills and sexy body.

7. DJ Juicy


She is known as Asian Barbie Doll her followers streaming tracks and playlists on their desktops or mobile devices. She is an international DJ and a producer and specializes in HIP HOP and RNB. Juicy has toured most Asia countries like Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Asian Female DJs 2017.

6. DJ Alexis Grace – Malaysia


Asia’s has fast rising female DJ, with Alexis most wanted female DJ ranking the sexiest female in the entertainment industry also number six sexiest female DJ in Asia Top 50 DJs in Malaysia. She started her career in 2013 full of hopes and described as a feminine pretty DJ.

5. DJ Anyoo


DJ Anyoo works with contracts under Active Production of Katsuyaku Girl in Hong Kong. She is the most glamorous female model who performs in big clubs and for many Asian artists. She took up the DJ Console with flawless CDJ skills and turntable techniques.

4. DJ Nicole Chen


DJ Nicole is the most beautiful, sexiest and full of Deejaying skills offering an energetic dancing floor turning the dancers on fire. She is the most successful female DJ in Singapore. Many have praised her on her classically trained in playing piano and modeling at the age of four years achievements. Like a goddess on the deck, she has traveled around the world, visiting countries like; New York, Amsterdam, Australia and all of Asia. Playing and spinning in big clubs, high profile events and pageants. She is also a music producer and she is currently collaborating with different musicians to increase her skills.

3. DJ King Lady – Vietnam


In Vietnam there are only two known female DJs, King Lady crowned the sexiest and hottest Asian DJ. She performs in many big events like Yan Beat fest, dance battles- most popular to Vietnamese, football games and water gun shooting events. Born in 1993 she has tried to achieve a lot and ranked among the world’s top 100 by a deejay-database website. She was quoted saying she is very happy because her fans have recognized her efforts over the past years. King Lady is good in entertaining electronic music lovers around the globe.

2. DJ Roxy June – Thailand


She made the second place of the Asian hottest and beautiful DJ, and the most wanted more so active female DJ in Asian nightlife scene. June has travelled performing in many Asian countries like Denmark, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Malaysia. She is known as the Princess of House Music due to her talent skills in Deejaying. Roxy June spins innovative electronic music, techno, progressive to house music effortlessly. She won the Pioneer Lady DJ championship in 2010 and she was the ambassador of Aerial seven. Her fans can now stream her new mix tapes by downloading them from her website.

1. DJ RayRay – Taiwan


During an interview, she said if you are good, gender doesn’t matter, this was an inspirational message to every young lady aspiring to be a professional DJ. RayRay is the most demanded and one of the Taiwan’s Red Bull Thre3style Champion, crowned in 2013. Due to her highly skills in Deejaying she became the resident DJ for the hottest Luxy nightclub in Taipei. RayRay is a very strong lady; she started Deejaying at the age of 15 at hip hop parties. She broke down borders and genres of their cultural and expectations of her family. She delivers unapologetic bass music that she keeps weird under her alien inspired alter ego Wi-Fi Grapes.

Deejaying was male dominated occupation, but with gender equality many women have gone after their passion like becoming DJ. The above list not only focus on the way they play music, but its more on their look, to maxim models. They are not just only pretty, sexy but was also gifted with pure Deejaying skills. The above compiled list consists of ten most beautiful sexiest Asian Female DJs 2017.

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