Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Idols

Much before PSY made the world sit up and take note of Korean songs, when his song ‘Gangnam Style’ literally galloped into our hearts; k-pop was already a phenomenon and loved by all who chanced upon it. A lot of youngsters have multiple k-pop songs in their playlists and are proud of it. K-pop is now a part of many Manga comics. Korean idol, or K-pop idol or Korean Pop Idol is used to define a South Korea music artist or a musical group signed under a mainstream agency.

These agencies cast potential artists and train them through auditions and street casting. Through extensive marketing research the media companies detect the market value of these stars and only then are they released and promoted. Hundreds of aspiring singers attend global auditions worldwide to become a trainee. Like in all other groupings where there is always a controversy on who is the ‘fairest of them all’, Korean idols are no anomaly.

List of the top 10 most beautiful Korean idols in 2018

10. Park Jimin

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

The singer born Park ji-Min, in Daejyon, is also known as Jimin Park, Jamie Park, Baby J and Queen J. she presents under the label JYP Entertainment. She forms one half of k-pop girl duo 15& and is also a rapper and a television host. She is also the winner of SBS’s K-pop Star season. She also debuted solo with the track ‘Hopeless Love’. She was also the first winner of the South Korean reality show ‘K-pop star’.

9. Soyou

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

Soyou was born as Kang Ji-hyun before she chose her stage name. She is a vocalist of girl band Sistar. She debuted in the band with the single ‘Push Push’. She also has a successful solo career. She sang the official soundtrack for the drama ‘Playful Kiss’. She also collaborated with hip-hop duo Geeks and sang the song ‘Officially Missing you, too’. She was last seen in the music video ‘Lean On Me’.

8. Im Yoona

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

Im Yoona, born May 30, 1990, is a singer, actress and dancer all at once; she is a member of the k-poop girl’s gang aptly called Girl’s Generation where she is the ‘centre’ of the group. Her first single was ‘Haptic Motion’ followed by ‘Innis free day ‘followed by many others. She has also acted in TV dramas like ‘You Are my Destiny’, ‘Cinderella Man’ and ‘Prime Minister and I’. She is presented by SM Entertainment.

7. Im Nana

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

Im Nana was born as Im Jin-ah is better known as Nana, her stage name. She is a part of girl group After School, and its subgroup Orange Caramel. She is also an actress and a model. She has appeared in television series ‘High Kick’ and ‘Love Weaves through a Millennium’. She was last seen in ‘The Good Wife’. She has also released solo albums like ‘Close Your Eyes’ and ‘Eyeline’.

6. Son Dam Bi

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

The singer first came into the spotlight due to a modelling assignment for an mp3 player. Her video documentary of training and rehearsals attracted 480,000 visitors in first five days. Her singles debut was ‘Cry Eye ‘which achieved satisfactory success. She is also a part of a reality show ‘We Got Married’.

5. Lee Hi

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

Lee Ha-Yi is a South Korean singer who shot to fame with her debut single ‘’ which had 667,549 downloads in its first week. She is also the runner up of ‘K-pop Star season 1’. She was nominated for the World’s Best Song award and World’s Best Video award for…. She also won the Best Rookie Award, at Seoul Music Awards and ‘Golden Disk Awards’. She also won the ‘K-pop star’ award alongside Park Ji-min.

4. BoA – The Queen of K-pop

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

She- born Kwon Bo Ah- is aptly called the queen of k-pop because she was the first woman in Korea who actively promoted and supported K-pop. She is represented by SM Entertainment. The 29year Old’s extremely impressive discography consists of 17 studio albums, 6 compilation albums, 5 extended plays and numerous singles over time. She has success both in Japan and Korea. Her first two Japanese albums ‘Listen to My Heart’ and ‘Valenti’ shipped a record 1 million copies. Her last non album single was ‘No matter What’. She speaks English and Japanese and has also recorded songs in Mandarin Chinese.

3. CL

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

CL was voted the hottest k-pop Female Idol of 2018. Born Lee Chae-rin or Chaelin Lee, she is known as the ‘baddest girl’ because of her bold attitude, sexy moves and independent dress sense. She is a singer-songwriter, rapper and fashion icon in all of South Korea. She is managed by YG Entertainment who released her first single ‘Hello Bitches’. Her independent and badass attitude gained her a big fan following in a few years.

2. UEE

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

The After School singer was originally born as Kim Yu-Jin. Even keeping aside her successful music career, UEE is an acclaimed actress. She has acted in Korean dramas like ‘Queen Seondeok’, ‘Ojakgyo Family’, ‘Jeon Woo-chi’, ‘Golden Rainbow’, ‘High Society’ and ‘Marriage Contract’. She was also a sportsman before she chooses the entertainment industry for spotlight.

1. Hyuna

Most Beautiful Korean Idols

Kim Hyuna, better known by her stage mononym Hyuna is a Singer, Songwriter, rapper, dancer and a most beautiful Korean idols model. She is a part of Korean girl gang 4minute and specializes in K-pop, dance-pop, hip hop. She also became notable in her solo career with her debut ‘Change’. She is also renowned for her appearance in PSY’s Gangnam Style video. She is also signed in a model for brands like Toyota Corolla, G by Guess and many more.

K-pop idols have global notoriety because of their multi-faceted talents and juggling of career. These most beautiful Korean idols women make the crowds not only by their music, but also by their style, acting and charisma. K-pop is now not just a part of Korea, it has now spread to the Japanese coast.


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  1. Yoona must be no.1.Everyone know that.she always voted no.1 by many people.She is so pretty.her beauty is more than about taeyeon & jessica.I don’t like your rank…

  2. Uhm how did you pick the list? Some of them aren’t famous for their looks at all. There are many more beautiful kpop stars like Tzuyu, IU, Doyeon, Chaeyeon, Seolhyun, Suzy, etc. And yes, seems you used the wrong photo for Lee Hi.

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