Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

Japan has been blessed with many talented celebrities. It is not just that they are only talented, but they are equally beautiful. Japan is full of celebrities. It will be tough for you to rate all the celebrities among the top ten. Since all of them are so talented and beautiful, and they have equally impressed us with their work in the movies. They are not only worth appraisable for their acting skill but also for the charity they do.

It is very rare to watch that people who are at the top most level of success are so down towards. Between their busy schedule, they take out time for charity and help the needy whenever needed. So as there are many celebrities is present so pretty challenging work to make the top 10 most beautiful Japanese celebrity.

List of top 10 most beautiful Japanese celebrities in 2018

10. Maria Ozawa:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

Maria is no doubt one of the most talented actresses of this era and she is gorgeous. Though she is an adult movie star her acting skill is great, and she is one of the most appreciated actresses in Japan right now. She is the AV idol in Japan, and they call her Miyabi for his beautiful body and her acting skills. In 2008 she started her film career as a leading role in the film “Invitation only”.

9. Miyako Miyazaki:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

She is one of the most beautiful Japanese celebrities of all time without any doubt, and she has a brilliant body as well. She had many awards in her name in her whole career. This sexy supermodel, the actress started her modeling career at the age of 17, and then she became the Pageant of Kumamoto in Japan. She also had the achievement of winning the Miss Universe Japan title. Nowadays she is acting in many movies, and she is also selected as a cover girl for many renowned magazines.

8. Rie Miyazawa:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

She is maybe the most confident and one of the most beautiful Japanese celebrities Japan has ever seen. Though she is above 40 years old, you can never guess her age, and you will think a 25 or 30 years old model. She was selected as the bikini model of 2014 when she was around 38 years old, and that is unbelievable. She appeared in several movies and acted brilliantly in those films, and she established a permanent place in the industry.

7. Reon Kadena:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

Reon Kadena, who is also known as Minamo Kusano, is a brilliant model come actress, and she established her place in the industry with great skill. She debuted in the industry as an anchor in Kuso. She also acted in many adult pictures in her whole life, and she is very famous for the erotic movies of her. In the movie “My Reflectin” she was brilliant and did some impressive acting in the film.

6. Keiko Kitagawa:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

She is an excellent model, actress and also she sings also well. She got the fame when in 2003 she joined in the Seventeen magazine as a model, and then she worked there for three years, and then she left the magazine, and she ended her modeling career as well. She then concentrated on her acting career and singing as well. She has many beautiful movies like “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift” and much more.

5. Mao Inoue:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

Mao Inoue is also a multitalented woman who has different specialties in different fields and she got massive success in every one of them. Mao started her career as a singer in U-15 idol in the year of 1999, and she made a good impression there and then she started her modeling and acting career. She got an enormous fame in the Japanese television show and then she made a secure place as a celebrity. In 2006 Mao debuted in the film industry with the movie Check It Out, Yo!

4. Nozomi Sasaki:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

Nozomi started her career as a model from Akita, and she got the fame in the fashion industry very fast because she has a beautiful body and she is very much adorable and also she has beautiful hairs. She is very much conscious about her fashion, and this is why she got the fame in the industry. She is also a spokesperson for the Kickboxing and Dream fighting championships. Since 2009 she is the spokesperson for the K-1 World Max.

3. Kurara Chibana:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

Kurara Chibana is the ultimate talent and proved herself many times to be a multitalented woman by getting success in modeling as well as in acting. She is a real beauty and has a beautiful body and also a cute face. She competed in the Miss Universe 2006 and got the position of 1st runner up and proved to the world that she has the ultimate beauty. She joined the fashion industry at an early age and got the fame early, and now also she maintained that popularity.

2. Yukie Nakama:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

This woman is a multitalented and got the success in modeling, acting and in the singing also. She started her career as a singer in the gravure idol, and she has a beautiful voice. She is so sexy and also has nice hairs that she has a huge fan base, and she has some brilliant acting skills. She did many dramas in her life, and now also she is very much concerned about drama. She acted in some serious roles in the movies.

1. Masami Nagasawa:

Most Beautiful Japanese Celebrities

She is right now the most beautiful Japanese celebrity alive because she has a cute face and if you see her one time then you cannot forget her easily, and she also has a beautiful body which made her more appealing. She is a great actor as well because she did some impressive acting in many movies and she started her career with the movie “Crossfire” and then she did the movies like “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS”, “Godzilla: Final Wars.”

It is hard to choose the most beautiful Japanese celebrities top 10 because there are many beautiful celebrities are present.

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