Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Urban Models

The hottest urban models are quite popular and have successful careers in promoting, displaying, and advertising commercial products. They also serve as visual aide for those creating works of art, such as urban music videos and magazines. To be featured on magazines takes time and a lot of courage and hard work, and that every model aims at. Also, the number of urban models is rising every year therefore the competition has become stiff. The list below shows the top 10 hottest urban models of 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Urban Models in 2017

10. Cubana Lust

cubana lust, Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Urban Models 2017

She is a hard worker, dedicated and a “go-getter”. Although her parents are Cuban, she was raised in Little Havana. Cubana is a well cultured, humble, and a well rounded urban icon. She takes nothing for granted and has now been working towards becoming an urban model. These has yielded positive results that has led her to be noticed by key industry insiders.

She can now be seen in popular car magazines as well as music videos. She has a great passion for modelling that is ever present the minute the cameras start rolling. If you are to have a one on one with this Cuban queen and ask on her greatest inspiration, she’d say “Family”. Cubana Lust also dominates well in three areas and these are: Dancing, Modelling, and spokes modelling. Make sure you stay tuned for the latest updates from this talented young woman. She is destined for greatness with Urban Modelling the thing that elevates her game in business.

9. Sarah Clayton


Sarah Clayton is a glamour model from Northeastern Pennsylvania. She has been modeling for almost three years now. She loves playing with her adorable bulldog, Iggy. Sarah also enjoys watching football and working out, watching movies and watching 76ers in the winter pizza wings. Thousands of followers on her Instagram account may know why Clayton has been featured on playboy magazine. This is not once but thrice as being playboy Cybergirl. Sarah Clayton loves bikinis and lingerie and these are her best fitness. She has been featured in FHM and Maxim magazines and also done print and ad work for different companies.

8. Sarah Louise


Sarah Louise is a fantastic model from Staffordshire Moorlands. She is an international model, featured in playboy and other magazines. Before she worked as a professional dancer but currently she is aspiring to be a show jumper. She is easy to get along with since she is open to advice and ideas. Sarah Louise is a lover of life and is a personal trainer and equestrian. Sarah loves location shoots but also studio photos. She has a photo diary on her Instagram account that she dedicates to her gorgeous body.

7. Nasia Jansen


Even though Nasia now calls LA home, she was born and raised in Germany. Nasia Jansen is multitalented since she is a model, actress and martial art expert. She has specialized in Taekwondo with a black belt and also a master in double nunchucks. Apart from Nasia Jansen being in TV shows, bikini competitions and commercials, she is also a realtor.

6. Ashley Vee


She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Urban Models 2017. Ashley Vee loves Korean barbeque and Japanese food. She is from Philippines and having lived there for long made her understand and appreciate her culture. She was initially a dancer but is now a model and a proud foodie. Ashley Vee has a doll face and has earned promotional credits and appearances. In DSPORT magazine and calendar, she has a distinction. With the rising number of followers on Instagram, the only way to go is up.

5. Lily Rose


She started her modelling journey at 17 years old. A daughter to the famous Johnny Depp. Currently, Lily has gained a lot of experience modelling for both editorial spreads in Chanel’s eyewear and the face of Chanel fragrance. Lily loves taking photos from every angle. She is both a model and hair artist. This has certainly caught the eye of the entertainment industry. Her fans on Instagram eagerly wait for posts that for sure thrills them. Lily has demonstrated that black tie and cropped jeans are not mutually exclusive in a gold two-piece outfit.

4. Rose TheSexSymbol


She is a young model who has been making waves in the country. With the beautiful face and toned body that she has its hard to miss out on her. Rose is always busy, working both within the country and internationally as an urban model. She is hard working and her efforts really pay off and not far from now, she will reach the realms of elite glamour.

3. Rosemarie Jay


She is rated at a perfect 10 with her curvy body. She is not only a model but an actress and dancer. In all these fields she is talented and creative. She keeps her followers posted with all the travel photos taken.

2. Ashley MaryJane


Ashley was born and raised in Washington, DC. She loves her work. Ashley is in love with the sexy feeling she gets when wearing and posing in lingerie. Currently, she is working on developing her brand and also willing to help other women.

1. Jay Fresh


Jay is a model from Houston, Texas. She can do it all by herself, since she is a student, an actor, designs graphics and clothes. She loves her body and taking pictures. This is a great combination given that she has a lovely curvy body. Her pictures are taken by talented photographers in Houston. During her leisure time, she loves staying home watching movies. Jay Fresh is currently doing masters in engineering and is also the owner of Freak Sheaux. This is an upscale fashion brand. She is a stay home type, guess this is what gives her all that time to post those eye-catching photos.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Urban Models 2017. If modelling is your passion and you are looking to join a modelling agency, make sure you know the terms and conditions of your contract. Always work hard and be committed to your work and you will make it. Challenges will always be there but put on a brave face and the storm will eventually calm.

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