Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

If you have not read, leave alone seeing a Playboy magazine and you were age appropriate in the 90’s, start looking for digital copies, at least. They will not be as fun as the actual thing, but you will be close enough. Just one magazine will be sufficient. If you are lucky enough to get a copy with either of the playmates’ pictures or cover photos mentioned below, you will be staring at one or a few of the top 10 sexiest and hottest playmates on the planet.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Playboys in the world in 2018

10. Nikki Leigh

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

Born September 13, 1988, model and actress Nikki Leigh was playboy playmate of the month, May 2012. She has had short cameos on TV and movies alike. She appeared in Two and a Half Men, Tosh 0 and Badass. She appeared in the horror film ‘’The Sand’’ and ‘’La Magra’’, a dramatic film. She has also done a bit of comedy, including appearances in ‘’the wedding ringer’’ and ‘’The Bet’’. She is a geek too! She is a California State University of Fullerton Cum Laude and also graduated in the Golden Key Honor Society.

9. Danielle Jenee “Dani” Mathers

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

29 year old American model and actor Danielle Mathers made her breakthrough playing ‘’Danica’’ on the American soap opera ‘’The Bold and The Beautiful. She once appeared as a cover girl on Playboy Girls of Summer and also as an actor on playboy’s own TV show Badass. She also appeared in a mini film ‘’Thrilling Contradictions’’ in 2014. In 2016, she was fired from her radio gig after posting a nude photo of a 70 year old woman in the showers at a fitness center in Los Angeles. She might have her twisted weird side, but she is one hot playmate.

8. Eugena Washington

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

Born October 8 1984, Eugena Washington is a super model, confirmed by her runner-up finish on America’s Next Top Model Season 7. She is also a video vixen, having appeared on B.O.B’s music video ‘Nothing on you’’. Her professional modeling career launched after she signed for agency Elite Modeling Agency. She is 2016 Playboy playmate of the year. Her modeling career has seen her work for South Pole, Los Angeles Times, Teen Prom, SAW Jewelry, Custo Barcelona and a whole lot of high profile events and companies. She is an accomplished runway model and to top it all off, she is a high profile playmate.

7. Lindsey Eve Vuolo

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

She might not be the youngest playmate around, but one thing is for sure, she is one hot playmate. Born in 1981 on October 4th, Lindsey Vuolo is best known in playboy world for having appeared in several special editions of Playboy Magazine, and has been photographed by high profile celebrity photographer Artie Lange. Her nudes are in the ’’Celebrity Photographer’’ section of the magazine’s official website.

6. Carmella DeCesare

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

Latin American models are just a marvel to look at. You will not have to fetch far, these women love to flaunt their tan, and a whole lot of skin too! Just ask Carmella DeCesare. If she is not appearing on Sports Illustrates Swimsuit Issue, she is off at WWE auditioning for a Divas spot. She is also a professional wrestler, so much so that was once arrested for fighting in a bar, some-time in 2014. Amongst her list of boyfriends is Cleveland Browns Quarterback Jeff Garcia.

5. Tiffany Fallon

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

Tiffany Fallon had to appear on this list of Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Playboys 2017 at some point, you do not dismiss such stunning beauty just like that. She might be over 40, but she has a lot to show for it. She is a former cheerleader and flight attendant. If so far you are not impressed, she holds a degree in Sports Management. She has three beautiful children and still could rock a swimsuit any time any day. America’s President Donald Trump knows her only too well. Purely for charity, she was the first contestant to be fired from ‘’Celebrity Apprentice’’.

4. Sara Jean Underwood

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

American TV host and model Sara Jean was playmate of the year 2007. The super-hot blonde was born in Portland, Oregon. She has attended to universities in total, Portland State and Oregon State Universities. She has appeared on E!’s Girl Next Door show several times, and still continues to model for Playboy. Her acting portfolio is quite extensive. She has appeared in several shows including ‘’The Howard Stern Show’’,’’ Kendra’’, the Pirate movie ‘’Epic Movie’’, and has been a regular presenter on ‘’The Feed’’. She dated Ryan Seacrest back in 2013 and Roberto Martinez of ‘’The Bachelorette’’ Season 6.

3. Ida Ljungqvist

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

Tanzanian-Swedish model and playmate Ida Ljungqvist, became the first African-born playmate to be named Playmate of the Month and Playmate of the Year. Having been discovered by fellow playmate Sara Jean Underwood in a convenience store, and has since dedicated her title to charity and philanthropy. She is a Fashion graduate and wants to pursue Economics. Based on her own admission, Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend Kristina Shannon is rumored to have had a thing with Ida. The 35 year old speaks fluent English, Swahili and Swedish.

2. Sarah McDaniel

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

California girls Sarah McDaniel was the first non-nude playmate of the month, back in February 2016. The magazine Treats, Issue 11 featured her first ever nudes and I do not have to tell you how hot she looks. The 21 year old was not likely to stay covered for long though, it is just something about Playboy that makes these crazy hot girls strip? I don’t know. She has a condition that makes one of her eyes blue and the other brown, how cool is that!

1. Jenny McCarthy

Most Popular Sexiest Playboys

We decided to do a little digging for our number one hottest playmate. The winner is Jenny McCarthy, playmate of the Year 1994. After winning the fete, she went to TV and was MTV ‘’Singled Out’’ host, and then featured in several sitcoms and even hosted her own TV show. She is also a comedian, author, screenwriter and an activist. She also hosted ABC’s ‘’The View’’. Back then, she appeared as guest valet for Shawn Michaels on WWF (now WWE) WrestleMania XI. She has since done movies, series and video games including ‘’Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3’’ and fitness video game ‘’Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy’’.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Playboys 2018. Playboy earlier announced that it would stoop featuring nude models on the magazine, but the girls are just as hot, with or without clothes. The magazine has featured a bunch of celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Jessica Alba, Madonna, Stacey Dash, and Naomi Campbell not forgetting Kim Kardashian and Cindy Crawford.

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