Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Lips in Hollywood

Besides being very talented in their various fields, they have also tried to maintain their looks and that is why they have topped the list of being the ten most beautiful and sexy women of all times as well as having very beautiful lips. Take a look at them and you will not only see their good looks and sexy bodies you will just note their hard work and determination on their faces. They try to be good wives good actresses and also some of them good mothers and all these as we all know can be achieved through hard work and determination. Below is a list of the top ten most beautiful and sexy lips in Hollywood 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Lips in Hollywood in 2017

10. Kristin Davis

kristin davis, Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2018

This one is one of a kind and besides her beauty, you cannot help but notice her sweet smile as well as her lips that as a man you will always dream of kissing her any time she. She has very incredible skills in acting especially in the movie the sex and the city. If you watch most of her movies keenly, you will notice that the camera mainly focuses on her lips. This is because many cannot help but notice her.

9. Liv Tyler

liv tyler, Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2019

Based on my opinion, the only people who can beat her in terms of her lips are the eight beauties above her. Besides them, no one can beat her down in terms of the sexy lips she has. She just knows the exact lipstick that can make her lips look dashing and very attractive. She kind of never want to leave her lip sticks because she knows that she always want to look sexy and appealing towards her viewers.

8. Selena Gomez


She is very attractive and has all the necessary assets that every man would dream to have. Just by looking at her lips you will not help but not resist the way she is sexy and hot. She is a musician with also very sweet songs that can astound you and she is a model who has posted very sexy and nude photos of her to attract the attention of her viewers. One of the people was asked t talk about the lips of Gomez and he said that he has those Barbie kinds of lips.

7. Rihanna


Who does not know Rihanna and her songs? They have hit the music industry with a buzz and right now, besides the songs she has sang peoples could not help but notice the sexy body cute face as well as the lips which many people describe them as the light up the house lips. If you do not understand, what am saying then just watch one of her videos without the voice then you will not help but notice the sexy and hot lips she has.

6. Monica Bellucci


This one has all the features that a man would like his girl to have she is gifted with a cute face very beautiful eyes and more importantly she has one of the best lips. She had a humble start. She first became a model and later on she joined the movie industry where she stood out better and gained many people’s attention. She more than 40 years by now and when teenage boys get to see her lips they just go nuts.

5. Megan Fox


She knows it all you do not have to go and tell her that she has very sweet lips that can drive you crazy she knows that the moment she acts in her movie and kisses and make certain sexual moves she, will make you go nuts. That thing has made many sexual fans fall in love with the way she acts. She can turn on a whole multitude of people in the world jut by blowing a simple kiss on the red carpet. She has one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2017.

4. Halle Berry


If you think there is any actor who is more successful than her, then you are very wrong and very mistaken indeed. She is the most successful actress of all time and if it comes to competition then be sure that you cannot take her down. She has that light up the house smile that will just want to see her more and more. We have talked all this good stuff about her and we have forgotten her sexy lips. She has only three competitors around her who can say they have hotter lips than her.

3. Scarlett Johansson


This one is unique as compared to all the other beauties. She has a very innocent smile and a very sexy body as well. Her lips also look very dashing and that is why she is among the top most in the list of sexy lips.

2. Drew Barrymore


If you have watched the Charlie’s angel’s movie then you definitely know the beauty of this dashing lady whom you cannot help but notice that she has one of the sexiest and very hot lips that you always desire to have as girl. Besides the lips, she also has a very cute smile as well.

1. Angelina Jolie


This one never stops to be at the top of the list in everything that she does. She tops the list of being the most beautiful ladies of all times and still she tops the list of being the hottest ladies with very cute and sexy lips. Even in the moment when you look at her first, you will not help but notice the great beauty she has within her.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2017. They have proven worth it to have this title of being the most because they have worked to gain the titles of being the most beautiful girls and they are very hard working as well as determined.

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