Ten Most Beautiful & Hottest Female Wrestlers

People say that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. There are ladies in the world who have gone against these saying. To all men these ladies are totally beautiful and that is why they are ranked as the most beautiful women in the field they are in and some in the world. Beside their beauty lies tough women whom you will see in the television as wrestlers. Take a look at the most beautiful women in the wrestling world.

10. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Top Popular Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now 2019

Her real name is Beryl Bonin. Her muscles will tell you that she is a body builder. She left a mark in WWE and that is why she is an all-time star. In 2013 she won a championship for divas. She was the first diva to win the Reality Meets Wresting Drama Show. The show was made up of some of the divas that am going to talk about but she is the one who emerged victorious. She is a very beautiful yet tough wrestle that is worth noting.

9. Eve Torres

Eve Torres Top Most Popular Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now 2018

These ladies are not only gifted in the field of wrestling. They are also talented in various fields. Eve, is not an exception to this. She is an American model and dancer besides being a professional model. In everything that she does, you will not help but notice that cheek is very hot and sexy. If you want to talk to somebody, then look no further. She is someone worth talking to. Back in college she dated the famous Reggie Bush and for her dancing career, she was a dancer for the L.A Clippers. She has won the WWE title for the divas back in 2007 and since then she got her fame.

8. Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky

If you are a man and you cannot take note of this lady then you have a problem. She has all it takes to make a man go crazy. She is blessed with a very nice body and face. That is why she is among the most beautiful women in the wrestlers in world. Her real name is Jaimie Lynn. She has won quite a number of titles in her career. She was once a two time TNA women’s knock out champion and tag team champion.

7. Sarah Backman

Sarah Backman

This a wrestler born in Sweden. She has gone against all odds and has surely fought hard to reach the point that she is now. Through that hard work, her beauty was noted and that is how she became famous. She is now among the most beautiful wrestlers. She began wrestling at 14 years she started it as arm wrestling. She joined the WWE in 2013 and since then she has proven to be a very strong wrestler.

6. Thea Trinidad

Thea Trinidad

If you do not know her as Thea Trinidad, then you must know her as Rosita. TNA is the one that is known to have the most beautiful wrestlers. Rosita also belongs to TNA. She has not been a wrestler for long but is fighting her way up the ladders.

5. Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams Top Most Famous Hottest Women Wrestlers Right Now 2017

Brooke is another beauty in the WWE and TNA who beyond reasonable doubt s just exquisite in what she does. This is seen when she won the title of being the tag team champion with her partner Tara and women’s knock out champion. This shows that the lady is very gifted in what she does. That is the thing that made her very famous and as a result her beauty was worth noting. She has appeared with Kelly Kelly and Lyla in WWE in a dance group called Extreme expose.

4. Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne

This is a personality who has based her roots in TNA. Her real name is Ashley Nicole Cabot. She is a wrestler who is known for knocking out her opponents and lately she is the champion in knock outs. She is also a Tag team champion in TNA knock outs. Besides having all these title these girl has all the features of a beautiful girl and that is why she is ranked as one of the most beautiful wrestlers.

3. Paige


This is beauty that many people know her ring name, Paige. If you don’t know her as Paige then you must have known her as Britani Knight which was her previous name. Her birth name is Saraya-Jade Bevis. She is from a family which was greatly involved in wrestling. That is the thing that inspired her to be a wrestler. Her father, Ricky Knight and mother Sweet Saraya were professional wrestlers. Zak and Roy who are her older brothers are also wrestlers.

2. Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis

Another beauty queen that will just take your breath away just by taking a look at her. This is lady that is known to have it all when it comes to beauty: the looks, shape and the cute face. She is also very sexy. She knows the right thing to wear when it comes to winning the attention of her male fans. All the above are some of the reasons make her top the list. She is a model, song writer and a singer aside from being a professional wrestler. This is lady who is also known to have great talent apart from being a wrestler.

1. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly

Her fans know her by her ring name which is Kelly Kelly. Her real name is Babra Jean or Barbie. She is a professional model in America, a wrestling valet and a wrestler. The thing that she is mostly known for is her great gift of wrestling. When it comes to all the aspects that a lady needs to have in order to be called beautiful, then this lady has it all it all. That is the reason why this lady tops the list of being the most beautiful.

Aside from their beauty, they have proven to be very passionate in what they do. That is why they are very famous. They are very sexy as well. This makes every male especially their fellow male wrestlers want to fall in love with them. Take a look at them and tell me if am wrong in what am saying.

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