Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest female Japanese Models in 2016 and 2017. Modeling is the first step towards Acting, each and every celebrity before becoming an actor or actress goes through this phase where modeling helps someone to add a certification on a profile that this person is ready to make a career in the Industry. Model is certainly a character where the person is used to promote, advertise, display commercial products or make a personal resume and sometimes for photography too. There is various kind of modeling that includes fashion, glamor, fitness, bikini, body part and commercial print models for different products.

Japan is a land of beauties, and many hot sexy beauties are into modeling, let’s have a look at these top 10 most beautiful Japanese model 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest female Japanese Models in 2016-2017.

10. Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2018

Reon Kadena was popularly known as Minamo Kusano or Leon Kadena born on February 19th, 1986 is a Japanese glamorous model and actress. She was a former gravure model whose nude pics were published just at the age on 18 in a book named Naked Reon, and she did also feature herself in many fabulous fashion videos for which she received much fame. Reon got featured in many television dramas and also became a regular TV cast of TV Asahi production of an action-mystery named Maid Deka. Kadena was also part of the series Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu films.

9. Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2017

Nozomi Sasaki born on February 1988 is a Japanese popular glamorous fashion model; she was known by her first name Nozomi during her fashion career. She nearly worked for seven years in the fashion industry, but she rose to fame as a gravure idol and as a central ringside commentator for mixed martial arts fights competitions. She was also given a nickname “No Merci” by her colleagues because of her behavior towards whom she thought to be fat.

8. Sola Aoi

Sola Aoi, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2017

Sola Aoi was popularly known as Blue Sky is a talented Japanese model, adult video artist, nude artist, actress, singer. She is famous for her adult videos and has received celebrity status all over Japan and abroad. She was born on 11th November 1983; Aoi was scouted as a model for gravure modeling after which she decided to join the adult entertainment industry just at the age of 18. She even got featured in many television roles.

7. Kurara Chibana

Kurara Chibana, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2017

Kurara Chibana born on 27th March 1982 is a famous Japanese actress and model belonged from Naha City. She rose to fame as she competed for Miss Universe 2006 and became 1st runner-up in the competition. Kurara because of her samurai themed outfit won the National Costume Award. Now she is being worked as a feature reporter for which she needs to fly around the globe to interview unique people for a leading fashion magazine in Japan. Kurara has been a regular cast member for NTV show News Zero where she uses to report both international and national news.

6. Miyako Miyazaki

Miyako Miyazaki, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2016

Miyako Miyazaki born on February 25th, 1978 is a Japan-based model, spokesperson and beauty pageant winner who is known for ending 15 years of thirst for Miss Universe crown in Japan. She was the winner of Miss Universe Japan competition in 2003 and even represented her nation in Miss Universe 2003 pageant where she was in the top 5 and received the 4th runner up position. Later she was also awarded as the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2003 by Global Beauties, and she is also a successful brand face for companies like Mikimoto, Nina Ricci, and Renault.

5. Yuri Ebihara

Yuri Ebihara, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2017

Yuri Ebihara born on October 3rd, 1979 is a Japanese Model and actress whose alma matter is a graduate in fine arts from Kyushu Sangyo University. She got her biggest break in the fashion industry to become the model for CanCam and even featured herself in TV dramas. She is known by her nickname “Ebi-Chan,” in 2009 she also got a chance to do modeling for AneCan a fashion magazine.

4. Risa Yoshiki

Risa Yoshiki, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2016

Risa Yoshiki born on July 27th, 1987is a talented Japanese glamor model, singer, and actress. She is famous as she regularly features on TV, radio and even released two singles and seven DVDs. Yoshiki wanted to be a manga artist, but she ended up being a model. Her alma matter is, she graduated from the Asia University in Japan, she is famous for her posing in pictures of crotch shots, bondage, and cosplays.

3. Ai Haneda

Ai Haneda, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2016

Ai Haneda born on 22nd September 1989 is a Japanese gravure model, adult video idol, and actress. She began her career as a gravure model in a video image Great Dig, part of “Departure Dig Girl.” She has also featured in many magazines and videos but later decided to join the adult entertainment industry and become adult video idol. She is famous for her pornographic videos in Japan and even features herself in many TV-series.

2. Mayuko Iwasa

Mayuko Iwasa, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2018

Mayuko Iwasa born on 24th February 1987 is Japanese entertainer and model; she was also nominated Miss Magazine in 2003, she was also awarded Graph Prize and even won 42nd Golden Arrow Awards in 2005. She has done many movies and featured herself in television dramas. Iwasa did roles in shows like Gal Circle and 009-1: The End Of The Beginning.

1. Yua Aida

Yua Aida, Most Beautiful Hottest Female Japanese Models 2018

Yua Aida born on 12th August 1984 is a Japanese former model and adult video star, at first she was into sports but after graduating from school, she decided to become something in her life. She began her career working in the adult entertainment industry with her first debut in January 2004 right now she is considered as one of the greatest Ascian porn stars. She did also share her a secret of her it was when she use to do an oil painting of nude models she got accustomed to nudity which further helped her in making pornographic videos.

Here in the list of Top 10 most beautiful female Japanese model in 2016-2017 we can see how these ladies are ruling the Japan’s glamorous fashion world with their beauty and charm.

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