Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Canadian Models

Canada is a popular country situated in North America. There are many things to talk about this amazing nation. For today, we will only feature hot models from this area. These ladies are said to be hot, beautiful and intelligent. Apart from that, they have worked hard and have remained on top positions of many not only articles, competitions and lists. Consider going through the list below. it contains ten Hottest Canadian models 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Canadian Models in 2017

10. Estella Warren

estella warren, Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Canadian Models 2017

Estella Warren is a well-known Canadian swimmer. This amazing girl is talented in swimming activity and many people are aware of her for taking stiff competitions worldwide. Estelle has been ranked in tenth position of this article for having unique and beautiful physical features. Her pictures have been used by to portray beauty in different beauty products such as lotions and beauty magazines. Warren has sweet and glamorous lips and her eyes are sexy.

9. Tricia Helfer


Tricia Heifer has been featured in most competitions and beauty magazines because of her beauty. You will definitely love her eyes upon meeting her. Heifer is beautiful and a great icon in Canada. Tricia is a talented actress that has been featured in many films and local television dramas. This amazing girl started acting back in 1990s ad grew famous due to many people admiring her performance. Her face is always smooth and contains beautiful structures. Tricia is a bit elderly but always looks younger than her years. She also has a well-shaped body and knows how to dress properly.

8. Shay Mitchell


Shay Mitchell is another amazing ad beautiful Canadian model featured in eighth position of this article. This girl began modeling at a young age. She was inspired by many people to take part in modeling because of her unique ad sexy body. Most of her competitions were featured in American television show, which was pretty little liars. Apart from this singe program, Shay has appeared in several other shows. Mitchell has been ranked in this position because of vote from fans that always admire her beautiful body.

7. Sarah Mutch


Sarah Mutch is amongst beautiful women worldwide. She is an amazing model and loves doing that passionately. This explains why Sarah has been successful and winner in many competitions hence featured in this list. Her body is the true definition of beauty. You will always love to see her make elegant moves when modeling. Materials show that she used to work for Ocean, Vogue, maxim and Elle. Sarah has elegant and long hair that is always well maintained. young teenage girls straight from high school comment positively on Sarah’s social media pages. Most of them are related to her physical features and looks.

6. Elisha Cuthbert


Elisha Cuthbert is another Canadian model and actress. She was born on 30th November, 1982, Calgary, Canada. This lady is popular in Canada and many other countries worldwide and has been featured in this list as one of hottest Canadian Models. I love Elisha’s medium height ad amazing hairstyles. She captures attention of many people and this has been observed ever since she began acting and modeling. Cuthbert has contributed greatly to the growth of modeling, film acting and movie industries in Canada. This is because she has many fans that are after watching her beautiful looks unique performances. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Canadian Models 2017.

5. Leyla Milani


On fifth position of this article is Leyla Milani. She is not only a model but also a talented ad well performing actress, Entrepreneur and television anchor. Leyla has acquired more fame currently. This is because of taking different roles that are featured in several films. Fans of hers are always overheard commenting about Milani’s beautiful nature. Some other refers her to as Khoshbin ad was born on 2nd April, 1982, Toronto, Canada. Some of her unique physical features include fantastic smile, long and well maintained hair, gorgeous eyes and nice looking lips.

4. Yasmeen Ghauri


This article is fantastic and rich with information but could have been unfair without featuring this beautiful Canadian icon know as Yasmeen Ghauri. She is amongst beautiful and hottest models that are featured worldwide. She is best known for maintaining her body looks such facial structures and shape. You will not advice her on how to put on because Ghauri is more than what many people looks at when putting on. For many years now, this amazing lady from Canada has been trusted for taking part in advertising beauty products and more especially fragrances. Some of this beauty brands include Versace, Anne Klein, Gianni and Chanel.

3. Kim Cloutier


Kim Cloutier is in third position of this article. She is always known as a well performing model and actress from Canada. Her appearance in this list is a great achievement. Her beautiful body is featured in modeling skills and always rocks out among others that are also well performing.

2. Kate Todd


Kate Todd is another amazing lady from Canada. She has been featured in many articles with different titles. Todd is a beautiful icon of Canada. Kate is only 29 and hails from Harie. I have taken a lot of time to get required information concerning this lady. Her picture only will tell what I am trying to explain here. Pure white teeth ad fantastic smile attracts attention of many people and more specifically audience. I just wish if a toothpaste brand to advertise. She would have been the best option to use o matter how high the cost could be.

1. Cobie Smulders


Cobie Smulders is hottest of Canadian models hence featured in first position of this article. She has fantastic ad beautiful lips that will always keep you smiling when o stage. Cobie is considered beautiful not only in Modeling sector but in entire Canada.

These are Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Canadian Models 2017. This article is of much importance to you for it has equipped you with required information that you need. Canadian models are good looking and have quality and unique features that are not usual to any common lady or model around.

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