Top 10 Sexiest WWE Divas in The World

Gone are the days when we used to think Wrestling is actually real. Funny enough, after figuring out it is just but entertainment, we still cannot keep our eyes off the show, and it is that good. While the WWE is known for its male superstars, the females are now starting to gain ground. With more airplay and more slots on main events and pay per view, these divas are not just hot, sexy and drop dead gorgeous, they kick butt and know how to work up a crowd if necessary. Here are the top 10 most beautiful and sexiest WWE divas in the world in 2018.



The better half of the Bella Twins, Brie Bella is one stunning diva. She might not be the most curvaceous of them all with her petite figure, but she sure turns heads with her lovely smile and badass attitude on the ring. The Mexican-Italian is spouse to former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Brian. She started her WWE career back in 2008, took a year long absence from the network in 2012, but now she is back and a gorgeous member of the WWE community.



Alicia Fox made her debut into the WWE universe back in 2008 with close affiliation to superstar Edge, as his mistress. Her affair with Edge ruined the on-air marriage of Edge and the loud Vickie Guerrero. She has since undergone an amazing transformation and she is mow a fully-fledged diva and one of the hottest females to ever grace the ring. She is a delight to be around and her kind, friendly personality in the reality show Total Divas makes her a fan favourite.



English Diva Layla probably became a little bit famous for her cheerleading role for the Miami Heat basketball team. She is now even more famous and popular as a WWE Diva. She entered the 2006 WWE Divas search and was chosen by fans to receive a $250,000 contract with WWE. Unlike former divas that walked the same path as her, she has remained loyal to the network. She was the final WWE Women’s Champion back then before it was renamed to WWE Divas Championship. She might be on her sunset years at WWE, but her stunning looks and gorgeous smile are not going anywhere, anytime soon.



You can call her Rosa Mendes or Milena Roucka, but it does not change the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous. The Costa Rican beauty and WWE Diva was however born in Canada. The former model made her debut to the WWE back in 2008, and became an instant hit with drama following her on and off the ring. She might be swinging both ways when it comes to dating, but she still is a fan favourite amongst both genders.



Eva Marie has never disappointed her fans and admirers alike. With appearances in so many magazine covers, most notably Maxim, Eva is not camera shy and she knows how to flaunt her looks. Her breathtaking body and cute smile keeps viewers glued to the reality show Total Divas and her works on the ring keeps her fans coming back for more.



The evil half of the Bella Twins, Nikki Bella is not only famous for her looks, but also her notorious attitude on WWE. She might have had a little bit of cosmetic surgery, but who is to say she does not look better? She is more packed than her sister Brie, and feistier too. After a string of horrible ‘’Growing Up Bella’’ on air promos, she decided to try her luck elsewhere, in the ring specifically. Well, aside from dating John Cena, she is also causing ripples on and off the ring. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest WWE Divas in The World 2018.



Catherine Perry, alias Lana, became popular in the WWE as the hot Russian beauty that showed up with superstar Rusev. She grew up in Latvia, and speaks fluent Russian. She is a former dancer, and made her debut to the WWE in 2013. She broke affiliation with Rusev and now appears even more popular. She is the ‘’promo girl’’ among the divas and looks quite comfortable at it. Her short skirt, neat make-up and high heels draw heat every time she shows up.



WWE Diva and daughter to former WWE superstar Jim Neidhart (The Anvil), is not only one of the hottest WWE Divas, but one of the sexiest women on TV. Natalie Neidhart probably owes her fame to her father, but clearly not her looks. She is as successful on the ring as off it. Talk about keeping the family name proud! The multi-talented diva will keep gracing your screen for a long time to come and be sure to see a few knockout punches while at it.



Trinity Fatu, otherwise known as Naomi, is daughter-in-law to humongous former WWE superstar Rikishi. Probably emulating her father in law in more ways than one on the ring, the woman is simply striking. The former Orland Magic cheerleader decided to try her luck elsewhere, and boy did her move pay off. She joined the WWE back in 2009, and is also on the show Total Divas. While her derriere continues to draw in more fans on and off the ring, Naomi does not look like one to slow down any time soon.



Saraya-jade Bevis, otherwise Paige, is one of the sexiest females on TV right now. She is the youngest of the Divas, but make no mistake, she is the hottest and can throw a few punches. She is s former Divas Champion, having won it twice. She is also the first ever champion of WWE’s NXT division. She first made it to the ring as a fetus, with her mother competing while pregnant with her. Her look, pitch black hair and white skin make her even hotter with the ‘vampire feel’ going on for her.

So, these above are the top 10 most beautiful and sexiest WWE divas in the world in 2018.. While these women are famous for what they do on the ring, it is how they maintain their image that makes them even more famous. The Divas roster is long, with all of them being drop dead gorgeous, and we will be sure to thank WWE for their Women’s Division.


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