Top 10 Most Beautiful Chilean Women

Every country in all of the seven continents, boast of having beautiful women and Chile is not an exception to this fact. It has so many beautiful model and actresses that are known all over the world. Chile is one of the places in the world that beautiful and outstanding natural resources. Their women are also part of the reason why it is a beautiful place in the world. These women have been successful in their career as they are highly talented and have a great personality.

Check out below the list of the top ten most Beautiful Chilean Women in 2017.

10. Ximena Huilipan

Ximena Huilipan

She is one of the women who were passionate about modelling when they were still young. She first appeared in a movie at the age of 14 years old. After this movie, she was taken in and taught the rule of being in the industry of modelling and acting. Rating her according to her success right now, we can clearly say she was a good student. She is very popular especially in modelling and she has appeared in several movies like Eternal Blood a vampire film. She is very beautiful.

9. Cote De Pablo

Cote De Pablo Top Popular Beautiful Chilean Women

She is one of the most popular Chilean actresses and singers. She was born in the Capital of Chile; Santiago in the year 1979. Her passion in acting began very as she moved to USA to study about film at the age of ten years. She has been successful since as she has appeared in several movies and television series. Due to her hard work she has been awarded about six nomination and awards. Some of the TV series include: The Dove Keeper, The 33 and The Last Rites of Ransom Pride. Her beauty is one of the reasons why she has succeeded in her career.

8. Juanita Ringeling

Juanita Ringeling

Unlike the women mentioned before her, this one is not only an actress but a producer and singer. Her journey to success has been very successful because of her commitment in the theatre, movies and films. She was also born in the Capital; Santiago. When it comes to beauty, she is not to be left out. She is the fine example of what we would call Beauty and Brains, because she is very hardworking in all that she does.

7. Maria Elena Swett

Maria Elena Swett

Born in Santiago, she is popularly known as Mane. She started playing movie and television film roles when she was only 13 years and since then she has never looked back. She has been featured in several Telenovelas that have gained much popularity like Machos a successful Telenovela. She has one kid though single her two previous marriages never worked out so well for her. She has a beautiful face and personality which are the reasons for her success.

6. Josefina Montane

Josefina Montane

This is a Chilean supermodel and actress. She also started her career when she was still very young. She first worked for a Chilean model brand when she was only 14 years of age. Her success in her acting and modeling have all been attributed to the fact that she has been very intelligent, hardworking and talented. She has worked for several movies like Las Vegas, Soltera Otra Vez and Mi Querido Dilemma. She has a very beautiful skin complexion which has been one of the reasons why she has been very successful.

5. Celine Raymond

Celine Raymond Top 10 Most Beautiful Chilean Women 2017

Celine has been one of the few beauty that have succeeded in their career. Her long hair and curvy and sexy body describes how beautiful she looks. In her acting career, she has been featured in several movies like Descarado, Los Angeles and Graduados. She was born in the year 1980 in Chile. She is one of the Chilean who have earned a mark in the entertainment industry. Her slim body and tallness is what makes her look incredibly hot.

4. Monica Godoy

Monica Godoy

She is also one of the Santiago born celebrities. She has been listed among the richest and most successful Chilean women. She started at television channel and later moved to Telenovelas which led to her success. She is yet the other example that describe the fact that you not only need to be beautiful but hardworking to be successful in your acting and modelling career. She has since moved to acting in Telenovelas. Her beauty has not been affected by the fact she is one of the women who have been in the industry for quite some years.

3. Denise Rosenthal

Denise Rosenthal

She was born in the year 1980. She is a multi-talented women. She has been very successful as a dancer, Singer, Songwriter and super model. All these are what makes her. She has been very successful especially in modelling and acting. Some of the few movies that she has been featured in include: Chile, When Love Hurts, Across the Border, Beyond Boundary and Babysitter. She is very beautiful when she is on screen and off the screen.

2. Maria Gracia Omegna

Maria Gracia Omegna

She is the perfect description of beauty. She has been successful in her career as an actress from the time she joined the entertainment industry. Her fame is due to the award she was given for being the actress that brings everything into reality in the films. Some of her movies that are watched all over Chile include: Chilean, Leave it Alone, El Facilitator and The Mask Tree. In all of these films she has been very successful in making people entertained. She is very beautiful.

1. Constanza Piccoli

Constanza Piccoli Top Most Popular Beautiful Chilean Women 2018

In this whole list, she is the youngest. She rose to fame faster than all the women who have been mentioned before her. Born in 1992 makes her the youngest most beautiful Chilean woman. She is very energetic, talented and hardworking actress who has won several awards because of her incredible acting determination. She has defied the odd that you need to have so much experience for you to be successful. She is the most beautiful.

As I conclude, these are the top ten most beautiful Chilean women 2017. All these women have not only been successful in looking pretty but in their different careers in acting and modeling. They are definitely the most beautiful. Watch some of the movies they have been featured and see for yourself.

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