Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities in The World

There are beautiful women and then there ARE beautiful women who have that enigma which make them a darling. They have the combination of a gorgeous face, attractive body and captivating charm, that make them sexiest in the world. Each of them is exquisite in own way and any man would love to date them and take them home, completely floored and awestruck.

Take a look at the top 10 most beautiful celebrities in 2017, chosen from the world of movies, sports, music and fashion – who are respected for their talents and loved for their beauty. Beauty is said to be only skin deep. But these are women who are bewitching not only for their beauty but their personality as well, which shines through their physical charms.

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful hottest celebrities in 2017

10. Adriana Lima (Net Worth: $35 Million)

Adriana Lima, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2016

This Brazilian model and actress is also a reputed Victoria`s Secret Angel. When only 15, she began her modeling career and then became the winner of Super Model of Brazil. She is also one of the sexiest supermodels in the world. Then she became 2nd in Super Model of the World. At present, she ranks 4th in the lots of richest models in the world.

9. Marisa Miller (Net Worth: $20 Million)

Marisa Miller, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2018

This American actress and model is known best for her photos in the Swimsuit Issue of the Sports Illustrated magazine. She is a hottest Victoria’s Secret model and her swimsuit photos show her at her hottest and naughtiest best. She became the 2010 spokesperson for NFL and she is also the first spokeswoman for Harley-Davidson. She has found place among the top 10 hottest women of the world in Maxim’s Hot 100.

8. Shakira (Net Worth: $220 Million)

Shakira, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2017

This Colombian singer is also a model, dancer, choreographer, record producer and songwriter. Her hips don’t really lie, and this gorgeous beauty is one of the sexiest women in the world. She is the recipient of multiple music awards, and her fame rose when she recorded the theme song for World Cup Football 2010. Her beauty is enhanced by her constant work for the education and welfare of children.

7. Amber Heard (Net Worth: $14 Million)

Amber Heard, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2017

This young American actress became popular with her breakthrough role in “Hidden Palms”, the acclaimed TV show of 2007. for movies like ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’, ‘The Stepfather’, ‘Never Back Down’, ‘Pineapple Express’, ‘The Joneses’ and ‘The Informers’. She is regarded as one of the hottest and sultriest women in the planet. Her tumultuous marriage with heartthrob Johnny Depp also gave her a lot of fame.

6. Selena Gomez (Net Worth: $45 Million)

Selena Gomez, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2018

One of the hottest women on the planet, this American Singer began her career with ‘Barney and Friends’, the popular children`s series. But it is her singing career which has made her famous, with albums like When the Sun Goes Down, A Year without Rain, Kiss & Tell.

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5. Sage Erickson (Net Worth: Unknown)

Sage Erickson, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2016

She is one of the most popular surfers on the planet for her charm, killer curves and exquisitely feminine face. In two World Tour tournaments in 2013, she came third in Portugal and fifth in France. Men love her for her blonde hair, big breasts, sexy waist and flawless skin.

4. Kim Kardashian (Net Worth: $150 Million)

Kim Kardashian, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2017

This American TV personality gained fame with her reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. She is among the highest paid reality TV star currently, and also boasts of a successful career as a model, businesswoman, socialite and actress. He has one of the hottest figures with ample bosom and derriere.

3. Emilia Clarke (Net Worth: $3 Million)

Emilia Clarke, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2016

She can be your little sister, next door neighbor or pin-up girl. Cute as a button, she also gets male hearts racing every time she puts her curvy body on display in Game of Thrones, the show that made her a household name. This British actress has also appeared in hits besides starring her with no less than a certain Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2. Blair O’ Neal (Net Worth: $600, 000)

Blair O’ Neal, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2018

She is one of the hottest women of the world. This pro golfer and model is a winner with her amazingly curvy bikini body and sensual face. Known for her LPGA tours, she is also reputed for the reality show “Big Break Dominican Republic”. Her hot photos on Instagram are proof why this Arizona State University graduate is considered a beauty with brains.

1. Scarlett Johansson (Net Worth: $80 Million)

Scarlett Johansson, Most Beautiful Hottest Celebrities 2017

This versatile actress is best known these days as Black Widow aka Natasha Romanov in the Marvel movies like “The Avengers”, “Iron Man 2” or “Captain America: Civil War”. A child actress, this brunette has a gorgeous face and a milky white body with ample curves that set male hearts on fire. This Academy Award winner for ‘Lost in Translation’ is now the queen of box office.

These are the top 10 most beautiful celebrities in 2017, who have gained global fame for their beauty and talent. Hope the list that you had in mind clicked with this one, stay tuned to be updated with lots of information about your favorite celebs .
Enjoy reading and have fun!

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