Top 10 Best Moonwalkers Around The World

Apart from the earth, there are other amazing heavenly bodies that God created. Most of them have not been explored by man because they are millions of kilometres away and do not support life. The story of man walking on the moon reflects one of the greatest achievements made by man in history.Imagine someone landing on moon. Astronauts were eager to know how the moon’s surface looks like. They wanted to study it and bring answers to many questions that lots of people ask about the moon. We are going to provide you with a list of top 10 moonwalkers around the world. Take a look.

List of Top 10 Moonwalkers Around The World of all time till in 2017

10. Charles Duke

charles duke, Top 10 Moonwalkers Around The World 2017

He was the youngest person to walk on the moon. He was only 36 years old.He travelled by Apollo 16 in 1972.Charles spent 71 hours on this natural satellite. When Charles returned to earth, he was asked many questions including how it feels to be on the moon and if the experience changed his life. In 1975, he decided to retire from NASA and ventured into private business. He had a beverage company.He also engaged in real estate business.

9.Harrison Schmitt

harrison schmitt, Top 10 Moonwalkers Around The World 2017

He was among the last people to walk on the moon.He travelled by Apollo 17 flight in 1972. Upon returning, he joined politics. He contested for senatorial seat in the state of New Mexico. He was a Republican. To add on, Harrison worked as a freelance writer and consultant. In one of his interviews with Astrobiology magazine, Harrison said that his experience on the moon was not something that he could describe.He compared it to the most meaningful event in somebody’s life. He said that the sky was black, mountains were illuminated by the bright sun and the earth was hanging like a blue marble over one of the mountains found on the moon.

8. David Scott

david scott, Top 10 Moonwalkers Around The World 2018

David Scott was Apollo 15 astronaut. He landed on the moon at the age of 39.He was at the peak of his career. Unlike some astronauts who left NASA after making this great achievement, David continued to work with NASA for more years as deputy director and later as director.He left NASA in 1977 and started Space Science and Technology. The company specialized in space project management as well as technical services. He published a book entitled,’’ Two sides of the moon’’.

7. James Irwin


According to James Irwin, landing on the moon’s surface was a spiritual experience. He said that he felt the power of God like never before. Has on Apollo 15 mission that took place in July 1971 in position of pilot.He said that the appearance of earth as they travelled to moon reminded him of a Christmas tree ornament hanging in black space. The earth looked like a blue marble, so fragile and delicate that if touched with just one finger, it could break. It was an incredible experience. In one of his memorable quotes, he said that Jesus walking on earth was more important than man walking on moon.He passed away in 1991 due to heart attack.

6.Alan Shepard


Alan was the 6th person to walk on the moon. He reached there by Apollo 14. While on the moon, he threw two golf balls. One landed in the nearby crater while another continued to fly several kilometres. This was to show that the force of gravity on moon is less when compared to that of the earth. Its about a sixth. That is why the ball could not land immediately. Together with other astronauts, he founded Mercury Seven Foundation with the aim of raising money to sponsor science and engineering students in colleges.He passed away in 1998 after battling with leukemia. He is one amongst the Top 10 Moonwalkers Around The World until 2017.

5.Edger Mitchell


This Apollo 14 astronaut was the sixth man to land on the moon. He was the most contraversial astronaut. He made some people to believe that the story of aliens is true. He said that for many years, aliens have been trying to reach the earth but their missions have been thwarted by world governments. In an interview with UK’s Guardian, Mitchell said that governments need to open up and be part of this phenomenal planetory community.

4. Alan Bean


He landed on moon in 1969. He said that he spend a short period of time there. Upon coming back to earth, he began to create paintings which reflected what he had seen and experienced while on the moon.He received many lucrative job offers but turned them down. He said he cared about the paintings more than any other job. All his paintings feature memories of the moon.

3. Charles Conrad


He was the third person to walk on moon.Some say he didn’t just walk. He danced too.Charles travelled in 1969 after being chosen by NASA in 1962. He was the commander of Apollo 12 mission.Before going to the moon, he tried to imagine if the experience could change him. Upon coming back,he doubted if it changed him.After 20 years of service, he retired from US navy and started a career in business. He died in 1999 due to accident when his motorcyle crashed.

2. Edwin Aldrin


He was the second man to land on moon.He officially retired from NASA space agency in 1971. He has however continued to work on things related the universe such as exploration of space and a plan to reach Mars planet. Mars is said to have some resemblance with earth. Edwin has also written a lot of books and lectured in a number of colleges. He was once involved in an act of violence when he punched Sibrel, a film maker for asking him to prove that he traveled to moon.

1. Neil Amstrong


When Russians were busy flying in the lower orbits,Americans were making efforts to make sure that they outshine Russians in what was famously referred to as Space Race. US made history by having the first man to land on moon. This was Neil Armstrong in 1969 the flag was hoisted on the surface of the moon. He retired from NASA in 1969 and began to lecture at the university of Cincinnati in Aerospace Engineering department.

The above are top 10 moonwalkers around the world of all time till 2017. They landed on moon and experienced amazing things that every man would wish to experience.Most of them observed that the earth reduces in size as you travel to moon. It shrinks to the size of a blue marble.In addition, the moon has low force of gravity and its surface is covered by mountains.

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