Top 10 Male Celebrities Who Faced Sexual Assaults

Most of successful and popular celebrities that you see performing nicely on stage have a story to tell. These people went through a lot of pain in their early lives but they choose to remain strong at least to achieve goal set before them. One thing that you should learn is that the painful moment went on for a long time. They were never free to share with anyone. Let us check on list below which comprises of 10 male celebrities that went through hard time of sexual assault.

List of Top 10 Male Celebrities Who Faced Sexual Assaults

10. Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry is a well known comedian, film director, screenwriter, playwright, songwriter, author and successful actor from United States of America. He was born on 13th September, 1969, in Louisiana, USA. Tyler appears in this list as one of those celebrities that have undergone sexual harassment in their lives. His first sex assault happened when he was only 5 years old. He was in Hospital that time and was harassed by a male nurse. He later went through same experience from a man who pretended to be a church follower.

9. Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Top Most Popular Male Celebrities Who Faced Sexual Assaults 2018

Many people confuse this star with a woman upon seeing him. His full name is Brian Hugh Warner but popularly known by his fans as Marilyn Manson. Brian is an American musician, music composer, painter, author, songwriter and successful singer. He used to be a well known journalist in USA. Manson was born on 5th January, 1969, in Canton, Ohio, in United States of America. This amazing star was exposed to sexual abuse with ladies that were lesbians at that time. He again went through same torture from a neighbor and this went repeatedly for a long time.

8. Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins Top Most Famous Male Celebrities Who Faced Sexual Assaults 2018

He was born on 13th February, 1961 and hails from United States of America. Henry Rollins is a successful comedian, television and radio news anchor, actor and musician. Most music groups from America and Australia always invite him to be part of them and enjoy victory. Rollins is among popular celebrities that have undergone painful sexual torture. One incident involved his stepmother. He could not believe what had happened to him and was mentally tormented for some time. Henry worked against this incident by engaging himself in Music and acting career.

7. Axl Rose


Axl Rose is another celebrity appearing in this list of male celebrities that have undergone sexual abuse. His original name is Bruce Rose Junior. This great man and celebrity went through a painful sexual experience after his parents separated. Rose’s father was first person to assault him. Good enough is that his mother engaged with a very religious man and they married later on. However, this religious life did not last for long. He got a bad and satanic influence from television and radio programs. Axl was again abused by his step father who was a religious man before.

6. Tom Arnold


Tom Arnold is another American comedian and actor that was been disappointed sexually. He was raised by a single parent (father) and therefore left with neighbors to take care of him. His dad could go to work for daily income. That was a clear chance for that neighbor to assault Arnold. He could roll off his pants and harass him sexually. Tom was only seven years old at that time and was afraid to protest due to fear of being shot by this fierce man. Arnold made revenge against him when he was nearly 30 years old.

5. Carlos Santana


Carlos Santana hails from Mexican and has an origin from America. He is a well known musician who gained a lot of fame in 1970 and 1960. If you happen to meet him, you can confidently confess that he is truly handsome and talented. His childhood experience is painful because of sexual abuse. This used to happen at the age of 10 to twelve years. An evil man used to buy him gifts such as clothes, toys and food and then assaulted him.

4. Ozzy Osbourne


Ozzy is a great singer and television news anchor. His original name is John Michael Osbourne. This great celebrity went through a lot of torture when he was a small child. He hails from a humble background and so many people took advantage of him. Ozzy used to leave for school early morning. Two evil boys waited him every day and sexually harassed him. This amazing and successful celebrity never shared this incident with anyone. By doing so, Michael became emotionally stressed and his self esteem went low than expected. It happened for a long time but parents discovered later on.

3. R Kelly


R Kelly is a well known celebrity and R&B music star. He hails from United States of America and was raised in a house full of women. One of these women used to ask Kelly take pictures as she had sex with his beloved boyfriend. Another lady used him in a bad way when he was only ten years old. This happened for many years and Robert Kelly kept it as secret. This star said recently that he was afraid to share what was undergoing through his life back then. This is so sad.

2. Sid Vicious


His original name was John Simon Ritchie but later changed to Sid Vicious. Simon is a famous bass guitarist, and English musician featured in this list. He was born on 10th May, 1957, London, United States of America. This man is another celebrity who has been tormented sexually. Vicious started performing openly at a very young age and was once caught by audience and sexually harassed.

1. Tim Roth


To finish with, we have a male celebrity who was also sexually harassed. Tim Roth is a famous British actor. Roth started experiencing sexual torture when he was a small child. This happened for log and hence featured in this list of male celebrities who underwent sexual assault.

These above are the Top 10 Male Celebrities Who Faced Sexual Assaults. It is so sad to learn that all these people went through sexual torture. Saddest part of it all is that they underwent this when they were small children. They were never close to anyone so decided to keep everything to him or herself. However, that did not hinder them from succeeding in life.

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