Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis players in The World

Let’s have a look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis players in The World in 2016 and 2017. Tennis as we know is one of the world’s most famous and yes the hottest and sexiest game of the most beautiful queens and kings of sports of all times. Tennis series like the ATP World Tour, WTA Tour, Italian Open and Australian Open attracts thousands of people to stadiums worldwide. Millions of people are glued on to their televisions to witness this spectacular sport. The WTA is specially a kind of war of these beautiful game Queens. An amount of $708 million is expected to be spent in one year for these tournaments.

List of the world’s top 10 hottest female tennis players 2016-2017.

10) Serena J Williams (Net worth – $24.6 million)

Serena J Williams, Hottest Female Tennis players 2017

Born in 26th September 1981 in United States of America she has been ranked world no 1 many times by various organisations. She has many big titles under her sleeves like Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open and French Open both singles and doubles. Her highest prize won on court is $11.6 million.She is one of the hottest girl celebs in the world.
Now about her off court activities Serena has endorsed many famous brands all around the globe. She has endorsed brands like Pepsi, IBM, Aston Martin and Delta Airlines and many more. This makes her earn around $13 million just from endorsements.

9) Maria Sharapova (Net worth – $29.7 million)

Maria Sharapova, Hottest Female Tennis players 2018

Her full name is Maria Yuryevna Sharapova this 29 year Russian born athlete is the richest, most beautiful and the most successful female Tennis player of all times. She has a net market value of $29.7 million. She has been named as the highest-paid female athlete in the world in any kind of sport. Her winnings on court amount to around $6.1 million and the rest from endorsements. This young athlete has her own foundation which aims at taking care of children and has donated a lot to help children. She even got the privilege of being the first person to bear the Olympic torch in 2014. Her endorsements include Porsche, Cannon and Motorola etc.

8) Ana Ivanovic (Net worth – $8.3 million)

Ana Ivanovic, Hottest Female Tennis players 2017

Ranked number 6 by the WTA this Yugoslavian tennis player Ana Ivanovic is also one of the shining stars in the list of highest paid. She is also an ambassador for Serbia in the UNICEF for children welfare which itself adds to her worth. Her total on court earnings are around $1.8 million and the rest $6.5 million comes from endorsement she does. Her sports gear includes all Adidas merchandise which goes quite good with her awesome height of 6.0 ft. Not much is known about her personal life. She endorses Rolex wrist watches and has also done some modelling for famous magazines like Cosmopolitan and FHM.

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7) Agnieszka Radwanska (Net worth – $30.5 million)

Agnieszka Radwanska, Hottest Female Tennis players 2016

Agnieszka Radwanska is a polish Tennis player born in Krakow, Poland. Her annual earnings amount upto $8 million. Currently ranked as world number 3 by the WTA this tennis player is well known for her social work and Campaigns. Her worth is increasing day by day. She endorses brands like Rado Wrist Watches, Lexus and Cheese cake factory etc.

6) Caroline Wozniacki (Net Worth – $20 million)

Caroline Wozniacki, Hottest Female Tennis players 2018

Caroline Wozniacki was born on 11th July 1990 in Denmark, Montecarlo. This 25 years old beautiful tennis players holds a market value of $20 million. She earns about $6 million on court and the rest comes from her endorsements. She has also been voted as one of the world most beautiful athletes. She has won more than 20 WTA singles. Her income from endorsements itself is $10 million and she now endorses various brands like Oriflame, Rolex, Sony Ericson, Turkish Airlines and many more.

5) Dominika Cibulkova (Net Worth- $10 million)

Dominika Cibulkova, Hottest Female Tennis players 2016

Born on 6th May 1989 this Slovakian Tennis player is gifted with beauty and brains both together. Having a value of $10 million this strong player is well known for her speed stability and strength on the court and is a trouble for any opponent. She is mostly found on the court practicing or playing there is not much known about endorsements she does.

4) Venus Williams (Net worth – $24.6 million)

Venus Williams, Hottest Female Tennis players 2018

Yet another member of the Williams family Venus Williams is also one of the world’s most famous well known and richest sportsperson. She is not only a sportsperson but an entrepreneur as well of her own Interior designing firm. She is one of such talented people who defiantly are worth what they earn. She has also written some books as well on sports.

3) Li Na (Net Worth – $18.6 million)

Li Na, Hottest Female Tennis players 2017

Li Na is former Chinese tennis player but still is one of the richest tennis players from East Asia. She was the first Asian tennis player to represent her country in many tournaments of her times. The amazing thing about Li Na is that even after retirement she still remains in the list of top 10 richest tennis players.

2) Nadia Petrova (Net Worth – $4.7 million)

Nadia Petrova, Hottest Female Tennis players 2016

Nadia Petrova is a 34 year old Russian tennis player who has 34 WTA under her sleeves. She has been a consistent player even after injuries. She was also once Russia’s one of the highest paid athletes. She loves to play on clay courts and earns $1.7 million on court and rest by endorsments.

1) Victoria Azarenka (Net Worth- $15.7 million )

Victoria Azarenka, Hottest Female Tennis players 2017

Victoria Azarenka is a Belarusian tennis player born on 31st July 1989. Her on court earnings are $6.7 million and off court earnings are $9 million. She endorses for products like Nike, Citizen Watch and American Express Etc.

These are the hottest top 10 most popular, beautiful, successful and richest Tennis superstars of all times. The sport requires lot of practice and hard work so these players are worth what they are earning both on and off court. We have Ambassadors and Entrepreneurs in them which are indeed an important achievement.

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