Top 10 Hottest South African Models

South Africa is one of most recognized and developed countries that are located in southern parts of Africa. It is known for many reasons. One of these reasons is beautiful women. Ladies from this beautiful country are hard working and determined in various profession careers such as modeling, airing programs and shows in television stations and acting. In our list however, we are featuring beautiful models of South Africa. Top 10 of these stars are featured below.

List of Top 10 Hottest South African Models in 2017

10. Jenna Pietersen

Jenna Pietersen Top Most Popular Hottest South African Models 2018

Jenna Pietersen is not only a beautiful and successful model but also a talented television star. Her beauty can always convince you that Jenna is still a young girl. This amazing ad beautiful model from South Africa looks extremely younger than her years. To mention a few things about her, Pietersen started modeling at age of 15 years old. This talented was discovered by an experienced fashion agent. She introduced Jenna into it. Currently, this is one of finest models in South African.

9. Tammin Sursok


Tammin Sursok is rated in ninth position of this article and is amongst hottest models from South Africa. She is well described with her small ad cute body that attracts many people especially when performing live on stage. Tammin was born on one morning of 19th August, 1983, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sursok is a mother and a proud wife of one man known as Sean McEwen. It is unless she tell you of her story. Otherwise, you can hardly tell anything about her.

8. Candice Boucher


Candice is beautiful, adorable and hot model from South Africa. She is always stunning and outstanding whenever doing live perfomance. In most competitions that Candice has appeared, judges say that she is not only learned but also talented and gifted. Candice rose to higher heights in modeling when she was still a young girl. I love her hair. It is long, neat and well maintained. Who couldn’t want such a woman in his life? Young girls from various African Counties admire her beautiful and unique body shape. It is not a mistake that Candice is featured in eight position of this important document.

7. Dominique Piek


She is popularly known as Dommie. People call her by that name. She is young, intelligent, skillful and educated model of South Africa. It is her superb figure and great looks that make many to keep admiring her especially on stage. Various Fashion brands from South Africa and other neighboring countries have always used her picture to advertise their products such as skin lotions and creams. Same companies advertise hair products using her hair. They discovered that many people purchase their goods when Piek’s picture is appearing there.

6. Michelle Gildenhuys


Michelle Gildenhuys is another popular and successful model from South Africa. She is rated in sixth position and is amongst hot and young South African models of all time. Michelle grew a passion for modeling at a young age of 15 year. In 2011, this great star represented her country in Miss World Pageant and was rated among best worldwide. There are many things to talk about looks of this lady. If you have a look at her body, you will definitely admire her beautiful and gorgeous body shape, sexy eyes and liquors lips. Gildenhuys has done many Campaigns of popular Fashion brands.

5. Joelle Kayembe


For the first time in this article we are featuring a black model from South African called Joelle Kayembe. She has a great personality. This is observed especially when doing live performances on stage. Kayembe loves make-ups and dressing elegantly. This amazing woman started modeling when she was only 16 years. Other features include her charming and social nature. Joelle has many fans online and they always compliment about her beauty. Unlike other white models of this country, Kayembe has short hair but love wearing long wearing at least to meet their class.

4. Shane Van Der Westhuizen


Shane Van Der Westhuizen is rated in fourth position of this article and is amongst hot Models of South Africa. She is relatively young compared to other model celebrities featured in various positions above. Many beauty magazines have always invited her to pose on cover pages. In this way, these magazines are gaining a lot of market demand. Van De is normally featured as a hot and beautiful model of all time. Some of her other fans say that she is kind hearted. This amazing star in modeling industry is not only beautiful but also successful in her professional career.

3. Nonhle Thema


Nonhle Thema is a beautiful and successful model in South Africa. She is a daughter to Cynthia. Her mother was also a beautiful queen and won Miss Africa pageant. These competitions were held in 1972. This is evident that Thema inherited her gorgeous looks from her mother. Nonhle has grown into an Outstanding and stunning television personality and beautiful model of all time. This is no mistake that she is featured in this article. She has a superbly nice smile.

2. Lorraine Van Wyk

Lorraine Van Wyk Top Most Famous Hottest South African Models 2019

Lorraine Van Wyk is featured in second position of this article. She is super hot model of South Africa. Lorraine looks relatively younger than her years. Some of her quality physical features include sexy and sparkling eyes, log admirable nose, long and well maintained hair and luscious lips. Some of these features have contributed to her appearance in this article.

1. Thandie Newton


Thandie Newton originates from Zimbabwe but currently has citizenship in South Africa. She is not only a model but also a beautiful and successful actress. Thandie is most beautiful of all South African models. Some of her films include Crash, mission impossible one and two, in pursuit of Happiness and Beloved. Thandie Newton is most outstanding of all South African models.

The list above list comprises of Top 10 Hottest South African Models 2017. They are rated in various positions according to their physical features and other important qualities. Most of them are currently famous and successful. We recognize their efforts in this document.

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