Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest News Anchors in The World

Nowadays, all the shows which are telecasted on TV are mostly watched by the public is due to their way of representation. Now this job is 80% in the hand of the anchor of the show. Her way of representation attracts the viewers and if the anchor is the top hot model actress than the TRP of the show is among the top. Hot model actresses attract most of the viewers, from the adolescence to the adult. Every age group gets attracted towards hot actresses.

The anchor of the show determines the number of viewers; yes it is also true that the concept is also important. The reporter needs to have an extraordinary fluency on whichever medium is the show running. So it is very hard as many reporters are present in the list but the list for the top 10 hottest news anchors of 2018 is,

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful hottest news anchors in 2018

10. Susan Li:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

She is a very popular and educated news anchor who is originally from Hong Kong. She has an excellent education because she did her graduation from the Toronto University and then she joined in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. However, very soon she joined in the CCTV channel in China but in 2006 she left his job from CCTV and joined in Bloomberg, and she is still working in Bloomberg. She is a very talented and very much famous as one of the hottest news anchor.

9. Megyn Kelly:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

She is a multitalented woman as she had several talents in different fields. She passed her law degree in 1995 and then for nine years she practiced before she came to Washington D.C. for the position of a general reporter for ABC affiliate. She mainly got the spotlight when she joined for FOX news channel for the show America Live in 2010. She is a rare talent in the field of news anchoring and without any doubt, she is one of the sexiest news anchors of all time.

8. Robin Meade:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

Robin Meade is the daughter of Minister Meade, and Robin spends her childhood in London, and she got the graduation degree from the New London High School. In Ohio, she started her career as a reporter in WMFD TV, and then she left that job and joined WCMH TV in Ohio. After that, she got a better offer in WJW TV, and she joined there, but now she is a reporter in WSVN TV. She was nominated as the hottest news anchor in 2004.

7. Julie Banderas:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

Julie Banderas is no doubt one of the most popular news anchors of this era but nowadays she is working less, and that is why she dropped her position. She is a news reporter in FOX news, but now she is working as a co-host on a show “Fox and Friends First” and the length of the show is only one hour and the show is only on the weekend.

6. Alex Wagner:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

She is the most educated and most talented and also most experienced reporter in this list because after finishing the graduation from the Brown University Wagner started her career as a journalist and she got the success. She was the editor in chief before joining a non-profit organization run by George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt in the year 2009. Then she joined in MSNBC have a political based show.

5. Gigi Stone:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

Gigi Stone is very famous among the men because of her beautiful smile and her sexy body. Gigi is one of the sexiest news anchors no doubt, and she is right now working in New York City in a news channel known as Bloomberg Television, and she is the specialist in the business field. So for that reason, she mainly covers the business issues and the breaking news issues. She also worked for the ABC News and World News Now.

4. Jenna Lee:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

If you are searching for the hottest news anchors, then she is one of them, and she deserves it because she is picture perfect. The San Fransisco girl was graduated from the University of Santa Barbara and the California University Graduate School of Journalism she completed her masters. She worked for Forbes and there she mainly was the reporter of Business and after she also joined in Fox Network and there she did many shows.

3. Brooke Baldwin:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

She is obviously one of the sexiest news anchors of all time because she did not spend much time in the industry but she got the fame very quickly because of her talent in the profession and the sexiness she has in her body. She has a double degree in Spanish, and the other degree was in journalism, and she graduated from the University of North Carolina. She started her career in West Virginia as an anchor and then she joined in CNN in 2008.

2. Tamron Hall:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

She was graduated from Temple University then she started her career as a news anchor as it was her desire. Then she got an opportunity in MSNBC, and she joined in that channel, and she worked there as an anchor and a general reporter. Then she joined in NBC news, and now she is the national correspondent for that channel. Nowadays she works on another channel where she has a show News Nation with Tamron Hall.

1. Courtney Friel:

Most Beautiful News Anchors

Courtney is a real beauty, and she is one of the most popular news anchors of all time for sure. She is multi-talented because she worked in different types of jobs before a news reporter she worked as Sports anchor in the channel Go TV. She joined in the Fox News in 2007, and she got the fame in beginning she is working on Fox News for five years, and now she is joining in KTTV as a news reporter.

So, daily you can see a lot of new faces on the televisions as a news anchor and as the new faces are coming then more beautiful women will make a show eventually as a news anchor.

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