Top 10 Most Popular Hottest NHL Players in The World

National Hockey League or abbreviated as NHL is a specialized professional ice hockey league poised of 30 participating clubs of which seven clubs belong from Canada, and 23 belong from the United States. NHL’s Headquarters are located in New York City; this league is reckoned in the world as professional ice hockey league.

Hockey is a well-known sport played all around the globe; ice hockey is similar to Hockey just the primary difference is the field is made of ice and instead of boots skiing boots are used. It is the most famous sport in America. Let’s have a look on the Top 10 Sexiest NHL Players 2017 who are very much into this sport.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Hottest NHL Players in 2017.

10. Connor McDavid (Net Worth: $1 Million)

Connor McDavid, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2017

Connor McDavid born on 13 January 1997 is Canadian based Ice Hockey player; he plays the center position with a record of 130 assist and 79 goals. In 2011-2012 he became the player of the year for Greater Toronto Hockey League, McDavid is also being stated as an exception player by the Canadian Ice Hockey Governing division. Right now he is playing in the club Edmonton Oilers.

9. Johnny Gaudreau (Net Worth: $ 1.85 Million)

Johnny Gaudreau, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2017

John Michael referred as Johnny Gaudreau is an Ice Hockey professional player based in America and born on 13th August 1993.He plays the position of a left winger and presently playing for the club Calgary Flames.he started his career playing in National Collegiate Athletic Association and scored 21 goals and 23 assists in 44 games and bagged in the Most Valuable Player award.

8. Ben Bishop (Net Worth: $2.4 Million)

Ben Bishop, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2017

Benjamin Manning Bishop III, America Ice professional Hockey player, born on 21st November 1986 presently is playing in the club Tampa Bay Lightning of National Hockey League. He uses to play for Ottawa Senators and St.Louis Blues, as he is 6ft 7” inches tall he is nicknamed as “Big Ben,” playing as aa goaltender. Bishop also has an excellent performance up till today; .920 save percentage and 2.43 GAA in 2008-2007 and 47 saves against Carolina Hurricanes.

7. Braden Holtby (Net Worth: $6 Million)

Braden Holtby, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2018

Branden Holtby born on 16th September 1989 is a Canadian Ice Hockey professional player; he plays for the position of the goaltender and is part of the team Washinton Capitals. In 2008 NHL Entry Draft he was nominated in the fourth round and 93rd overall by the Washinton Capitols. Holtby has achieved 66 game win at the start of this new NHL season 2015-2016.

6. Evgeny Kuznetsov (Net Worth: $ 10 Million)

Evgeny Kuznetsov, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2018

Yevgeny Yevgenyevich Kuznetsov is a Russian Ice Hockey professional player born on May 19th, 1992 plays in the center position in the NHL team Washinton Capitals. He has represented his nation Russia in Senior and Junior level competitions and even is a gold medalist because of his performance in 2011 World Junior Ice Hockey Championship and 2012 and 2014 IIHF World Championships.

5. Jamie Benn (Net Worth: $15 Million)

Jamie Benn, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2016

Jamie Randolph Benn born on July 18th, 1989 is a professional Canadian ice hockey player, and presently the captain of NHL team Dallas Stars and pays in the left wing. Ben represented Canada in 2009 World Junior Championships and even got a gold medal for his team and even in 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. He was also awarded Art Ross Trophy as league’s leading scorer; he scored 87 points.

4. Carey Price (Net Worth: $39 Million)

Carey Price, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2016

Carey Price born on 16th August is a professional Canadian Ice Hockey player, he is the best goaltender and currently playing in the team Montreal Canadiens. He won Del Wilson Trophy because of his performance as a goaltender; he even tops the chart of goaltenders in WHL (Western Hockey League). Price even bagged in gold medals in World U-17 and U-18 IIHF World Championships in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

3. Sidney Crosby (Net Worth: $45 Million)

Sidney Crosby, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2017

Sidney Patrick Crosby born on August 7th, 1987, does hold the honor of ONS (Order of Nova Scotia). He is presently serving as a captain of Pittsburgh Penguins and plays at the center; Crosby has won back-to-back CHL Player of the Year Award. He is also called as The Next One and has performed brilliantly in the playoff with 19 points (13 assists, six goals).

2. Patrick Kane (Net Worth: $84 Million)

Patrick Kane, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2018

Patrick Timothy Kane II born is a professional Ice Hockey American based player born on 19th November 1988. He is currently the right winger in Chicago Blackhawks. Kane has won Stanley Cup because of his excellent performance in 2010, 2013 and 2015.

1. Alex Ovechkin (Net Worth: $124 Million)

Alex Ovechkin, Most Popular Hottest NHL Players 2016

Alexander Mikhailovich “Alex” Ovechkin is a professional Russian Ice Hockey Player born on 17th September 1985 and is captain of Washington Capitals playing on the left wing position. He has won many awards because of well-touted prospect and bagged in Calder Memorial Trophy for being the rookie of the year with a score of 106 points (54 assists, 52 goals).

In this record of the Top 10 Most Popular NHL Player 2017, it was seen how this well determined, and strong hearted players have performed in the NHL and driven themselves to fame.

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