Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives in The World

The Real Housewives is probably one of the biggest American media franchise based on reality television series. The first series of real housewives was premiered on March 21, 2006. It was very successful and following this success, several series later have been made which are based on various locations including Atlanta and New York City in 2008. The series for New Jersey was premiered in 2009 which was followed by Beverly Hills and Washington DC in 2010. In 2011, the season was set at Miami, and Dallas and Potomac has been set in the season of 2016.

The contestants are the key persons in this reality show as they makes the show run successfully. These contestants create drama, arouses interests and are sometimes provoking. Almost all of the housewives as contestants in this show are beautiful and attractive. Each of the contestants are different in personality, tastes, views, etc. These differences are what causes certain scenarios in the show. So in this regard, we have made a list of the hottest and sexiest real housewives. Contestants have been listed according to various reviews and audience polls.

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful hottest real housewives in 2017

10. Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2017

Yolanda Foster, besides being attractive is a great housewife. She has a great patience and a great dedication towards her family. Yolanda Foster is a woman of dignity and she deserves great respect. She comes under the sexiest real housewives list.

9. Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2017

Phaedra Parks has a certain personality that is hard to depict and understand. But above all, she is beautiful and sexy and due to this she comes in this hottest real housewives listing. Phaedra is a professional lawyer, and her skills are intellect. She is also known for putting out a fake character in the show.

8. Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2016

Although Sonja Morgan is usually very quiet, she stands victorious with this personality and reserveness. She has a unique way of tackling with a various complex situations and one of the great things about her that is she never seems to get angry. Her calm nature suits with her sexy appearance. Sonja Morgan is definitely one of the sexiest real housewives.

7. Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2018

Ramona Singer has established herself in the show with her personality. Her personality is such that it is not easy to predict as to what comes next out her. Ramona Singer is also seen as a negative character several times in the show. Ramona Singer is obviously one of the hottest real housewives.

6. Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2016

Nene Leakes is one of the housewives in the show who gets the most attention by her crazy personality. She has also been perceived as a mean character in the show several times although she is decent in her involvement. Nene Leakes is attractive and also one of the hottest real housewives.

5. LuAnn DeLesseps

LuAnn DeLesseps, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2018

Although LuAnn DeLesseps is perceived as an irritating character, she is lovely and very attractive. Her French is great, she is the one who wants the most attention in the show and sometimes she is also perceived as cute. She has some habits which are not appreciated by many other contestants. LuAnn DeLesseps is one of the sexiest real housewives.

4. Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2018

Vicki Gunvalson is mainly known for her responsible nature towards her family. She has casted many shades of her personality in the show. Vicki Gunvaslon is a family oriented housewife and she does not make friends easily as she is choosy in this. Vicki Gunvalson is beautiful and she also appears in this most popular real housewives listing.

3. Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2017

Tamra Barney is one personality in the show who has several achievements. She seems to be quite different from the other contestants as she is fun loving. Tamra Barney is also very interesting contestant in the show. She often gets the spotlight for her nature and as she is sizzling, she comes 3rd under this most popular real housewives listing.

2. Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2016

Another interesting and most loved contestant show is Bethenny Frankel. She has developed herself to a strong financial condition, she has a lovely personality as is very responsible towards her family. Besides all of these, she is very attractive and she deserves to sit 2nd on this most popular real housewives listing.

1. Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump, Most Beautiful Hottest Real Housewives 2017

Lisa Vanderpump is an amazing personality and she is the most liked contestant on the show. She is beautiful, she runs a restaurant, and she is also fun loving. Lisa Vanderpump likes pets, she is also responsible and family oriented. She catches attention by her striking accent. Lisa Vanderpump definitely is deserving to sit on top of this hottest and sexiest real housewives listing.

So these are the hottest and most beautiful real housewives who create drama and emotions on the show. These contestants are the most noticeable characters on the show.

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