Top 10 Highest Paid Gamers in The World

Gaming arena has grown to just a fun activity to a money making business. It may be difficult to believe that people actually play games for a living, and like in any other profession there are few who have shown exceptional prowess in gaming and become rich in a short span of time.

It’s their ultimate passion, love and persistence which have given them the edge over others. So let’s take a sneak peek into the money makers of gaming.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Gamers in The World in 2017.

10) Jonathan Berg

Jonathan Berg Highest Paid Gamers 2016

Jonathan “Loda” Berg is a 28 year old Swedish gamer presently playing for the team “The Alliance”. He is a DotA (Defense of the Ancients) and Dota2 player. He has participated in several competitions across the world and online. He has earned US$ 580,400.97 from 84 Tournaments.

09) Jung Jong Hyun

Jung Jong Hyun Highest Paid Gamers 2018

A Korean gaming expert, he has won four “GOMTV Global Starcraft II” league titles in his career. He has earned US$ 408,891.73 from 68 tournaments till date. His most prestige prize came in when he won the Star craft II in 2011 and earned US$ 50000. He has been the champion in 17 tournaments, Runner-up in 6 and at-least reached semi-finals in 6 of them.

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08) Jang Jae Ho

Jang Jae Ho Highest Paid Gamers 2017

Jang is widely known as spirit moon or moon, is another South Korean player of hugely popular and most expensive games, Star Craft II and Warcraft III. He has won world championship five times and has earned the highest prize money in Warcraft 3 history, record sum of US$ 356,738.93. Often regarded as the best night ELF player he has earned US$ 466,787.10 from 104 tournaments winning 34 of them.

07) Clement Ivanov

Clement Ivanov Highest Paid Gamers 2016

The 26 year old Estonian is known to be the best team captain and has earnings of US$ 1,295,405.96 from 71 tournaments. He has represented teams like International and and regarded as one of the most prolific game players in DotA and DotA 2. His records speaks volume, he has won 36 championships. His gaming id is “puppey”.

06) Lee Young Ho

Lee Young Ho Highest Paid Gamers 2018

Popularly known by his id ‘Flash’, he is yet another Korean star in the gaming business. He has won 14 championships in his career and played only for the team KT Rolster. He retired in 2015 December and has won numerous awards in his career. He also holds the record of youngest player to win the Bacchus OSL, a star league title at the age of 15. His earnings clocked at US$ 505,731.51 from 71 tournaments. Also Read: Richest Gamers In The World

05) Jang Min Chul

Jang Min Chul Highest Paid Gamers 2018

Jang Min Chul is a former Starcraft II player from the Republic of Korea. His is popularly known as Obama Toss, Boss Toss, and President Toss etc. Winner of the Global Star Craft on two occasions he has represented team Protoss. His total earnings are a handsome amount of US$ 504,011.49 from 108 tournaments. Internationally he has won Copenhagen games spring in 2015, Dreamhack Stockholm Invitational to name a few. He has won 16 championship in his career.

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04) Oleksandr Dashkevych

Oleksandr Dashkevych Highest Paid Gamers 2017

Ukrainian gamer, widely known as XBOCT played for the team Natus Vincera. He won many championships for his team especially at the time when the Chinese teams were dominant in the gaming arena. He won 29 championships and was runner up in 11. His total earnings from 68 tournaments are around US$ 651,025.29.

03) Jonathan Wendel

Jonathan Wendel Highest Paid Gamers 2017

Jonathan Wendel is an American professional gamer who is widely regarded as one of the first and best professionals in the industry. He won Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament and Painkiller tournaments and was awarded player of the year four times. He is retired now and was known with his id, Fatal1ty. He won 14 tournaments and his earnings clocks at US$456,089.23 from 37 tournaments.

02) Saahil Arora

Saahil Arora Highest Paid Gamers 2017

Saahil is an American gaming professional who plays with names like ‘Universe’, ‘Dignitas’ etc. He won the championship ‘The international 2015’ for his team EG. He is one of the best offlaner players in the world and earned much respect from his rivals too. He has won 17 tournaments for his team and his total prize money earned is US$ 2,167,965.64.

01) Peter Dager

Peter Dager Highest Paid Gamers 2016

Currently the highest earning gaming professional, he hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a team mate of Saahil Arora and has won ‘The international 2015’ for his team EG. His gaming id is ppd and he is often referred as the ‘Salt King’. He has won 19 tournaments for his team and earned a whopping US$ 2,178,940.76 in his career.

So these are the top ten earners in the gaming industry, if we jot down the top 100 players we will find that most of them are from South Korea, China, US and few other European countries. The industry is set on to many other countries and sure will become one of the most watched sports in the teenage category.

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