Top 10 Highest Paid TV hosts in The World

It’s no more secret that there’s cash in show business. That being mentioned, when we think about Show business we almost always suppose in regards to the Hollywood empire, and all the feature movies that come out of it. Yes, usually we record stand-up comics and musicians, however for one or one more, we are likely to leave out talk suggests thoroughly. Speak indicates, even though not totally scripted, are tightly outlined. The producers understand the course in which the interview will head before it even starts and on the grounds that of this they may be able to assurance every episode to be pleasing – which ultimately interprets to more viewers and bigger rankings.

Accordingly, speak suggests are a first-class means for networks to make some severe cash. They’re very inexpensive to provide, but the return on investment is sky-high. Due to the fact that the creation expenditures are most often low, the producers can use all of that more money to preserve their stars joyful.

List of the world’s top 10 highest paid and successful TV hosts in 2017

10. Meredith Vieira: $40 million

Meredith Vieira Highest Paid TV hosts 2016

Born on 30th December 1953 Meredith Louise Vieira is an American talk show, game show host and as well as is a journalist too. She is legendary for serving as the normal mediator of the ‘ABC Talk Show,’ ‘The View’ from 1997 to 2006, and for co-hosting the long term going ‘Morning News’, ‘NBC News’, ‘Program Today’ (2006–2011). She has done tv hosting for wide array of shows making her very popular. The net worth of her is $40 million.

9. Michael Strahan: $45 million

Michael Strahan Highest Paid TV hosts 2017

Michael Anthony Strahan is a retired American football shielding end that spent his entire 15-12 month’s profession with the New York Giants of the NFL. After retiring from the NFL, he’s currently a soccer analyst on ‘Fox NFL Sunday’, and was co-host on the syndicated morning speak show is ‘live! With Kelly and Michael’ (2012 – 2016). In 2014, he grew to be a normal contributor on the ABC morning television show ‘Good Morning America’. His total net worth is $45 million.

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8. Whoopi Goldberg: $45 million

Whoopi Goldberg Highest Paid TV hosts 2017

Caryn Elaine Johnson was once born on 13th November 1955, known professionally by using her stage identity, Whoopi Goldberg, is an American actress, television host, and comedian. She has been selected for 13 Emmy Awards for her television contribution and is, without the doubt, one of the few performers who have won a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, Tony Award and an Oscar. She has been the mediator of the daylight TV talk show ‘The View’. Her total net worth is $45 million.

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7. Rachael Ray: $50 million

Rachael ray Highest Paid TV hosts 2018

Rachael Domenica Ray was born on 25th August 1968, is an American businesswoman, TV personality, author, and a superstar cook. She hosts the ‘syndicated daily talk’ and lifestyle program ‘Rachael Ray’ and 3 Food Network sequence. Different programs are: ‘Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day’ and the daily layout show ‘Rachael vs. Guy: celebrity cook-Off’, and 2 another show with kids cooking. Ray’s television indicates have received 3 ‘Daytime Emmy Awards’. Her net worth is $50 million.

6. Wendy Williams: $60 million

Wendy Williams Highest Paid TV hosts 2018

Wendy Joan Williams was born on 18th July 1964, is an actress, media personality, author, comedian, and a host in a talk show. She hosts the nationally acclaimed, ‘The Wendy Williams Show’. Williams was once nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2015 for wonderful entertainment talk show Host and the Show itself used to be nominated for an exceptional talk show. On her 50th birthday, she was respected with the renaming of an avenue to ‘Wendy Williams Way’. Her net worth is $60 million.

5. Steve Harvey: $100 million

Steve Harvey Highest Paid TV hosts 2017

Broderick Stephen “Steve” Harvey used to be born on January 17, 1957, is an American producer, comedian, TV host, radio personality, actor, and author. He hosts ‘Family Feud’, ‘The Steve Harvey Morning show’, ‘Little Big Shots’ and ‘The Steve Harvey talk show’. He has won Emmy Award for three times and NAACP image Award 13 times in many categories.

4. Kelly Ripa: $100 million

Kelly Ripa Highest Paid TV hosts 2018

Kelly Maria Ripa- Consuelos was born on 2nd October 1970 is an American TV actress, a talk show host, a dancer, and a TV producer. She is exceptional often called the co-host of the syndicated morning talk show, ‘Live! With Kelly’, in 2001. She additionally is known for her role as on the ABC sitcom, Hope & religion, (2003 to 2006). In 2014, The Hollywood Reporter named her some of ‘Most powerful people in Media’. Her net worth is $100 million.

3. Sharon Osbourne: $220 million

Sharon Osbourne Highest Paid TV hosts 2016

Born on 9 October 1952, Sharon Rachel Osbourne is an English television host, television skill competition judge, media persona, writer, promoter and the wife of singer & lyricist Ozzy Osbourne. This woman first came into public within ‘the Osbournes’, which is a reality TV show that adopted her family’s day-to-day existence. Later she became a talent show judge, such as the original version of The X factor. She additionally used to the judge on ‘the America’s Got Talent’ from 2007 except 2012. She is one among 5 co-hosts of the daytime series ‘The Talk. Her net worth is $220 million.

2. Dr. Phil McGraw: $300 million

Dr. Phil McGraw Highest Paid TV hosts 2016

Phillip Calvin “Phil” McGraw was born on September 1, 1950, referred to as Dr. Phil, is an American TV persona, writer, psychologist, and the host of the TV show Dr. Phil, which started in 2002. McGraw first received celebrity reputation with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey show. In 2015, Forbes listed his profits at $70 million for the prior 1 yr and ranked him the fifteenth very best incomes celebrity in the world. His present net worth is $300 million.

1. Ellen DeGeneres: $330 million

Ellen DeGeneres Highest Paid TV hosts 2017

Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born on 26th January 1958 is an American actress, comedian, television host, writer, and producer. DeGeneres showcased in the widespread show ‘Sitcom Ellen’ (1994 -1998) and has hosted her TV Talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres show, given that 2003. Her net worth is $330 million.

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