Top 10 Highest Paid Goalkeeper in The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Highest Paid Goalkeeper in The World in 2016 and 2017. Football is a game of passion and dedication and players know it well. In this game, not only the scoring is important, but saving the goal is equally important. It is one of the valuable positions where club owner spends fortune for a high-quality goalkeeper just like a striker. There are many well-known goalkeepers on the planet who are famous for their consistent goal saving skills.

The fantastic goalkeepers are also the highest paid goalkeepers in the world. There are many set standards that are considered before selecting the top goalkeepers. As per the market value and weekly wage payout here is the list of top ten world’s highest paid goalkeepers for 2016.

List of top ten world’s highest paid goalkeeper for 2016 and 2017

(10). Salvatore Sirigu – £50,000-a-week

Salvatore Sirigu Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2018

Italian goalkeeper plays for French club Paris Saint-Germain and also a part of Italian national team. He began his football career at Palermo in 2011. With three winning seasons at French Club, he has been consistently proving his worth as a goalkeeper and is ready to become Italy’s top player with a high pay rise.

(9). Marc-Andre Ter Stegen – £55,000-a-week

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2016

Marc-Andre is a 22 years old professional German football player who plays for FC Barcelona as a goalkeeper. He was signed by Barca in 2014 for €12 million deal and also keeping the goalkeeper position for Under 21 Germany team at European Champions League. With so much going on for this young guy he is clearly destined to achieve much more.

(8). David De Gea – £58,000-a-week

David De Gea Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2016

David De Gea is a Spanish footballer who is currently the goalkeeper for Spain national team and Most expensive football club Manchester United. Real Madrid had offered £29 million to ManU but missed the chance of gaining him due to miss in paperwork before the transfer window. Last month David De Gea won Manchester United Player of the Year for the third consecutive season and is the only player to receive the award three times in a row.

(7). Gianluigi Buffon – £60,000-a-week

Gianluigi Buffon Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2017

Gigi Buffon is considered as Italy’s most capped and greatest goalkeeper in the history of football. He captains both Italian club Juventus and Italian national team. He is also one of the richest football players in Italy. His latest contract extension with Juventus till 2017 confirms his association with the Italian club for some more years. He is still the world’s most expensive goalkeeper and remains history’s greatest player.

(6). Hugo Lloris – £70,000-a-week

Hugo Lloris Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2018

Hugo Lloris plays as a professional goalkeeper and captain of French national team and English club Tottenham Hotspur. He is often talked about lightning reflexes and flawless decision-making abilities, there is no doubt he is defiantly worth each penny.

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5) Petr Cech – £100,000-a-week

Petr Cech Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2017

Petr Cech is a captain goalkeeper of Czech Republic national team and also plays for English club Arsenal. His recent move from Chelsea to Arsenal in June 2015 after 11 years of association should be noted as money well spent by coach Arsene Wenger. With the weekly contract of £100,000 Petr Cech, no doubt is one of the greatest football players in the world.

(4). Victor Valdes – £110,000-a-week

Victor Valdes Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2017

Victor Valdes is a Spanish goalkeeper for English club Manchester United. He had played most of the professional football with Barcelona and has been part of 6 La Liga titles and three UEFA Leagues for FC Barcelona before making the move to English club in 2014. He still remains on a handsome salary per week.

(3). Manuel Neuer – £120,000-a-week

Manuel Neuer Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2018

Manuel Neuer is a proud German professional goalkeeper for Bayern Munich and German national team. He is currently the world’s best goalkeeper on the planet, but yes, not the highest paid. In 2014, Manuel Neuer reached the third position in the voting for 2014 Fifa Ballon d’Or Award.

(2). Joe Hart – £150,000-a-week

Joe Hart Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2017

Joe Hart is an English goalkeeper for England National team and English Premier League Manchester City. He has almost over 100 League clean sheets, and also the winner of most Premier League Golden Glove awards. With a bumper deal at Manchester City, he is the third highest paid goalkeeper in the world he will be serving City for majority period of his career.

(1) Iker Casillas – £165,00-a-week

Iker Casillas Highest Paid Goalkeeper 2016

Casillas still regains his position as the top most paid goalkeeper in the world. He is one of the most celebrated and decorated goalkeepers of all time. We can say Real Madrid will have a hard time finding more iconic goalkeeper that Casillas. Iker Casillas is currently playing as a professional goalkeeper for Spain National team and Portuguese club Porto. Apart from football, Casillas had been the face of brands like Adidas.

The above-mentioned list purely on the basis of recent transfer, deals and performance of the players in last one year. These goalkeepers have led their team to win the major titles and cups in the football world.

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