Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities in The World

Success of Celebrities is depends on their struggle, chance and luck. More success gives them more money/earnings. Life of celebrities is not as simple as common man life. Successful celebrities have to achieve success after success and have to maintain it for long term. Celebrities give their best to achieve success and to maintain it. As successful celebrities they need to achieve the highest standard of living and the highest status in their life. They are not only ensures their success but have to be in the limelight as well. More the success more fame, name they get.

successful celebrities have to accept various challenges for their success. Potential new comers also challenge them and they have to come up with flying colors to maintain their success.

List of the world’s top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities in 2017

10. Cristiano Ronaldo – Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo Highest Paid Celebrities 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo plays football for Spanish club and Portugal National Team. He is Captain of the Portugal Team. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best and most expensive football players in the world. This great Footballer loves to play football a lot. He is fantastic and remarkable player. He has also received FIFA World Player of the Year Awards and many more.

9. Taylor Swift – Singer

Taylor Swift Highest Paid Celebrities 2017

Taylor Swift is the most popular sexiest female singer in the world. She is famous American pop singer, song writer, musician and actress. Her performance and music always impressed her fans. She also won many awards for her amazing singing. She earns $80 Million in the year.

8. Robert Downey Jr – Actor

Robert Downey Jr Highest Paid Celebrities 2018

Robert Downey Jr is the world’s highest paid actor and he is earning $80 million in one year. He did his first performance on the screen at age of five. He has earned many Best Actor awards and always focused on his acting career. After achieving Robert Downey Jr always tries to maintain his success and popularity in his acting field.

7. James Patterson – Author

James Patterson Highest Paid Celebrities 2017

James Patterson is famous author. He is like to write novels of various categories. James Patterson is famous for many popular novels and achieving the highest book selling record. He also received Guinness World Record for selling 1 Million e-books. This popular writer earns $89 million and comes under highest paid celebrities. James Patterson is also giving grants and scholarship to encourage Americans to read more books.

6. Garth Brooks – Pop Singer

Garth Brooks Highest Paid Celebrities 2018

Garth Brooks is an American famous pop singer and songwriter. He has become popular for his record breaking live performances. Garth Brooks earning is estimated approximately $90 million in the year. He comes in the list of top 10 successful celebrities in the world. The RIAA has nominated him for the best selling solo artist.

5. Howard Stern – Radio and TV Personality

Howard Stern Highest Paid Celebrities 2016

Howard Stern is one of the famous radio and television personality. He is also well known producer, author, actor and photographer. Howard Stern reaches the highest success with his unique style of hosting, dialogues delivering. Howard Stern is famous for his most popular radio show. His popularity and success helped him to increase his earning year by year. Howard Stern is earning $95 million per year.

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4. One Direction – Band

One Direction Highest Paid Celebrities 2017

One Direction is London based pop boy band. One Direction band is one of the famous bands in the world. Group of four is making this band famous and perfect with their fabulous music. They sold 70 million records in five years. One Direction has release many albums and also awarded many awards. Popularity of music is showing them the highest level of success in very short period. Their fan followers loves them a lot and always waiting for next release of album. One Direction band reaches the highest earning of the year. They are earning $130 million per year.

3. Katy Perry – Singer

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Katy Perry Highest Paid Celebrities 2018

Katy Perry is an American Singer. She is also well known musician, actress and songwriter. Katy Perry is the most popular singer and highest earner in the world. Katy Perry earns $135 Million in the year. She spends her childhood in learning and experiencing different shades of music. She also perused a career in the music. This beautiful singer has released many albums and songs. After achieving success, Katy Perry received many awards. She also received four Guinness world Records. Her passion and success in the music are making her more popular and keeping her in the top list.

2. Manny Pacquiao – Boxer

Manny Pacquiao Highest Paid Celebrities 2016

Manny Pacquiao is professional boxer and well known as one of the best Boxer. This great boxing champion is born in the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao has taken proper training in Boxing and at age of 16, he was in the ring of fight and he won it. Manny Pacquiao has achieved second rank in highest paid athlete. He is earning $160 Million per year. Along with his boxing career, he is a politician. He is member of the Philippine House of Representatives. Apart from these, he also likes other sports, acting, singing and TV hosting. Manny Pacquiao loves to keep engage him in many things at time. But he always had good focus on boxing career. Manny Pacquiao has earned many awards and championship.

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1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.- Boxer

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Highest Paid Celebrities 2017

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an American Boxer. He is one of the highest paid boxers in the world and his earning is $300 million per year. This is one of the highest earning records of athlete. Floyd Mayweather, Jr is born in the family of boxer. Right from his childhood, Floyd Mayweather Jr has passion for boxing. This greatest fighter is also known as “Pretty Boy” and “Money” name. His continues, constant success making him more popular, famous in the world. Boxer lovers love him to see his fighting, fighting spirit in the ring. Floyd Mayweather Jr. He earns many Best fighter awards, Best Pound for pound fighter Awards, Gold medals, and championships.

Above is the list of the highest-paid celebrities in the world in 2017. All of them are achieved their success and fame in their filed and now they are the most famous and well known personalities in the world.

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