Top 10 Highest Paid Rappers in The World

Gone are the days where only authentic country singers were well known. The time and era has changes. Youth is more appealed towards the modern day rappers. They have style, persona and an unmatched attitude. Rappers are more stylish and fashions than anybody else.

They live such high profile life based on their huge earnings from singing assignments, concerts, compositions and even brand endorsements. Most of the Rappers are known for their bad image and are criminally convicted too. However, that does not make them less Wealthy.

From rags to Riches, here are the top 10 highest paid rappers in 2017 :-

10. 50 Cent ($ 100 Million)

50 Cent Highest Paid Rappers 2016

Popularly known as 50 cent, Curtis Jackson is a new Yorker. He was first noticed by Eminem and then was signed by Shady records. In no time, 50 cents got fame and became one of the best-selling rap artists in the world. He even found G unit Records in the year 2003.He is a Rapper, actor and investor. He has done wide investments and this all has contributed to his net worth of approximately $100 million.

9. Dwayne Carter Jr ($150 Million)

Dwayne Carter Jr Highest Paid Rappers 2016

The Lil Wayne is a rapper from New Orleans known as the youngest member in the Cash Money records label. His debut solo album “Tha Black is hot” released in 1999 was a big hit and went to sell a record of over one million. Dwayne is the founder of Young Money Entertainment, which have been among top for providing number 1 albums.

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8. Birdman ($160million)

Birdman Highest Paid Rappers 2017

Baby or more popularly by stage name Birdman, is a powerful singer and composer. He is also one of the richest black rappers in the world. He along with his brother founded Cash Money records and has been providing hit numbers out of it. He has been performing as solo artists and as a duo.

7. Slim ($160 million)

Slim Highest Paid Rappers 2017

Not so well known among the list, Ronald Williams known, as Slim is the elder brother of famous rapper Burdman.He co founded Cash money records with his brother. He does not have major fan following or any of the hit songs n his name but he has been managing the company and has worked as executive producers for many of the famous people making him rich enough to be on the list.

6. Eminem ($210 million)

Eminem Highest Paid Rappers 2017

Well known by name of Eminem, Marshall Mathers II was the discovery of Dr Dre. His solo album went to be a big blockbuster hit bringing him into the limelight. The year 2000 was among the best for one this richest American Rappers Eminem, as his album became the fastest selling in the entire rap history. He then founded Shady records Along with Paul Rosenberg. He has been trying his hands on acting too and has acted in couple of movies and televising series.

5. Master P ($25 Million)

Master P Highest Paid Rappers 2017

Former Rapper and currently an entrepreneur, filmmaker and actor, Percy Miller was born in New Orleans. He used to rap but then opened his own label names No limit records. It was just a record store but later on, it became a recording company by giving hit numbers in the 90s.He is a philanthropist and is an active social worker.

4. Russell Simmons ($350 Million)

Russell Simmons Highest Paid Rappers 2018

Started off as a rapper and now settled with his own recording label Def Jam records, Russell was very keen in music from his very early days. In his 20s, he began his career in the music industry and now he holds the responsibility of providing various famous artists. He is a true entrepreneur and has always monetized his investments when the situation came. This makes him up to the list of top paid rappers in the world.

3. Jay Z ($650 Million)

Jay Z Highest Paid Rappers 2016

Not many know the real name of Jay Z. Shawn Carter has sold over 100 million records and prestige owner of various awards including Grammy. He is one of the most popular hottest rappers  in the world. Apart from rapping, he has diversified his investments and co owns the club named 40/40. He created a clothing line named Rcawear, which is known for style and mark. In the recording business, he has been the president and founder of Roc nation and the sports entertainment company Roc nation sports.

2. Diddy ($730 million)

Diddy Highest Paid Rappers 2018

Sean Combs is a well known Rapper, entrepreneur and actor known for his stylish personality and rugged look. Diddy not only taste the fame in rap industry but outside the entertainment industry too. He ventured in to fashion industry by starting his own clothing line and opened two restaurants. Sean also helped in developing Vodka, which earned him great profits. He recently invested in Revolt TV network launched in 2014. All of his work has paid him well contributing to his net worth and making him 2nd on to the list.

1. Dr Dre. ($1 billion)

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Dr. Dre Highest Paid Rappers 2018

Andre Young, A world class rapper, investor and entrepreneur undoubtedly beats everyone and top the list. Dr Dre is pioneer of Rap in the music industry. He founded recording studios and discovered great talents like Eminem, Snoop Dogg etc. He earned money via royalties, performing as a rapper. He earned a staggering amount by selling his “Beats by DRE” to Apple, which earned him over $300 million. Dr Dre truly deserves on to be on the list and top it.

It was quite surprising to see how much the rapper earn and have net worth of. No doubt, the reason for them roaming in Luxury cars, staying in Mansions and having bling can be now known.

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