Top 10 Highest Paid Olympians in The World

The industry in sports is just overwhelming. The sports industry is one of the biggest in the world. The scope and career in this industry is just huge and versatile too. Likewise, the Olympics is probably the biggest sports event in the world.

Almost every sport is included in this world event. Players from different parts of the world compete to win the medals (mostly the golden or silver medals) as they are very prestigious. The money in Olympics is huge as it is a world event. There are several players who have been considered as the highest-paid Olympians. These highest paid players in the Olympics have been described below.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Olympians in The World in 2017.

10. Andy Murray (net worth $70 million)

Andy Murray Highest Paid Olympians 2016

Andy Murray is an Olympic champion in the single tennis of men’s. Andy Murray has defended his title and will again be doing so. The victory of Andy Murray consists of French Open and Wimbledon. Although he has several endorsements, the biggest one is for Under Armour. He is one of the highest-paid Olympians.

9. Sergio Garcia (net worth $70 million)

Sergio Garcia Highest Paid Olympians 2018

Although Sergio Garcia does not hold any major championship, he is regarded as one of the highest paid golfers. Sergio Garcia has won over 20 international tournaments, four times runner-up. Despite his great earning, Garcia has several endorsements which make him one of the highest-paid Olympians till date.

8. Venus Williams (net worth $75 million)

Venus Williams Highest Paid Olympians 2017

Regarded as one of the best tennis players in the world, Venus Williams has seven Grand Slam titles. She might be the only woman player to have achieved such tremendous victory besides her younger sister. Venus Williams is one of the highest paid Olympians.

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7. Rafael Nadal (net worth $100 million)

Rafael Nadal Highest Paid Olympians 2017

Also known as King of Clay, Rafael Nadal is the master in clay tennis courts. Rafael Nadal’s victory includes nine French Open wins, 14 Grand Slam singles title, and a gold medal in singles of 2008 Olympic. He has three luxury estates, wears an $800,000 watch by Richard Mille. Rafael Nadal is one of the highest paid Olympians.

6. Kevin Durant (net worth $120 million)

Kevin Durant Highest Paid Olympians 2017

Kevin Durant plays for Oklahoma City Thunder, although Kevin Durant already holds one gold medal, he is looking forward for another one. Durant is also one of the top basketball players of NBA (National Basketball Association). He comes under the highest-paid Olympians.

5. Serena Williams (net worth $145 million)

serena williams Highest Paid Olympians 2017

Serena Williams dominates the women’s tennis court as she is ranked at number 1. She has been considered as one of the greatest female tennis player of all time. She has achieved her career in both singles and doubles of Grand Slam and Serena Williams is the only one to hold this record. Serena Williams has also won a prize money of worth $36 million. As she is the highest paid female athletes , she is also one of the highest paid Olympians.

4. Novak Djokovic (net worth $160 million)

Novak Djokovic Highest Paid Olympians 2016

Novak Djokovic has been considered as one of the strongest player in men’s tennis. And he has also been ranked as number one in the world. He has won all four major titles of Grand Slam. He holds one bronze medal which was the one he won in Beijing Olympics 2008. Novak Djokovic also has several different endorsements and he has been considered as one of the highest paid Olympians.

3. Maria Sharapova (net worth $195 million)

Maria Sharapova Highest Paid Olympians 2018

Maria Sharapova also has been very successful through the years. She has won a silver medal, has achieved a career in Grand Slam and she holds countless other victories. She is also one of the hottest female tennis players in the world. Maria Sharapova was banned for 2 years for playing Tennis, after her possession of Meldonium, which is a banned substance. But besides that, her net worth is $195 million and therefore, she is one of the highest-paid Olympians.

2. Roger Federer (net worth $350 million)

Roger Federer Highest Paid Olympians 2018

Roger Federer has been regarded as one of the richest tennis players in the world. His skills in tennis are unparallel, which has led him to win several different glorious victories. Although Federer has big bucks, he is generous and has made several extensive contribution to charities. Roger Federer holds 17 Grand Slam single titles. It has been said that Federer has aimed for three medals in the coming Olympic. Roger Federer comes second under the highest paid Olympians.

1. Rory Mcilroy (net worth $422 million)

Rory Mcilroy Highest Paid Olympians 2016

Rory Mcilroy comes on top of the highest paid Olympians. Considered as among one of the best golfer in the history, Rory Mcilroy has big bucks. Rory Mcilroy has great endorsement with big brands including Bose, Omega and Nike. His rank on the Official World Golf ranking is 3rd, he is also a four time major champion.

These are the highest paid Olympians which have been listed according to 2017. These players have been listed according to their overall net worth as of 2017.

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