Top 10 Highest Paid MMA Fighters in The World

The art of fighting is one of the oldest arts known to mankind. There are numerous different kinds of fighting styles till date. But some of the style of fighting has evolved over the years. Likewise, a modern style of fighting is mixed martial arts (MMA). This style of fighting combines different forms of martial arts. Mixed martial art has been developed to be very effective and lethal by combining different techniques.

Great mixed martial arts fighter fight for titles. These MMA fighters are popular all over the world and most importantly, they earn huge bucks. The career is very promising and the scope is vast. Although there are several MMA fighters who get a lot of money, the top 10 highest paid MMA fighters in 2018 have been described below.

10. Jon Jones (net worth $10 million)

Jon Jones

Defending his place since 2010, Jon Jones is the Light Heavyweight champion of UFC. Although Jones has been part of several controversies, he has been able to put out a lot of money. Jon Jones is endorsed by Nike and therefore he is one of the highest paid MMA fighters.

9. Quinton Jackson (net worth $12 million)

Quinton Jackson

Although Quinton Jackson has held the belt for a short period of time, he has bagged lots of money. Quinton Jackson joined in February 2007. He is one of the highest paid MMA fighters as he has collaborated with Nike and endorsed a Rampage shoe. Quinton has also made his mark in Hollywood as he appears in the movie ‘The A-Team’.

8. Chuck Liddell (net worth $13 million)

Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell is also known as the “Iceman”. He is the Hall-of-Famer of UFC and he has also got a UFC brass which therefore makes him one of the highest paid MMA fighters. There were more than 1 million PPV television buys when Liddell was in the ring with Tito Ortiz. The fan following of Chuck Liddell is large in number.

7. Tito Ortiz (net worth $15 million)

Tito Ortiz

One of the first stars of UFC is Tito Ortiz and he is also one of the most renowned fighters around the world. He is also hugely appreciated and loved by his fans. Tito Ortiz has been in the game for quite a long time now and has won himself various titles. Tito Ortiz is one of the highest paid MMA fighters.

6. Wanderlei Silva (net worth $16 million)

Wanderlei Silva

Being one of the most thrilling fighters, Wanderlei Silva has had some of the greatest fights in MMA history and also one of the richest MMA fighters in the world. The main reason for Wanderlei Silva’s entry in UFC was his fan following. As Wanderlei Silva has his gymnasium in L.A and lining of clothes, he comes under the highest paid MMA fighters.

5. Fedor Emelianenko (net worth $16.5 million)

Fedor Emelianenko

One of the world’s greatest fighters is Fedor Emelianenko. His fight with Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski has won him big bucks so he is definitely one of the highest paid MMA fighters. It has been said that if there was no failure of materialisation in the fight between him and Brock Lesnar, the fight could in fact have been a great one in UFC’s history.

4. Randy Couture (net worth $17 million)

Randy Couture

Although Randy Couture holds two titles in his weight division, he is infamous for it. He is also one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters. Randy Couture fought till the age of 47 and used to get about $1 million for each fight. Now Randy Couture has entered Hollywood and he can be seen on the Expendables series. This has led him to be one of the highest paid MMA fighters.

3. Anderson Silva (net worth $18 million)

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is one of the tallest standing MMA fighters as he has stood undefeated for seven long years. This reputation of Anderson Silva was broken as he was defeated by Weidman. Nike South America and Burger King endorses Anderson Silva and he is one of the highest paid MMA fighters.

2. BJ Penn (net worth $20 million)

BJ Penn

BJ Penn began his fighter career in 2001 when has was 22 years old. He also have a website under the name, He has stayed in UFC for long enough and he comes from a wealthy family. BJ Penn is one of the highest paid MMA fighters.

1. George St. Pierre (net worth $25 million)

George St. Pierre

The biggest name in mixed martial arts is probably George St. Pierre. He has been known for his technical fighting skills and he is famous all around the world. George St. Pierre is endorsed by many big brands and he holds various titles. He is probably on top of the highest paid MMA fighters.

So these are the highest paid MMA fighters so far as of 2018. Mixed martial art has now been brought in the business industry of fighting. There is crazy money in this industry and a lot of competition too.


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