Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Singers in The World

People from everywhere in the world, in somehow listen to music. Different people have different perception of accepting music, tones and songs. Well, singers earn in huge amount from any local, national or international events that might lead their way to reach the list of highest paid Hollywood singers. The main part is that people do not have any idea how much a singer could earn from a single show. Everyone loves to listen to good music with good lyrics that enchant their feelings.

It will be nice to know about top 10 Hollywood singers in the world. The top singers are always able to make nice beats and inhibit melody into their songs. In the whole journey to the songs industry, these singers become so much popular that they have a huge number of fans from different part of the world.

List of top 10 highest paid Hollywood singers in the world in 2017:

Is your favorite singer come in the top 10 list? This will be interesting to know about your favorite singers. Let you check in the below listing:

10. Nicki Minaj ($ 30 million):

Nicki Minaj Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2016

The singing style and so much popularity among fans make this singer to reach the topmost height in her career. She earns public attention through her rap-songs. Irrespective of that, she is a songwriter too. All these phenomena have brought her in the list of highest paid Hollywood singers and one of the most popular hottest rappers in the world through her talented performance.

9. Rihanna ($ 43 million):

Rihanna Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2017

Well, she has made it possible through her enchanting performance of presenting different shows. On successful completion of different albums, she is able to earn recognizable money and shows her caliber how to present songs in her own way.

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8. Jennifer Lopez ($ 45 million):

Jennifer Lopez Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2018

She has capitalized the singing platform through her all-round performances. Jennifer Lopez is not only involved in high-quality singing, but she is gaining popularity because of her fashion as well. Today, youth are most crazy about her and this makes her to reach the list of highest paid Hollywood singers through her songs.

7. Beyonce ($ 53 million):

Beyonce Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2016

Beyonce is known for her passion towards singing. She is well-known celebrity since 1997 where she showed her caliber to make the crowd loud-out with the chant of her name through her performance. As the year pass-on, she became one of the hottest pop singers and she is making her presence stronger than ever. Money making is not the first step to follow, but she is well-determined towards her show and performances.

6. Taylor Swift ($ 55 million):

Taylor Swift Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2018

In her short career, she is gaining popularity and placed herself in the list of highest paid Hollywood singers and best selling female artists. This shows her stand and desire to go through different genre of songs and makes fans to follow her way. Her style and performance always attracts her huge fans from all over the world.

5. Madonna ($ 125 million):

Madonna Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2018

If you are able to show your talent, then it is not so far to reach the topmost position. She is known for her voice quality and way of presenting outstanding songs. At the age of 56, she is known as an evergreen queen in the musical industry.

4. Lady Gaga ($ 170 million):

Lady Gaga Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2017

Success is just like a money machine for the highest paid Hollywood singers. Lady Gaga fights great in her early stage of life, but the success leads her way to make her rock queen. She is also one of the sexiest female singers in the world The way of wearing modular dresses and the presentation parameters show her desire to come in the spotlight with high-end performance.

3. Elton John ($ 200 million):

Elton John Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2017

Do you know anyone who does not love his songs? Elton John earns considerable support that brings this singer, songwriter, best-selling recording artists and producer in the limelight. He is also a pianist and actor too. In his career, he has already recorded over 300 million that are considerably fans super most loving tracks.

2. Jon Bon Jovi ($ 300 million with band support):

Jon Bon Jovi Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2016

Since the appearance of American Rock Band, Jon Bon Jovi is gaining popularity day-to-day. Well, today his singing has made him to reach the list of highest paid Hollywood singers. The other members of the band join the party of earning good grades through their performance in piano, keyboard player and drums.

1. U2 (approx $ 900 million):

U2 Highest Paid Hollywood Singers 2017

This is one of the famous Rock Band. The members of the group have edged to the target of reaching the topmost list of highest paid Hollywood singers. This group has earned well-popularity in the world along with its most renowned four members.

The way towards success is not an easy path. It is the self-believe and self-courage that brings out the best to reach someone top of any performance. Anyone can join the way to reach the list of highest paid Hollywood singers through his/ her consistent performance. And you know the best part is your huge fan support will lift you to hold the position with confidence.

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